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in the two blog post this evening, all the question marks are this provider replacement for quote marks. Why? (that could be a quote mark when you see it, but is really is a question mark), I have no clue! (no telling what the explanation point i placed at the end may end up to be) I am close to changing providers, i like webs less and less.

Names and Agreements

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Again I appeal to those who; although they agreed when they became members, to only use YHWH's Name as it is written, and not by their own way. Please edit your member page. the ONLY 'rule', that I have asked for. I share my race to the finish, and what He shows me with anyone who comes here. the journey has been full of corrections, and the more you learn, the more you conform to YHWH/YHWSHA. that is why I have left, in all I wrote at the time I wrote it, as it is, concerning His Name. until I heard His still, small voice in my ear, as I was contemplating, on His Name and how everyone has a different pronunciation and there is nothing on earth that can be of two different truths. there is only one way to 'properly' say His Name. but when it comes to the 'written' form of His Name; and this is what He whispered in my ear as I sought to know what is right. I heard; "Do not add, and do not take away from the WORDs of this Torah. adding vowels, (or vowel points) is WRONG. look at a Hebrew Tanach, there are no vowel points in the words of the first 5 books of Scripture, the Torah. the words that were in the Torah, should not have vowel points, even outside the Torah. it is still a violation to then add the vowel points to the words that are still in the Torah. including, and especially, His Name. that is when I explained the change in my writing, and stated that as part of the learning journey, this is what I learned, my old way was as good a way to show how we are to adjust and stay on His path, as any i could think of at the time. so, when I changed my way, I began asking that one simple request, upon joining here. I don't care, (well, I do, but can't), how you speak His Name, but I do insist, in writing, on my website, keep to His NAME, of which He only has ONE Name, as it is written in the Scriptures, TORAH. YHWH No additions, no exchanges. the W is not a U,it is two U's, His Name is not yhuuh, a W (double u), as in Dawid, which is spoken Dauweed. all the other words you all want to refer to as names are not 'names', they are attributes or titles for Him, not names. "FOR THERE IS BUT ONE NAME UNDER HEAVEN, BY WHICH WE MAY BE SAVED." You had better get it right. So, for that purpose, I stand by what I have said and written since the first post I placed here. and as I was posting comments on the offenders pagers earlier, i heard in my ear, His small, gentle leading. and this is what He showed me today. i knew this but did not have the words, but I believe He shows it here: When you say His Name, you start with Yah. We know this as fact from Tehellim, in Dawid???s praises, prayers and supplications. Ya, is not a word, nor even a sound of its own. To get YaH, the H is absolutely necessary, and it is done. You have used, so far, YH. The H is no longer available, to be used again to get ???hoo???. Take the word, ???necessary??? and analyze it in the same way. The c is only one sound so there is only one c; the s however, carries over to the next syllable, it is necessary to have two ss???es. His Name is NOT spelled; yhhwh W in Hebrew has the sound ???oo??? and stands as its own syllable. YaH-OO-. To date; YaH-W-. The same applies to the letter H in Hebrew, it carries the sound ???eh???, or h-ey, like the a,b,c??? So, the final sound of His Name must be: YaH-OO-eH. When spoken in normal speech is Yahweh. When I speak about Him I say Yahweh, when I speak to Him, and read His Name, I say EE-AA-OO-AY, like four letters of their own, according to the sound of each letter in Hebrew. And when speaking in our normal speech, it comes out ???Yahweh???. In all the Hebrew names where His Name is part, take the name Netanyahu, it is not spoken yahoo, it is yah-u. WE ARE NOT ???yahoos???. The new teaching of His Name, is just that: ???a new whim of teaching???. It has only come in recent years. And from those who also teach the falseness of the Pauline doctrines. ???You will know them by their works???. These ???teachers??? sell their ???enlightenment???. A true servant of YHWH/YHWSHA, ???buys the truth, but does NOT sell it.??? Selling the truth is ???evil greed???, pure and simple. Mashiach said: ???What is freely given, give freely???. Even if it costs you to do so! Don???t expect to get paid for following His commands. If He said to reveal from the rooftop, what He tells you in your ears, how dare you ask for payment to speak the truth!! Is the enrichment of your bank accounts, so important that you are willing to pay the final penalty for false teaching and preaching for pay. And you???re the ones who the sheeple follow, and both of you will fall. Where the servant of truth is reviled, as He was, and IS. Thank You, O Master, YHWH, that you know where your ???few??? are, in all the little corners of the Earth. One here, two there, few and far between. Save us Father, so that we are saved! I wait for You, my Elohim Your servant, and child, O teach me Your Way, lead me, guide me, show me Your path! To all that breathe, PRAISE YAH A servant, Yared


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IN ONE EAR, OUT THE OTHER As a Nazirite, for several years now, my hair is getting quite long, both in front, and in back. Managing it is getting harder and harder. I have tried to braid it myself and just can???t do it with the pain of arthritis. So, I asked an acquaintance, to help me. She had, sometime ago, told me she knew nothing about the Scriptures, in her words ???bible and ???religion???; and you know how I view that word ???religion???! So, before she came to braid my hair, being preparation day, the day I wash my hair, and, as I washed my hair, I thought; this would be the perfect person to try to show some truth to. No knowledge is better than trying to disprove the false teachings of those ???religions???. But, because the xians mix themselves with those who have no truth in them, they have shared each other???s views and remain in apostasy. If you are in a ???religion???, then He has called His people to ???Come out of Her???, Escape! Now, she was aware that this was nearing the erev Shabath, and that opened the door, to share some truth, from the words spoken by Mashiach YHWSHA, stressing the need for everyone to know His Word, as He has said, of the last day; ???My people perish for lack of knowledge???, and that only those who join themselves to Yisra???el and His Covenant, become His Remnant, whom He saves and gathers, back to Yisra???el. I mentioned YHWSHA???s statement about the Torah and the Prophets, as well as a few others, but it was as if not one of my words, or His Word, made the dimmest of lights go on. I needed to run to the office, at the park, and she was there when I went in and the conversation continued, and the camp host was there too. Then I tried to explain the observance of Shabath like being on a date, giving every bit of your attention to the One you want to impress. And that I viewed it like spending the entire day, sitting at His feet, reading and hearing His Word. I wanted to add: ???Like a maiden, being careful to be perfect before her desired Husband, pleasing Him in every way.???, but I dared not, yes, I chickened out!! NO, not going to say that to a modern woman. I???d have lost them, right then. And then the camp host asked; ???Then, do you read the Torah? So, I told her the fact that; you will never understand what you call the ???new testament???, without a good understanding of His Torah. I spent the first 50 years, reading and not understanding, and being in churches with others reading and studying without understanding. Until you learn the Torah which is the Rock Foundation of ALL Truth. And I told them plainly that if you do not join yourself to Yisra???el, you will not enter Heaven; ???I am the Way, I am the Truth, I Am the Life???, ???There is no other way to the Father, but through Me.???, ???There are two ways, a way to life and a way to death. Those who obey Him, enter Life. Those who oppose Him, to Death???. That is the Blessing, and that is the Curse, part of the Torah, that YHWSHA ben YHWH, stated: ??????Not one jot nor tittle will change from the Torah and the Prophets till Heaven and Earth disappear???. My ears would have heard their responses, if any sign of getting through was there, but no???in one ear, and out the other! The same typical xian responses, with the same ???out of context???, brainwashed in, single phrases of redemption, that come from the mouths of the pit-pulling preachers, speaking of what they know so little about, having followed the designer god that paul introduces them to, speaking from their ???pull-pits???. It was one of the early, so-called ???xian writers???, of the 1st century CE, long before the ???church??? existed, or the word ???christian??? came to be, (325 CE), and YHWSHA was given the pagan deity name and title that He was given. I may spell it wrong, but Esuebius or Yosephus (Josephus), one of them said and wrote; that the Messianic???s of that day could not be distinguished from the pagans. They acted the same, partied together. The same is true today, it has not changed since the very beginning. Contrary to His Word, we have mixed ourselves into the very fiber of society with the total lie of ???freedom of religion???, that is a human thought, and it is 100% anti-Scriptural. How many of the patrons in a bar, are christian? How many catholics sin the same sins, over and over and over again? A perfect example is reality TV, nearly all of the reality shows are so extremely pagan it is impossible to watch for anyone of ???true??? Faith. Yet, how many of those participants claim to be christians? One in particular, that has no moral value whatsoever, is ???Party Down South???. Pure TRASH, and yet they talk about j-c, while they are engaged in a pagan lifestyle. They go about their sin and take their ???kristos??? with them. After seeing enough of this program, about five minutes, I took that country station off my view list, as I have with 65 of the 88 that comes with the satellite tv we get here in the park. It is enough to see the paganism of this country in the news, in Washington, and across this nation, and the information providers on television. How many ???christians??? are ???gay???? how can one who says they believe, disbelieve what He said? How can more and more of the xian churches fall into more and more apostasy, if they follow His Word? It was written long ago that this would be the case, in the latter days. Christianity has not held to one single command of the True Elohim of all the Earth, not one precept of YHWSHA Mashiach, is still existent, in Christianity or any religion. Even among the vast and fast-growing, ???messianic movement???. They too fell prey to the false teachings concerning ???grace??? and redemption and forgiveness. The ???church??? now makes the bold, blatantly false, statement: ???YOU ARE FORGIVEN??? (see; Ber 3:15) ???Surely you will not die?????? No one is forgiven until they stop sinning! Repentance is still required, my friends, if you do not believe this, you are not steadfast, period. This, ???man??? sitting on the highest of pulpits in the world, who calls himself ???holy father???, contrary to YHWSHA???s command, that we are to call no one on Earth ???father???. Has absolutely no authority to make a statement like that. ???If your brother comes and confesses his sin against you, and repents, forgive him. Mashiach???s first word to the people: REPENT. Yohanan came preaching ???Repentance???, as did the prophets and The Prophet of prophets when HE came to visit His people. These are the leaders of the nations, and just as prophesied, they lead us further and further away from His commands, and further and further into apostasy. The ???world??? is in complete Scriptural Anarchy. They have forsaken EVERY command. And all the prophesies that pertain to the future are what YHWSHA referred to in His declaration that nothing would change from the Torah or the Prophets. If YHWH???s Law has been completely broken, no commands left intact; Is this not getting close to the footstool being completed, ???the time of the gentiles will end???, could well be a sign, if no one is obeying any of His commands. The Torah was given for a Law, FOREVER!! He said He would never change! He said do not add and do not take away from the words of this Torah. Changing His commands is doing just that, doubly! How can man change, or end, the LAW of our CREATOR? IT IS IMPOSSBLE ! ! ! IT IS NOT WHAT YOU BELIEVE, from the teachings of men; IT IS WHAT YHWH/YHWSHA SAID. HIS WORD IS FINAL AND UNCHANGEABLE. PERIOD!! YHWSHA sent seven letters to seven assemblies through Yohanan rebuking six of those seven assemblies of their sins, and warns that if they do not ???overcome??? (Repent) that He would destroy them or ??????blot them out of My Book???. YHWSHA said; ???if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. If you cannot control yourself, in regards to whatever sin(s) you commit, you will end up in Hell. His words, not mine! He also said that ???if you uphold all the Torah but break a single command of YHWH, you are guilty of all.??? It is not a matter of which sin; any sin breaks the Torah. So, just one sin, and you have broken Torah. When we break Torah, we break the covenant. But the remaining assembly He praises for their obedience and promises to protect them from the wrath He is about to bring on this Earth. They are the sheep of His flock, who have eaten His Flesh and consumed His Blood, they are those who obey the commands of YHWH and ???believe??? in YHWSHA. He abides in them, because they gave up their old man and died, to be reborn with His blood and flesh. This is PROOF that only His faithful Remnant that obey His Word will ever enter His Reign. And in His reference to the breaking of commands, this is not limited to ???The Ten Words???, it is in reference to any and all the commands of Torah. All that is commanded of us, that we are responsible for. Who is responsible, according to YHWH, for the offerings and the Heykal duties? Unless you have the blood of Lewi running through you, we are not responsible for what they were commanded to do. They will answer for that. Anyone of other tribes were/are forbidden to make sacrifices and offerings on His altar. We, because they are absent, and there is no Heykal to YHWH, except in His Remnant???s hearts, give offerings of Praise to our Elohim, and serve him by walking with Mashiach in His Way, producing the fruit of faith and the love for YHWH/YHWSHA. This current pope has also called the world, into the ???world???, by telling the youth of the world to excel in school and increase in the knowledge of the ???world???. Isn???t that exactly what the serpent (satan) did to Chauah and Adam? Offering all the knowledge of the world. YHWSHA, our Mashiach, our Master, Shepherd and Elohim, called us OUT of the ???world???, THE WORLD IS MAMMON. And the ???church??? has accumulated so much wealth, they have their own bank and financial system. MAMMON The ???world??? refuses to hear His Word, if they hear the truth they know they will be responsible for that knowledge, so they ignore and turn away when threatened with responsibility. They close their ears to the Truth, and what they did hear went, ???in one ear and out the other???. They only want to hear the smooth talk of those who give them justification for their inability to say no to sin, and are convinced, falsely, that everyone is going to be saved in the end anyway, so it doesn???t matter. ???Ignorance is Bliss???, even xians believe this. I am seeing that there really is no difference between ???ignorance is bliss???, in this case willfully, and ???in one ear, out the other???. Both are a ???death sentence???! As HE said, of the Last Day: ???My people perish for lack of knowledge???. ???SEEK ME AND LIVE??? said YHWH. ???Diligently search the Scriptures??? is commanded to all men, and to all mankind???. As He said; ???Hear, O Earth, ?????? And in this experience today, I find the same thing, no difference in the one with no knowledge, (or so she thought), and the one that claims to be christian, because her responses, while not littered with those out of context verses, the arguments and opinions were exactly the same. The idea that His ???Word??? is living and changing with the times. The Word is NOT living, in that it changes with peoples and times. YHWSHA was and is the Living Word, in that, He was the Word that came to life in the flesh, and though man put Him to Death, He still Lives, as He was raised from death as the first-fruit to the Father, and He remains the Living Word, and abides in those who love and obey His commands, giving the power to overcome sin. YHWH to Qayin: ???sin is crouching at the door, ???and you must master it??????. He is the Fountain of Living Waters, and His Word is for the living! We are to conform to His will, He does not conform to us, He tells us how to worship Him, we do not worship Him according to our own desires or in the same fashion as those who worship their pagan gods. ???They??? give praise to all the false gods of the Earth. While fishing xians speak to the fishing gods to give them luck. While hunting, they pray to and worship the hunting gods. They praise ???mother nature??? more than they even think about the only true Elohim of all the Earth. The only time they even mention the god they serve is when they use the name they have given Him as an exclamation or even as a curse word. Satan attempted to tempt our Master in the same way, promising all the knowledge and power over the people. This pope is re-enacting the same scenarios, promises of wealth and power, to all people, of all nations. Remember what Hanayah did to Yirmeyahu. Tearing the yoke off Yirmeyahu and breaking it. That scenario was also repeated in an identical way with what paul did to the teaching of our Master YHWSHA Mashiach. He tore off the bonds of the yoke of the Torah, that cannot be broken or come to an end. When YHWSHA returns to take His Reign, He pours His Ruach, ???on all flesh???, and places THE SAME Torah, in our hearts and in our mind, so that we will all know YHWH. His Torah will stand FOREVER, even thru His thousand-year reign and on into Heaven therafter. The whole world, right now, is in a chaotic state. People of all nations are uneasy and unsure of their future. We are entering, and have been for some time, a state of anarchy, the rule of their man-made law is fading. Tolerance, is the acceptance of the sins of others. Allowing them to do what they please without consequence. This is what His Word prophesied of the days leading to the time of Ya???aqob???s distress. The name of that wide road to destruction, is named ???Tolerance???. According to the Scripture, if you condone what they do, you share in their guilt and in their punishment. He tells us what will happen to those who follow the false teachings of ???man???. Both the teacher and the pupil fall together! Because we have access to all the information we need from His Word, but no one wants to be bothered to read and learn for themselves what YHWH and YHWSHA said. They just accept what they are being told. And ???the church???, relies on their ignorance, to be led to destruction. The pope sits on the throne of satan with his crooked cross in his hand and the upside down cross on his throne. The ???cross??? itself, is a pagan symbol for the pagan god tammuz, one of the Ba???als, as well as for pagan idols of Mitsrayim. But it is made even worse by adding in the occult factors of crookedness and upturning. Ba???al, whether you will accept it or not is Satan, and the reigning ???god??? of this world. The monument to Ba???al, (the WORST of all YHWH???s adversaries, as well as the leader of all the god???s of the host of the heavens) is the obelisk (pillar), which was taken by the church from the pagan nations who served Ba???al and placed in front of this altar to satan, ???they??? call the Vatican. They are the ones that changed YHWSHA???s Name to the name of a pagan goddess of healing from the pagan nation of Philistia, ???iosus??? when translated to English becomes their kristos jc. The word kristos is a perversion as well. Every demi-god had a ???kristos???; there were many of them in roman and greek ???fokelore???, bringing their christ down to the commonality of being one of many. NOT SO!!! There is only one Mashiach, there is only one Son of the living Elohim, and His Name is One with Elohim. IT IS DECEIT to change His Name and/or His place in this world, as the one and only Mashiach, that has the power, and the authority to save men. THERE IS NO FALSNESS IN HIS TRUTH. If deceit is there, it is false! ???For there is but One Name, under Heaven, by which we may be saved???. And ???only those who ???call??? on the Name of YHWH, shall be saved???. YHWH destroys, all the tribes who are not calling on His Name. Hebrew is a language of action, so the word here used ???call???, should be ???calling???, as being an ongoing consistent ???calling on the Name of YHWH???. One cannot call Him whatever you want and then at the last moment call on His True Name. Like knowing that you are a wretched and evil being that needs restoration from the Elohim of all the Earth and the Heavens, but choose not to do so until a later time. You have signed your own death warrant when you did this. Remember Esau, he knowingly turned away from YHWH to follow other gods, and when he came to understanding, though he came with tears, he was rejected by YHWH, and perished and will perish. The captivity of many of the nations ???outside??? Kana???an, will be ended in the last days and they will be brought back from their captivity, but Edom is not redeemed. ONLY THE RIGHTEOUS ESCAPE THE DAY OF WRATH. (Revelation of Mashiach chapter 3) What is presently happening around the world, is nothing compared to what is coming!! But what is happening is ushering in, what is to come. We are in the time when evil is good and good is evil. This is obvious and proven, in the fact that, all the world has forsaken His Torah and they have forsaken YHWH. And if you know anything from the Scriptures, you know that this is the very reason the Last Day, the Day of the Wrath of YHWH, comes. Because they have forsaken MY Torah and (in-so-doing), they have rejected Me. Even in the Torah, there was no ???fix??? to purposeful sin. the Torah, in reference to redemption from sin, in every case, was ???when someone sins ???by mistake???, then, offering would be accepted in restitution. Purposeful sin is blaspheme of His Ruach. The mere ???knowing??? that you are entering sin, HAD to come from His Ruach, stepping in to warn you, ???do not turn, to the right or to the left, stay on the straight path???. To ignore His warning is to ???deny??? Him and His Ruach! What is the 1st definition of ???blaspheme???? it is; to deny what rightfully belongs to YHWH. YHWH will never deny those who come to Him, He will not deny anyone, unless they deny Him, then YHWSHA Mashiach will deny him before the Father. He is not an advocate of unrepentant sinners, not once they have received His instructions. But, we are ???Required??? to know His instructions. For He said that to sin again having received (heard) the knowledge of the truth, that person would be worse off than before, it would have been better for that man to have never been born, than to return to his vomit, like a dog, his end will be in the fire, for eternity. My heart is broken, over and over again, when the people whom I care about refuse His Truth. And I have always followed His command to kick the dust off my feet as leaving their presence. Even my former, ???blood??? family. But there is no place left to go. No one is hearing, no one is accepting the Truth. I can easily see how the Prophets and Sovereign Dawid could legitimately say; ???no one is obeying YHWH???. When, in reality there were some, though they were and are few. There most certainly were some who, and are some who keep Torah and are righteous. The Prophets themselves were righteous men, Dawid was righteous. So, when they spoke of ???no one???, I can say the same thing in the same light, though I know that there are some who remain of His pasture and His True path to Life. He promised Eliyahu there would always be a remnant, and as Eliyahu is still to come and restore all things, the promise to him is still alive. Where can one go today where the walking dead are absent. The walking dead are deaf, dumb and blind. Is the time of the gentiles, nearing their end? Enter His Covenant and escape, there may be little time left, do not delay.

Get Back to the Milk

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This came thru the contact us page and I wanted to share it with you and my response to 'R'. I am not mean and I am not rude, though the way people think today, you have to speak softly and gently, I disagree! I doubt YHWSHA was 'gentle' when He turned to rebuke them for their disbelief and lack of faith. YHWSHA was a very serious man, and that is what I try to be, 'salty' like He commanded. On what page this person was referring, I don't know, but it does not matter. Here is his comment and then my response. Message = Shabbat shalom, I just reread a bit of what you said on your page and I am not going to ask you to prove anything brother but I do not understand why you would call Paul a false prophet/brother when in the light of scripture it appears clear that he is talking about the added laws that were given upon mount Sinai after the nation broke the covenant after about 40 days when Moshe went back up the mountain after the 70 elders and Moshe had the covenant confirming meal with abba. Dave Perry and then Matthew Nolan and the. Kirk Carmichael has even helped it be see seen clearly that the it is this law that has been done away with and that has returned us to the place where we all can now be free of the laws that tutored and were not good. These laws were not agreed upon before the covenant was complete and since a contract cannot be unilaterally taken from or added to we know that this meant that initial contract was null and by the fact the Israelites wandered for 40 years and did not keep the covenant confirming laws regarding their sons cutting their extra skin off. Kirk is on Facebook and has a Facebook with a ton of videos. Let me know what you think of this viewpoint and if you still feel paul a false prophet and brother. YHWH Barack you with His light of Truth always. My response: Well, I think you need to get back to the milk, and start all over. You obviously have been so convinced that the law was nailed to the cross as paul taught, that you have never bothered to find out what is written in His Torah. If you would, you would find that it is written, in His Torah, that His Torah would never end, it could not be changed, altered or added to. His Torah was for everyone who would join themselves to His Covenant, both native and any gentile entering in. To believe what you have stated, makes a liar of our Mashiach, who stated in a number of ways, that His Word would NEVER disappear. Matt 5:17 YHWSHA, in plain words, was saying that the Torah would remain in effect as long as this earth exists. And even in the Re-newed Covenant, when YHWSHA Returns, He places 'His Torah', the same Torah, in our hearts and our minds. No longer just on paper/parchment or even in stone; but in our hearts and minds. YHWH even warned us of false teachers/prophets, and if you choose to follow them away from His Torah, He would send a 'Strong delusion', to help you believe the worthlessness. I challenge you; read the book, from beginning to end, like a text-book. Removing the writings of paul, and see if you don't hear a different lesson. You are learning from the 'teachings of men' who mistranslate and misinterpret words plainly said. Disregarding the many warnings of doing that. Just look at to whom you are referring and then to Whom I refer. I am going to HIS WORD. I hold to the Mashiach's words and the Father's Word, through His Prophets, all calling to keep the covenant, ALL OF IT. Let me ask you this; What is the Day of YHWH? Is it not the Day of the Wrath of YHWH? Why does the world end in His wrath? It tells us many times and in many ways, in His Word. It tells us in His Torah and it tells us through His Revelation of what is about to come. "Because they have rejected YHWH, and they rejected His Torah". Now, you keep arguing that paul was justified in taking any part of the Torah and changing it, adding to it or taking away from it. "But for me and my house, we will serve YHWH". When you turn to follow the 'teachings of men', whether it be paul or those who follow paul, or any other; you have turned away from the Master YHWSHA Mashiach. It was not until I set paul aside and stopped apologizing for him, that I was able to approach and follow YHWSHA. I have written much about paul, in "The Song of Mosheh", and in other articles. You will never see clearly until you can see through the deception (delusion).

Fasting on Yom Kippur Part Two

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Fasting on Yom Kippur Part 2 Shabath shalom The close of the day of Yom Kippur was just moments ago, it is now the Shabath, the 11th day of the 7th month, on YHWH???s calendar. I feel so blessed to have observed the true meaning of this set-apart day. I believe this was His answer to our question about fasting on Yom Kippur. This man, who walks in the Way of YHWH and is a Nazarite, meets two xian men who walk, having chosen to leave ???the world???, to seek a place to live in peace, without the world influence. And this is what our Mashiach called us to do. Now, the Nazarite, who chooses to remain anonymous, has known the two men for a couple of years. And when this Nazarite was, in the past, a xian, he was what I would call a radical xian. Which I define as a xian who follows the teaching of the Messiah (properly; Mashiach), in righteousness. And these two gentle men are the most righteous xians the Nazarite has met in a long, long time. For some background, if you are interested, a local information agency just did a story on them. The story can be found here: They live paycheck to paycheck on fixed incomes, as the Nazarite does. Living well below poverty level, as the Nazarite does. And it is one of those paychecks that began what YHWH was showing me. The Nazarite thought he had erred in making a promise to ???J??? and ???R???, forgetting their plan fell on Yom Kippur. So what is the right thing; break the promise, or risk breaking the set-apart day? there are several things to consider. YHWH has made allowance for us when we are too far from Yerushalayim to be there. The tithe that we would have brought, may be taken and you may go to the city and use that money for what you need. When we are so far from anyone who is of the same mind, and seeking His Truth, a set-apart gathering is only a dream for the day He returns for His bride. YHWH has also stated Himself, what an acceptable ???fast??? is: ???is it not to share your food with those in need???? The Nazarite, though receiving well below what is considered poverty, receives abundant blessings from YHWH, in providing circumstances, that actually make, in this case, a very comfortable life. When you eliminate all the stuff you do not need, you do not need a lot of money. No rent, no utilities, no bills; no serving mammon. One of the things the three were going to do that day, was get where ???J??? would pick up his pay and cash his check. And the days just before are lean, every penny matters. Without that check, they would have to pack up their camp and be out on the road somewhere. J???s paycheck does not come on scheduled dates, it all lies on the Postal Service. He has to take a bus about thirty miles south to pick-up his mail, and this day his check did not show, maybe tomorrow. When J told the Nazarite, he promptly pulled out a 100-dollar bill and gave it to J, saying; ???this is not a loan???. J said no, at first, and then he would pay it back when he got the check. The Nazarite said; ???Please, I want you to take this, it is my way of tithing to YHWH this Yom Kippur Day. Groceries was also on the list of errands for that day. So, the Nazarite went to the market for his necessities and in addition, he bought three New York strip steaks and three ears of corn. They did laundry and went back to the campground. And the Nazarite asked them to share the steaks and corn. Neither had eaten a steak in a very long time. As they ate the Nazarite thanked J and R for their role in how YHWH used them to show him the true meaning of this set-apart day. Praise YHWH His guiding and leadings are priceless!

Idols and Exile

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I just realized, it has only been a month, it seems so much longer.

I’d like to witness to how easy it can be to set up idols without even knowing it, happening over time, in this case, with every little part being done while thinking upon His Name, and feeling as though His hand is on all that we are doing. Then only to be led by YHWH to see the outcome of your labor and discover you..I, have, in fact had made an altar. I had not been rebuked by Him the whole three years I was doing what I was doing. But before it was completed, which would have continued for as long as I lived here, He found a way to open my eyes to see what I had made.

My position here is a verbal oath between the owner and myself. No signatures, no written anything. Just the oath of my mouth. When I approached him with my offer, to stay following a change of management, it is an agreement, I doubt I could ever find again. I would continue in the capacity of gardener, grounds keeper, for the required 20 hours of work per week, and in letting me work, more or less, behind the scenes, no longer cleaning bathrooms, and dealing with the guests, or working on Shabath, which had previously been in place; in return he, the owner, would benefit by a great many hours of free labor.

I am going to work 6 days a week and rest on Shabath. I take the 6th day to clean house and prepare for Shabath, but the remainder of my hours, beyond the twenty required, as I love to garden, it is not work, it is play. It’s my days off, I get to do what I choose to do, over the normal, grounds keeping chores.

Agreed, and that has been my standing for the past two and a half years.

The owners of this park bought another park about 60 miles north of here, what a beautiful place! And the owner/manager from here moved up there to run that park and brought in new managers. That was just four weeks ago, still seems so very much longer.

When, and I will call him Yehoshua, the previous owner/manager, and later explain how and why I call him that. Some coincidences, give cause to question even that word, when he came here two and a half years ago, this park was rule less; oh it did have written on the agreement that everyone signed, but the only rule that was ever enforced, was the quiet time rule of 10pm. At 10:01, she sent her slave live-in servant-man. Around to make all noise stop. Because, she hates noise. There was so much evil here, I had my doubts and was feeling a pull to escape then, when the management changed, a few days after, she tried to fire me, because I pointed out just some of her evil, I had never done anything like that before with anyone, and it was like my mouth had been taken over, when she began to push her Satanism on me, calling me to the office where I had said I would not enter, as long as the holloween decorations were there. He, her man-slave, gave me a month’s rent as like a severance, for all the extra hours I had put in, a few days later, they were out, and I was asked to stay. Anyway

New manager arrives 3 months later, in the interim, I go in and collect the payment envelops and make a deposit every few days, other than that, have a good month off, and then continue as it has been. But no longer do I have to clean the bathrooms, YEAH! Praise Yah!! There are parts of a man cleaning a women’s bathroom that seem to go against His Torah concerning a man being defiled by her uncleanness for those days of the month. Anyway

Yehoshua, is now in charge, and he is very aware of the condition and the need to get rid of the clientele that is killing this park. He came to me and asked what I had observed that I thought needed changed. I said, ‘enforce the rules’. So he established a whole new set of rules designed for the specific problems that we saw causing damage and the chaos that existed. The results began to show immediately. And 2½ years later, the old clientele, that had left during the rule less years, returned and the band-aid fixes for years, being rightly repaired. Up-graded every function of the park and their income, property values and campground ratings rose every year. The state extended grants for many benefits from the California Conservation Corps. Everything that Yehoshua did, improved and prospered, (even though he still calls to the wrong name. They, he and his family are strong christians, and it may take until the wrath begins, but they will know where to turn for the truth, when faced with that final push to whichever side of the fence they are to choose. Of any of the christians I have witnessed to, he has shown more promise and been more excepting of the truth than any I have spoken with. One of the few that has not rejected the truth, yet is still under the delusion that has been taught, indoctrinated into believing. Anyway

So, four weeks ago, Yehoshua and his family leave, and hand the reigns to this new couple. Along with them, a whole new summer season crew. I see absolutely no evidence at all that any one of them has even read those rules. Anyone who is on staff here, is to be aware of what is going on and have the authority, to enforce rules. Some are hesitant, and that’s OK, but report it to the manager, and let them deal with it. I am now, the only one who does enforce them and it has become a total waste of time and effort and I don’t want the frustrations of dealing with the people of the ‘world’, which is why I live so remotely. I can no longer stay behind the scene, the damage, the deliberate and the careless, damage is on the grounds and all the work I do, they cut irrigation lines, and pull them up. Use sticks to swipe at the flowers and let their dogs do their business where ever they are. I, while weed eating often find those piles only when I hit them with the weed eater and it hits me in the face and covers my clothes. I am tired of dropping the tool, still running, and run to the shower.

I am a Viet Nam vet with PTSD, I am aware of everything around me, I have lost ½ my hearing to the war ‘they’ refuse to call a ‘war’. So, if something comes up from behind me, I cannot hear and I fear, in a way what possibilities could play out. I don’t know how many times I have jumped out of my skin when approached from out of sight. If it ever came in a threatening way, well, I am an ex-marine. In the wrong setting I can, and have, found myself for a flash, in that jungle, in a fighting mode. That is the ‘hypervigilance’ of PTSD, a trigger can cause you to react as if the event was in play at that moment. Stress puts ‘exponents’ on hypervigilance, and the stress was increasing exponentially too. I was spending more than half my day, repairing careless, and malicious damage. Having completed projects only to have them torn up, by guests who simply want to make sure that every dollar they paid is used up. The new managers fail to see the cost of that, it doesn’t cost them, except whatever parts, and he is a shop-aholic, so compulsive and thrilled to be shopping, he doesn’t care, it’s not his money.

We had a bad problem with local thieves, got so bad Yehoshua and I installed gates and they were locked at night. He had no problem telling the guests they had to be in the gate by ten, or wait till morning, the gate opens at 7. For a year we had no events. The shopaholic, went and bought a new Stihl weed and brush cutter, one of the big ones. On one occasion, I went to open the shed, just a few days since he bought it, and found it laying outside the shed. I told him about it, as I had told him about the thieves and the reason for the gates and that the gates be kept locked, because the rule was working. They had changed the policy on the gate, and let late arrivals open the ‘outgoing’ gate, as though that was going to fool the cockroaches that are out at night, watching for the opportunity.

It was less than a week later, when he comes and says; “do you have the new weed-eater down here?” I said “NO”. he said; “Well, I sure wish I had believed you when you told me about the thieves.”

Signs I had not acknowledged as yet, were happening. The park had been put on the market nearly a year earlier, suddenly there is an interested buyer. ‘Yehoshua’ had been offering me a place at the other park, and every time I saw him he would ask again. The issue had been left that I always had a place to come, if and when I wanted.

As I said I don’t work, I play in the garden, when I am in play, I am speaking, I mean mouthing the words I believe are coming from where He resides, in my heart, not heard, but felt, sudden understanding, the pearls we are to look for. Two weeks in, the thrill is gone. Why bother to even go out to look, I am entertaining them, as I notice the vandalism. But the work has to be done, and I spoke words that become our oath when they depart our mouths.

I got up one morning last week, having decided to take the day to fill out some paperwork for the Veteran’s Admin. That is getting close to being due, and it is the hardest thing, and the very thing I have avoided for the 45 years since Viet Nam. I knew I was broken, but I was a marine, and the son of my dad, who loathed the need for any kind of counseling, that is phsycho-babble.

They require details of the events that caused the ‘condition’. By experience, I have seen a resemblance of the main one of many, and the memory coming back, put a stop to an already hindered and damaged life. Fearing the stirring of, and purposely trying to remember, another, like the earlier one could truly be even more devastating. I have avoided the counseling that has been available, because I had attended a session, and they made them live through, again and again every detail. This followed that first flash-back. If I had a fear above all, except the fear of YHWH, and pertaining to this life in this body, it would be to lose the ability to keep seeking YHWH’s face, due to a dis-functioning mind and memory. Anyway

I guess I have a habit, to take a cup of coffee and go out and walk the property, and without thinking to avoid that for the day, I did not get 50 yards before I found where someone had pulled out three, in a row, drip emitters and their tubes from the feeder hose. As I walked back to get the tools and parts, I find a spot of exposed tubing to one of the plants, that had been buried, cut, with a tool. So much for having the calm level-headedness, I had prepared myself for the day, asking for direction from Him. I believe now, He set a new plan in action.

This is the time that all the fruits we have on the property are in full ripeness and producing the best and sweetest blackberries and the fig tree, that I have learned so much Scripture from, are the biggest and best in the three years I have been here. They were all good last year, and I started every day with His food, I ate from every food tree and fruit here. This year, even before all this started, I have had little interest, in the fruit, other than to tell guests where the good ones are. I might grab a berry or two if I notice them while working, ‘working’. I hardly go to the fig tree, some of the other fruits we have planted are a few years from my being able to eat. They produced now, three seasons.

I have poured myself into the landscaping and until now felt so vested in it, I couldn’t think to leave and take that position at “Emerald Forest”, the newly acquired park. It was that connection, but I had other connections that I had, not yet, but was now seeing. The environment that existed here before, allowed me to walk with YHWH, without the usual reactions of xians who only see you as a ‘legalist’, and therefore, a ‘heretic’, as prescribed by the RCC.

This vandalism had followed a number of days of careless damage and malicious damage. The old clientele, had been informed, through their announcement of new management on the web-site. Those whom Yehoshua and two years of work had, rooted out. They were mad when they could not come back, having their names tagged. It was their park and new managers had ruined it.


I might on my way out, besides stopping to kick the dust off my feet. Oops! I got ahead of myself, make a new sign to put up at the entrance; “Do what thou whilst”, that is the manager’s style.

I’m not harsh, I am not mean, but I am and wear it, a ‘salty’ man, as He commanded. A ‘salty man’ works for perfection and assumes the same for those under him. The salt of ‘the world’ has become tasteless, no one can rebuke another, it is becoming unlawful, to correct someone for what you see them do. You are a judge. Is that what it says? The difference between the words ‘judge’ and ‘witness’, have become confused, even fused together. If you witness someone break the law, and go to him, rather than the authorities, to maybe teach him something, help his ignorance, to help him, maybe save him some jail time. Cause a ‘Judge’ does not accept ignorance as an excuse. Because ignorance is the active pursuance of remaining ignorant, especially pertaining to the law. And so much more with YHWH’s Law, the Torah. The psychobabblers of children nurturing, have defiled YHWH’s commands concerning the raising of the child. The children are left without discipline, they work now for rewards, with no consequences for their actions of disrespect, for their parents, any authority and themselves. Today, being ‘salty’ is totally unacceptable.

Okay, hopefully, this one last paragraph ‘bit’, and I witness to His presence, His protection, His rebuke, His forgiveness, His guidance. And the most cleansing day I have experienced since the day I was reborn.

That morning with the coffee, changed the plans for the day. I needed to sit down, get grounded and change the mood. I went in and got The Scriptures, went and sat in my little rock garden I had created for myself. And started reading, it seemed like I was calming down, and then, I look up, and just as I did, a 10 or 12-year-old kid runs right over one of the new Redwood trees I had planted. It bent all the way to the ground. Tired of just saying; “Hey, don’t do that” as they speed away. I said; ‘if you break the trees, I ‘ought’ to break your arm’. The only intent was to give him a point of comparison, that it injures the tree.

The child’s mother or grand-mother, came charging over saying that I said I was going to break his arm. Screaming “the kids were just trying to have some fun”, I said ‘their fun shouldn’t include damage to the park’. When she continued, I told her to take it to the office. A few minutes roll by and I see the managers, both of them, going to talk to them. Then he, comes around the corner of my truck, and I looked up and it just poured out; “Don’t even start with me….”, I had the sense not to finish the statement, and we exchanged the story he had gotten and I stated my case. Had I finished the statement to him; I would have concluded the whole conversation with; you, one who cannot control his own tongue and words, is not going to lecture me. He has the foulest mouth and yells obscenities at the top of his voice while stomping on the ground, and he has no control over his very short temper. Had his wife come to talk to me, we would have sat down and had a chat, the whole thing may have just blown over. But that is not what He planned, I needed an escape. Since the day they arrived I don’t know how many times I have heard both of them say; “they hear what they want to hear, referring to every miscommunication they create, with staff and guests, we have all witnessed it. They heard the lady’s side and even knowing who I am, did not give me the benefit of the doubt, but catered to, a guest that of those Yehoshua would not have asked back. We do not want vandals here.

That was it for two days, but every time I saw them, when they saw me, they turned their back to me, both of them. Night before last, Yehoshua knocks on my door and we sit down and go through the whole scenario. His opinion was that we are not in the place to try to teach what parents either do not or are no longer socially allowed to teach. I was just trying to protect the property, his property.

He said; do you want to come up to Emerald Forest, come up to rejoin the family. YHWH’s Escape! All the reluctance to let go of what had been accomplished here, in an instant, gone. As we talked about the move and what from here I should bring, all my nursery, and now you can check, at some minute in the hour of 4 in the afternoon, as we sat there, an earthquake shook us for about ten seconds. We talked about the first experiences with an earthquake, I had not felt one for a whole bunch of years, now here in this moment, too many coincidences.

Instead of being let go, which is what all other parties wanted, I am going to where I can live as uprightly as I can, unaffected by the evil of where I am leaving, just in a new location. I have a reserved space for next 5th day. as he was heading to leave, I asked him how he wanted me to leave this site. As I found it or with the landscape left or as I had agreed to take it all up and leave the site as it was. Let’s restore it, I said okay.

When I turned to look at it, I thought this is like asking an artist to literally remove stroke by stroke the painting he had worked on, always leaving it unfinished, to spread through the whole park, if I had the time, eventually getting to all 80 sites. Well, tomorrow I will do what I had promised, no matter how hard it might be. You never know until that moment when you have to take that first swipe with a digging claw to loosen and pile all the rocks, to be shoveled and hauled away. Oh the pain of that anticipation.

YHWH is opening my eyes, before I take that first swipe the next morning, preparation day, yesterday. I had already started cleaning the house so most of that was done for Shabath. I could spend till 2 working outside, to get ready to leave here. It will take every bit of this next week to be ready to pull out of here.

One last look before the demolition begins, should I take pictures? Before and after? I already had some recent, pics on my camera. I’ll take some shots at intervals. I stand back and what do I see, that I had created, having said a number of times in the process of building it, this is not an altar, it is only a rock garden that surrounds a few trees in my yard. This is not an altar; this is not an altar. I looked up and saw an altar, with His Name carved in wood, a gift from the first ‘evil’ mangers, a fact that had escaped me until this moment, and it was ‘hanging in a tree’, above this rock garden that had some solid stumps that I use for plant stands and other things. On the stump, where I had set it, in my mind Not as an Offering, a fig, one of three I had brought in a few days before, just a gesture, of giving the best of that day’s pick, and left it outside, not thinking about where. I had set a few out there a week or so before, there were three in a bowl. After that fruit had sat there for 4 days, it was still full and unwithered, that caught my attention and I watched, it was in the sixth day they had sat there that there was any wrinkle on them. I had to think, maybe He was showing me a blessing by keeping it fresh, longer. So a few days later I set the best of the three I brought in, and I thought it was a perfect fruit without flaws. It sure is a good thing that He knows our hearts and our intentions.

In the mean time I am reading and eating so much concerning the idols and the errors of all who set them and the later end for them. Still suffering pain and crying out to Him asking why His promise of healing has not come, do I have enough faith? What are my errors that I cannot see, that I still need to change? This is why He has me studying what I am. He is setting me up for what change is necessary. First thing, escape from here, break the ties that hold, or have been holding me here. With claw in hand I went non-stop until every rock had been turned over and piled up, every piece of wood was being burned and or discarded. The alarm went off at 2:00, I have to go in, I put clean bedding on the bed. What else do I need to do for prep.? Not that much! I’ll go back out till 3. Tearing all that out gave new understanding to what Yirmeyahu might have seen as he saw the Heykel being destroyed, to break the connection, and in a way, comfort the people who He was exiling. If the Heykel did not exist any longer they would not be connected to the idols that had been brought into His House, and the Heykel, now vacant of His Presence, would become just another empty idol in itself.

I kept trying to go in and start my dinner, and finish the dishes, I had started and walked away from. I was eager to finish wiping out and erasing it all. Make it like it had never been. Every time I would go back out, now resolved to pb and j for dinner, if need, I would start and He would give me more and more and more little nuggets and I asked for more and He just keeps feeding me. Many thoughts and understandings that come so fast and gone so fast I can’t verbalize them, I repeat verbally to remember better, and I have found He sometimes responds, only after actually speaking the words. I will be hunting for something I had misplaced and think to ask, as if that is asking, which can be true too. But then when I ask Him where something is He will lead me right to it, often the very next place I look. These were like being fed to me and stored away before I can even, say what I was hearing. I wanted to remember all of them because I knew I wanted to share this experience. Not that I have needed the proof but when He displays it, it is unbelievable. I, through this event, have been rebuked, beaten-up a little, mentally and emotionally, guided, taught a number of lessons, exiled, rescued, forgiven, and blessed.


A week ago I stood up as I thought I should look through this house and make sure that no idol has found its way in. I would have brought it in by mistake, so let’s inspect the house. I prayed that He reveal anything He wanted me to see and dispose of. I was asking without realizing it for His refining. It has been quite a ride the past month, but when it looked most grim; He sent a friend, the only christian I would call a friend. Have you deduced it yet?

My friend and the manager/owner who advanced me rather than doing the will of those here; his real name is: Joshua


ShabathShalom, YHWH bless



Breastplate and the Priesthood

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I was reading Shemoth today last week, and as I began to read about the contributions and the making of the set-apart items of the Tabernacle, I began to reason within myself that I could skip over this part since there is no Heykel today and the priesthood is today non-existent on earth. But then, my reasoning turned to the words of Mashiach that I quote, probably more than any other; “Not one jot or tittle will change from the Torah, till Heaven and Earth disappear”. So I asked Him if there was something there that I had not seen before. YHWH soon showed me, once again, every word has significance in every age, there is a purpose for every bit of information He has given us. There is understanding of history and of His Son in the picture of the shoulder garment and Breastplate as YHWH speaks to Mosheh.

Take the shoulder garment, from the words draw a picture of the shoulder garment and the Breastplate and the Shoham stones. Now, if you know what a ‘yoke’ is and what it looks like, the two are too alike not to have meaning. As I look at the whole of the shoulder garment and breastplate I see all the names of all 12 tribes, twice, and the Shoham stones that signified YHWH’s answers, of guilt or innocence, forgiveness or condemnation.

Aharon, and every high priest that would follow him, were given the burden and the responsibility of all Yisra’el, all 12 tribes, and every person therein, of YHWH’s people. Why is there no priesthood today? Because no ‘human’ man could bear the burden hanging from that yoke that YHWH had put on them 3500 years ago.

That was the burden that YHWSHA was laden with on the night He was arrested. He was carrying, as our high priest, not only the sins of Yisra’el but also, all the sins of those who had, have and will come to Him, laying all their ‘past’ sins on Him. If what was written in the Besorah is true, no wonder He was sweating blood!

But the priesthood, like any other ‘entity’ on Earth, had few who really understood and took the responsibility of the office. They never felt the responsibility, and therefore simply ignored the burden. They were supposed to be the leaders of Yisra’el. But only a few, later referred to as the sons of Tsadoq, stayed true to YHWH and His Torah.

The high priest was to be a permanent office of changing ‘righteous’ men, as if Mosheh could be copied over and over. It, like the Torah would be unchanging. As YHWH had commanded, nothing added, nothing taken away. But long before Mashiach came to visit His people, the true Sons of Tsadoq had left Yerushalayim and became known as the Essenes of Qumran, who kept the Truth and the Torah and the righteous writings, much of which we are deprived today. Destroyed by man, time and then the Roman Catholic church.

The ‘road to destruction’ has become a vast super highway that spans the earth in every direction, but the path to the ‘narrow gate’ has remained; one way and one person wide, since the Mashiach said those words.

Why is that? Was He not speaking of the end of days when He said: “…and only a few will find it”? Not only will it be; that it is Yisra’el that is saved, but only those who are obeying the words of Mashiach and are following Him, who is the One leading the narrow path and whom stands as the Gatekeeper of that narrow gate. As He said; My brothers and sisters and mother, are those doing the will of the Father. His brothers and sisters and mother, are all the house of Yisra’el, born from the seed of Ya’aqob and all who have entered His Covenant from any and all nations, all have equal rights and inherit the same. Mashiach was not of the ‘seed’ of Yahudah, though He was considered so, ‘by law’, as adoption into the house of Yoseph the husband of Miryam. The earthly seed He received from His mother, the Ruach as the donor is of YHWH, and therefore He ‘was’ ‘the Ruach of YHWH’, which is the true definition of Mashiach. ‘anointed’ is the whitewashed version, it is just another word for chosen. We are all chosen (invited), the ‘chosen ones’ are those who choose to follow YHWSHA Mashiach, on His narrow path. Hard pressed as it is in this modern world to walk uprightly as He commanded us, it is those who endure, obeying the commands of YHWH/YHWSHA, to the end, who are saved and will live and reign with Him after the wrath of YHWH is done.

Yisra’el chose a secular sovereign over what YHWH had designed in the priesthood, not so much because the other nations had sovereigns, but that they had no leadership and wanted something, anything to lead them. Sheep do not fend for themselves in the wilderness, they are eaten up by every predator out there. They know they need a shepherd. The House of Yisra’el was not giving them leadership, they were just taking in the sin taxes and running the house down. It consistently took others to be willing to be used by YHWH for His purpose. Those who rose up to lead were from various tribes, the Prophets of YHWH too were mostly just men who hated what they saw in Yisra’el speaking from their hearts, that are ‘to YHWH’. YHWH spoke to their hearts and they spoke to the people, whether they listened or not, being laughed at and sneered and abused and even murdered, because they pointed out the errors of those who were supposed to be brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers and leaders.

Today we have come to it being unlawful to be a prophet, a prophet being one who rebukes the wrong, for their wrong. The ‘works’ we see them do. Sounding like a Prophet of YHWH is what every ‘preacher’ of today should be. But instead they spread the original lie! Pulling the people to the pit of hell, from their ‘pullpit’. Teaching that the ‘grace of g-o-d’ will redeem them, though they continue to sin, and will until they die.

Bereshith 3:15; but first: When YHWH breathed the life into Adam, Adam received His Ruach, which is the true ‘breath of life’. The Torah of YHWH is in His Ruach and when we receive His ‘true’ Ruach, we know Him, and it is His Ruach that brings us to understanding, not in one day, we could not handle it, but what I am saying is that Adam had the Torah of YHWH in his heart and mind, as it will be once again when sin is removed from existence.

So, knowing all the commands of YHWH, Adam is given one ‘additional’ command, and a command is a ‘law’. Sin is; the transgression of the law, or of any command of YHWH. Now, the serpent is about to entice Adam’s wife, and ‘reasons’ with her to disobey a command, to accomplish her desire to taste the fruit and gain the knowledge of things we were not to know.

So, when satan said; “Surely you will not die,,,” he is not about to mention the word ‘sin’, because she might think about that, so he leaves out “,,,for your sin,,,” and aims at her desire instead and entices her with knowing all that satan would share with her.

So, the church saying we are saved by grace though you remain a sinner, they are teaching the same lie; “Surely you will not die ‘for your sin(s)’.”

Now, if the Book of Ibrim is correct, and it mostly is, we continue to add to the burden that Mashiach has to bear with every transgression among those who are His. All of us have been in situations where the righteous are punished with the wrong, and we find it totally unfair and that it is not right. Nor is it right for us to lay on Him our unrighteousness. If you had a friend, assuming you too are a true friend, would you sin, knowing your friend would be punished every time you sin, every sin being seen and no-way to escape the punishment? Would a true friend do that? Are we not called His friend, if we are abiding in Him? Who among us are impaling Him all over again, and again…

If we say we are of His flock and continue to impale Him over and over again, are we not of those whom He said: “they worship Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me.”? Even using the correct terms, if they come saying; “Master, Master…” they will find no mercy, for they insult Him more than those who rejected Him to begin with. That is why He said; ‘It would have been better that they did not know the truth, but that to know the truth and not obey it.’ If you choose ignorance and do not seek the truth, you will perish, but if you seek the truth, find it, and continue to sin, you blaspheme Him. And you blaspheme His Ruach at the same time, as you impale YHWSHA, with your own hammer!!

As our Righteous High Priest, who lives, and has since the day He rose from the dead and also lived from before time, space and matter, is in Heaven, is now, to those of His flock, our Sovereign, as YHWH planned it.

The ‘End of Days’ comes ‘at the end of the ‘the time of the gentiles’. And when the Truth of Mashiach had reached all the nations. The Scriptures are written in every language and if it is not spoken in a culture or nation, it is because it has been rejected. Everyone on earth has had the opportunity to learn His truth, most reject it. If you know the truth, you are responsible for it, so ‘ignorance is bliss’, so-they-say; is a lie!!. A judge on Earth would not accept your ignorance of the law, and The Judge of all will not, can-not, because that would not be right-ruling, to declare the wrong right. And YHWH, in His Own words and in His Torah, said; “I do not declare the wrong right.” It is also written that the Mashiach would NOT forgive the wrong of their transgressions. When we turn to Him and REPENT as He commanded, we are changed, from the wrong, having our sins paid for and forgiven by His blood sacrifice. A sinner is only a sinner as long as he is sinning. Those of YHWSHA’s flock are not the same creature that they were, and they do not sin, because the Ruach is right there to point us in the right way, His way, and we know His voice and we follow Him. If He says do not go there, we stop, PERIOD! There is no ‘attitude’ or grumbling, He is Truth, He is Trust and those who love Him believe His every Word and trust He knows the outcome and provides an escape, always.

Is ‘the time of the gentiles’ coming to an end, when it is unlawful to speak the truth? The truth; that every Word of the Torah has been breached by the entire world. Every command He said not to do, they do, and every word He said to do, they refuse to do. If we are not in the time, when 'evil is good and good is evil', then I am living a nightmare. It is written in His Word in many places and many ways, that the reason that the ‘End of Days’ comes is that ‘they have rejected the Torah and they rejected YHWH’. They have chosen to go and follow all the gentiles ‘g-o-d’s’, and even refuse to speak His Name but give reverence to every pagan deity there is, every day of their lives. They have done what He commanded us not to do, speak the names of pagan mighty ones, the idols that came from the minds of men, and what their hands created. They have learned the ways of the nations and accepted their practices and adopted and observed and even performed what came from the worship of pagan idols.

The ‘world’ has come to believe that all roads lead to ‘g-o-d’, and while every lie must contain some truth to be made believable, no ‘truth’ may contain a lie.

It is true, ‘all roads, (except one) lead to the one you call ‘god’. The lie is in; to whom you call ‘god’. ‘god’ is a generic term covering every god of every nation on Earth. Many nations have many, many, even in the thousands, of gods. There are books of all the names of ‘god’, it seems it does not matter what you call him, anything will do. Some nations even change ‘gods’ but keep the name that they called the previous god, such as ‘Allah’, he used to be a moon god but now is the same ‘god’ as the ‘god’ of Abraham. There’s a lie! The ‘god’ that Islam follows is not the same as Abraham, but neither is the ‘god’ of Christianity, or the ‘god’ of Judaism, or of any other religion. We are called to come out of ‘religion’. Following YHWH is not a ‘religion’ it is our Way of Life. Religions are practiced at certain times and the rest of the time is spent in the ‘world’. A ‘Faith’ and Trust in YHWH cannot be separated from any other part of our life, it is 24/7, all year, every year. Anything done is done with faith as our guide, it cannot be separated from us.

Religions preach tolerance and unity with other religions. Even churchianity, who ‘say’ they follow the ‘god’ of Israel. But the one they follow is unrecognizable from the Elohim of the Torah, of Abraham, Yitshaq, and Ya’aqob, as is the one they call Allah.

Truth is, there is not one single suggestion of such in the Word of YHWH. The Highway to anarchy is named; “Tolerance”. Tolerance is precisely why we are in the moral climate we find ourselves. Tolerance goes against the Torah that states to purge evil out of the congregation. Yisra’el became guilty of this no sooner than they entered the promised land.

And the Truth is; there is only one Name, under the heavens, by which we may be saved. And not one ‘religion’ on Earth is calling on Him. But, just using His Name is not enough. We must be doing what He said to do. And doing what He said not to do will lead you on that major highway too.

If you want to know what “Freedom” is; Seek YHWH and obey Him!

It says that the sins of the world are laid on Mashiach, and that has both truth and misconception. He only took on the sins of those who answered the invitation He provided the whole world. Those who did not turn, He leaves to their own punishment. It is for the repentant that He pays the ‘death’ penalty for, not the whole world. He did not even pray for those who chose to stay in the world, he prayed and died for those of His flock, taking their punishment, out of compassion, because Yisra’el had no shepherd, they were guilty, but by ignorance, because the Torah had been rejected for the Talmud the Jews drafted on their own.

He spoke of those who had the opportunity to follow Him and did not. He called them ‘the dead’. When he told a taught one to let the dead, bury the dead. If anyone is not following Mashiach and of His flock, they are the real ‘walking dead’.

YHWSHA did however take all the sins of Yisra’el, all who had entered the Oath of the Covenant, many caused by the centuries of His earthly father’s fathers. Yoseph was of the royal line that had been cut off at the time of the exile. YHWH took the secular sovereigns away from Yahudah at the time of the exile. We really only get a very small portion of the guilt of Yisra’el, only a small fraction was written in the Scriptures.

Since Yahudah, murdered the Author of Life 1,985 years ago. How many of us have come to know the Truth and repented and follow Him, only after having followed the lies and worthlessnesses that we had inherited from our christian fathers? How much sin did we add to His burden having believed in the lie of ‘grace’? A common christian attitude is; ‘it is easier to seek forgiveness than ask permission’. This is their belief in ‘grace’; that all ‘will be’ forgiven them, past, present and future sins. Each adding to the burden which YHWSHA Mashiach must bear.

YHWSHA Mashiach is our High Priest and He is wearing the shoulder garment. A Yoke bearing unsurmountable sins and weight.

If His true Word can no longer be spoken, except to those who seek it, has His Word not reached its goal? All nations that ‘will’ hear it, have, and those that refuse it, you can’t make them drink.

The only Way to the Father is met at the gate, and through that Gatekeeper, entrance is either permitted or denied. He will not permit sin to enter His Realm. One sin spoiled the world, one sin kept Mosheh out of the promised land. With one sin Dawid feared losing the Ruach of YHWH. There are sins that lead to death and sins that do not lead to death, the set-apart ones, the kind ones, the righteous and the chosen do not sin sins of death, as the true emissaries of YHWSHA taught us, we are incapable of sinning a sin that leads to death, this is how we know we are of Him. It is His Ruach in us that keeps us on that straight, and narrow path, walking behind us keeping us from turning off the path. If one who has the Ruach in them sins a sin of death the Ruach would leave them, at the precise second, millisecond, that the decision came to sin, even before the sin. The Ruach will not remain in the presence of evil, evil comes with the thoughts, and there is a time between your decision to sin and the sin itself, in that timeframe, He is gone.

I can witness to this myself, even sins that do not lead to death can be enough for Him to dismiss Himself from our presence for a time. I have to confess, it happened to me just a couple of weeks ago. As some of you know, I am a gardener/landscaper at an RV Park in Northern California, 13 miles inland from the ocean in Humboldt Co. Most (well, all except myself), are seasonal ‘work campers’, even the managers are usually only here for a season. We have a new manager couple, and the language of ‘his’ mouth is pretty foul. I always make it clear at the meeting of new staff, or anyone I will be around, that I will not stay where that kind of language is used, and that I will just turn and walk away from it.

But are we not also told to serve the unjust leaders, as well as the righteous? That could be an argument for another day.

We had a circular cluster of willow tree mixed with some of the best, and biggest blackberries I have ever had. It was near the corner of the neighbor’s 1 year old fence. When willow gets old it starts falling down, branch by branch, and from one big trunk, the tree branched out low to the ground in all directions. At any rate the thing started coming down. So I spent all day one day removing, with a very heavy heart, all those ripening and delicious fruits. The next morning by 10am, I had the tree ready to come down, but the lean was to the neighbor’s property. So I threw a line to the top and hooked up a rope and chain and put tension on the tree to fall the way we (I) wanted it. So this new manager came out to help. HELP??? NO! He took over! All I needed was someone in my truck to pull as I cut the final cut to bring the tree down. I have my saw, a Stihl 391 with a 24” bar, and with this chainsaw I have fallen at least 30 trees in this park, all without a scratch to person or property, he comes with a tiny little chainsaw with a 12” bar. When it was ‘decided’ that he would cut and I would pull, he could not handle my chainsaw so he went with his, I had the tree ready to come down, but he decided to take every branch that he could reach before taking it down, and taking 5 minutes to explain every cut both before and after each branch that he cut. Now, mind you, this starts at about 10am.

In the first place, he was ‘very angry’ that I was working on that project, because he had started it the week before, but it was not being taken care of as it should be, due to liabilities. So when the owner came by and saw what was ‘not’ being done, he asked me to make it my priority. And because of that, this new manager came cursing and swearing, YELLING obscenities. I am an x Marine, and I have never sounded like that. I tried to attribute it to his PTSD, and have compassion for those who suffer from this disorder, as I also do.

But, how does one just walk away from ‘the boss’ when and because we are uncomfortable. I could feel the Ruach pulling me, but I also kept thinking that we are to serve regardless of their righteousness, or lack thereof. Well, after about the 2nd or 3rd, full outside voice, declaration of the f word so that all 20 acres of property and many of our neighbors could hear it. I wanted so badly to leave, but felt as though I could not, out of respect for his position. When the tree finally hit the ground, at 3:30 in the afternoon, my priority was accomplished, and as soon as the tree was down, I disconnected the rope and chain and left the scene, without a word to him. I look forward to this ‘season’ to be over, and I am pretty sure that this manager couple will not be asked to stay another season. At least that is my prayer.

Maybe ‘I’ was bound to stay, but the Ruach was not, He left me, I felt Him go! And He did not return until after I had bathed, put clean garments on and the sun had set. I ‘felt’ Him return, and I praised YHWH that He came back. It was proof, once again, that His Word is true, He will not remain in the presence of evil. He would not or could not stay, but He also showed His compassion for me, in that He returned, when we do as YHWH asks.

 I guess there are times when we must become unclean, by our own actions or by others, but YHWH shows His compassion in the allowance of the cleansing He established. We become guilty, by association of the wicked, but He does not hold the sins of another against us, IF we cleanse ourselves according to His will. YHWH is SO Yahsome!

O that I would never have to spend another minute without Him, I did NOT like those 9 hours of a day without His protection. At least that is how it felt. I know He was still watching and protecting but I felt like a target that had been covered but then it’s covering was removed and the shooters could take aim.

In a way, I was carrying the burden of this manager’s sin, and I was vexed and weak and felt broken, I cannot even begin to comprehend what Mashiach was feeling, carrying all the sins of man. The burden He puts on us, when we obey Him are so light you do not even feel the Yoke that is there, He is taking all the weight from your burden, and my burden, and all those that follow Him.

Proof that cannot be seen, it must be experienced.

PRAISE YHWH !! Shabath Shalom

Brother Yared


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I have been spending a lot of time in the Prophets and the Torah lately, in trying to understand the very heavy weight of the knowledge that nearly everyone around me is of; the walking dead. My heart is broken, because none ‘will’; accept instruction and turn to YHWSHA, who IS the ONLY Way to the Reign of YHWH. YHWH’s Prophets told us, the Remnant, would feel this sadness prior to the events of the Last Days. If that is what I am feeling, and the more time I spend hearing the prophecies concerning this time, the more I am convinced that the distress is coming.

We are commanded, many times, to seek to know YHWH. There is only one-way to do that, to read; with the eyes to see and the ears to hear, what He has said. Through His Word, which He spoke to Mosheh and His chosen children Abraham, Yitshaq, and Ya’aqob. And those that served Him in righteousness throughout the Scriptures. That means every word, not just a passage here and a promise there. It MUST be read from the beginning and through to the end. From the Torah we receive discernment to prove what is written is either true or false. Torah is the solid foundation of all truth, every truth MUST align with Torah or it is false. Any word that attempts to nullify any part of the Torah cannot be true. (Deb 13) and Matt 5:17-20; “not one jot or tittle will change from the torah, till heaven and earth disappear…” spoken by YHWHSA Himself. Through His words and with The Teacher of Righteousness, we come to ‘know’ YHWH.

You are not grafted into a tree or vine by simply hanging around it. Two cuts MUST be made. One cut in the rootstock, of the tree or vine, that opens when He calls you. And now it is up to you to choose to be one of His chosen. You must cut yourself at whatever part is tender and humble. Cutting off all the evil parts, purging the evil out of your being, circumcising your heart to YHWH. And then you plant or join yourself to the tree or vine (Yisra’el).

If you do this with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, as commanded, YHWSHA opens the Door or Gate and calls you His brother and His friend, and He abides in you, giving you The Teacher of Righteousness, His Ruach. When the Teacher of Righteousness is ‘in’ you, He keeps you clean. Without Him, you cannot see righteousness.

The time of the gentiles is near the end, they are thrusting the stick to YHWH’s nose! His every command is openly rebelled. Every word He has said NOT to do, they do, and every word He said to do, they refuse. Sodomy is rampant, in the world, in this country, and in the religions of the world, even those who claim to worship the ‘god’ of Abraham. LIARS!!

Sodomy is now the Law of the land in the U.S., declaring itself to be of Sodom and Amorah. What happened, as soon as it was revealed, the sin of Sodom? And again, as soon as it was revealed to Yisra’el, concerning the sin of Binyamin? Sodom was destroyed and Binyamin was all but wiped out, the seed of Binyamin was diminished forever.

The History of Yisra’el and the world, for that matter, keeps repeating itself, and the results and/or consequences are always the same. Exile! Being cast out of the presence of YHWH. YHWH does not act without warning!

His Prophets warned with no acknowledgement, repeatedly, but they refused to heed the warnings, they refused to turn to the Creator of Life. He sent many throughout both Yehudah and Yisra’el, but they hardened their hearts and claimed they had redemption even though they were stubborn and rebellious. So finally, as He said He would, He visited His people to try to bring them around for Himself, through His Word, that became Flesh, and was called ‘Son of Elohim’. He was called the ‘Son’ because He came through a woman, by His Ruach; the Mashiach IS the Ruach of YHWH. “And they shall look upon ME, whom they pierced”, said YHWH.

The Prophets spoke of our day too. To read, from Yeshayahu through Mal’aki, is like reading the World News Headlines of today’s current events. A wise man sees evil coming and prepares himself, those who do not, continue their ways to destruction, the ultimate Exile.

As in the days prior to the Exile of Yehudah, YHWH is raising the same people against the world, as He raised them up against Yisra’el. Against the world because, He, as Mashiach, invited all the Earth to enter His Covenant (Torah), and they refused, just as Yehudah did when they hung Him on a tree.

Those who are being raised to do His will, meaning these evil terrorists from Chaldea, Assyria, Babel, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, and Egypt, with Libya and all Saudi Arabia; they are being promised 70 virgins in paradise, but in truth, their rewards are prophesied in Yehezqel 32. YHWH will repay Babel again, as He did at the end of Yehudah’s exile. But this time with the finality of the written prophecies, as they were the Word of YHWH, and must be fulfilled. YHWH said He would render Babel completely uninhabitable for as long as this Earth exists. The difference being today, that Babel is not just a land mass, but the state of mind of ‘the world’, for all except those who have Heard the Call to COME OUT OF BABEL!! Escape!

The fullness of the transgressions of the gentiles. That is when the distress is to begin.

The world has done away with, not only the Torah as a whole, but they have looked at every command and rebelled against it, each, and every one. Is this not what ‘the fullness of transgressions’ means?

The Remnant of Yisra’el are still in exile, and will be scattered amongst the gentiles, of whom many are of the seed of Ephrayim, the Ten Tribes. Yisra’el who are, as prophesied, serving other mighty ones (gods and idols) both physical and in their hearts, in delusion (babel), which YHWH promised to all who have chosen to accept and follow false teachings, the teachings of man, rather than His Word. This ‘christian’ nation serves every pagan ‘god’ in Roman, Greek, Babelian and Mitsrite deity that existed when the ‘church’ was established. They all adorn the capital city of this ‘christian nation’, who now deny His existence, let alone His Authority. Every aspect of our government serves pagan gods. Liberty, justice, freedom, and the buildings they occupy are temples to the very ‘gods’ YHWH has said not to serve, and these are the governors of the land. Monuments to Ba’al and all the gods under him; sun-gods, moon-gods, gods of the host of the heavens. This your ‘god’; the reigning god of the Earth, for now is Ba’al, you call him ‘lord’. The world says; all roads lead to god. Well that is a true, absolute statement! Whatever name you call your god, ba’al does not care, he answers to any, and all, and all religions lead to him, because he is the mighty ones of the sun, he is universal (catholic) to all the nations, except the Remnant of YHWH. His purpose is to deceive you and take you away from the only Name that can save; “For there is but one Name under Heaven, by which we may be saved”, and redemption comes to those who are calling on His Name.

Ba’al’s time is short, the time of distress is coming nigh.

The tactics of the enemies of Yisra’el has always been; to enter, befriend and blend into the assembly. And then, from within, rise up in great numbers to destroy and conquer. They really believe that they can force someone into faith, that is ridiculous. Their moon-god cares nothing about the ‘heart’. YHWH wants you to come willingly, that is why your heart must change and desire what is right. Savage rape and terror is unacceptable to YHWH, and their rewards are sure, special places in Gehennah are reserved for them. By the way, Hamas means- violence, in Hebrew it is chamas.

There is only one explanation of why; such an evil, vile, and corrupt religion of jihadists, can today be the fastest growing religion of ‘the world’ (mammon). If evil is rising, it is YHWH who is executing it. The prophets, all of them, speak of these days as the End of Days.

In the ‘world’, a medium is exalted if ½ their predictions come true. Why won’t they pay any attention, at all, to those who are 100% right? And WHY does the world end? The Scriptures tell us, over and over again, in many words, in many ways; “Because they have forsaken YHWH and His Torah”

Still think the Law was done away with? YHWH said:

My people perish for lack of knowledge

They neglected to consider their later end.

My people do not understand, the REQUIREMENTS of YHWH.

His Word, read in full, is the only way to know Him. And understanding Him and ALL that He said; Blessings come only to those who enter, stay, and Obey! YHWH’s kindness is only to those who answer His Call to turn to Him. His Prophets Called the people but they refused. And they still do! There are many promises to pardon our crookedness. There are many more condemnations that those who are sinning, even of His people, will ‘perish’. There is only one way, that both of these repeated warnings and promises, can be equally true. It is those who have eyes to see and ears to hear His Call to Repentance. Through His Prophets and Through His Mashiach.

And DO, as Commanded;

Submit to YHWH.

The “Remnant Yisra’el” is called ‘Yisra’el’, because we too, have strived with evil, and overcome.

In All things, PRAISE YHWH

The Day of YHWH

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The Day of YHWH

Why does it come?

The ‘world’ calls it ’Doomsday’, and the whole world knows it will come, someday.

Everyone knows a doomsday is inevitable, some are aware it is not far off. It could be brought on us at any moment, or it could be many more years. As Mashiach said, the hour and day will remain unknown until the hour it comes.

Doomsday preparation has become a big business, old missile silos are being converted into multi- level bomb shelter/residences costing millions of dollars for a section/level. Dehydrated foods are available in 5 gallons buckets and are designed to last for twenty years or more. The global elite are storing away seeds in bunkers in the Arctic, and our own government has built cities underground. They are also seeking distant planets for places to flee. Their only solutions are based on what they will do when it comes. They have completely ignored the real solution in dealing with the ‘reason’ doomsday comes. Do they even know why it comes?

Do they believe it comes because it is written in YHWH’s Word? They miss the point that the earth watches as the heavens are destroyed, just before the earth itself is destroyed. So flee as far as you, can`, though seeking salvation in or from the visible heavens, that is futile.

Why does this Great Day of YHWH come upon the whole Earth? The answer is given, repeatedly throughout His Word; in the Torah and the Prophets and in the Revelation of Mashiach. The answer is there for anyone (with the eyes and ears to ‘hear’ His written word), to understand. The world, its people and the heavens where this planet Earth resides, all the planets and every heavenly body we see in the sky, Dies, because of one simple little three-letter word. SIN. Although the Scriptures use a few more words to state the same word.

It is because they (the whole world) rejected YHWH and they have rejected His Torah, the whole world has not heard Him, nor turned to Him, but have disobeyed His Word and His Commands.

Judaism rejected the Torah for their man-made law, the Talmud, and they rejected Him when they impaled Him on a stake, in the most demeaning way they knew how. Xians nailed the ‘Law’ to a pagan idol (the cross). And Muslims were never included with Yisra’el, although they descended from Abraham. Abraham Yitshaq and Ya’aqob all sent away or separated themselves from any who did not follow YHWH. They were apostate from their beginning. Esau, Yishma’el, Midyan and all those east of Yisra’el; they all followed the mighty ones of the nations to which they went. The whole world, except a small remnant, which YHWH promised would always exist, the “kind ones” or ‘righteous ones’, all others have rejected the Creator of Heaven and Earth and His Commands, His Torah; for which He said; “there is one Torah for all His people, native born Yisra’elites and for those who join themselves to YHWH and His Covenant. While it is still true that every human belongs to YHWH, only His Remnant, His covenanted are considered His People. Whether a member or not, all belong to YHWH. But only members qualify for benefits.

Consider Your Later End

True wisdom is the fear of YHWH, man’s wisdom is deceiving and unable to protect you from following after the nations and their idols (gods). Man’s wisdom comes from seeking the knowledge that was given to ‘the nations’ or gentiles, but forbidden the people of YHWH. Man’s wisdom claims all men are created equal, but YHWH says His people are set-apart and are above all the nations of the world. The only correct part of that sentiment is that every person on Earth has been invited and anyone will be received; they only need to ‘choose’ to enter and obey His Covenant. These are His ‘chosen’ and His remnant people. By answering His Call you choose to be His ‘chosen’. Righteousness is not going to just, fall down on you from the sky. We are commanded to circumcise our hearts to YHWH, we have to desire with every fiber of our ‘Leb’ (heart, mind, soul and strength) to be a child of YHWH, forsaking our own desires to fulfill the desire of our Elohim.

This was Shelomoh’s error. He failed to delineate the wisdom who came from YHWH from the wisdom or knowledge of the ‘world’. However, Shelomoh later told us that all that knowledge and the chasing after it, is vanity. If we have the ears to hear it, he is saying the end result of vanity is worthlessness, and chasing vanity is rebellion and like pride. Pride elevates oneself, as in praising oneself. Only a very prideful man would have a thousand wives. (Concubines are also referred to as wives in Scripture). 300 wives and 700 concubines equals 1000 wives.

The Prophecies

Do you know what Prophecies are being fulfilled today and the prophecies yet to be fulfilled? And do you know what those prophecies entail? What they do entail proves every ‘religion’ of the ‘world’ false. The ‘Way of YHWH’ is NOT a ‘religion’, even the one time the word is ‘translated’ as ‘religion’ in the Besorah it is incorrect. It is “true ‘worship’ is…”. The word ‘religion’ means; Re, a sun-god and there are legions of them. These are the Ba’als, sun-gods that go by many, many different names, they can be known for their ‘worship’ of the sun and the moon and the heavenly bodies, that again, were forbidden the people of YHWH. When their monument to Ba’al stands before their temples and they put sun-disks around the heads of their idols.

Mashiach is/was the Light, the ‘Light’ before the sun was even created. Sun-worshippers worship the creation rather than the Creator. The sun-disk they place on His head is blasphemous, like eating an easter ham. It came from mixing the ‘religions’ of Emperor Constantine with Paulinism.

Many of the ‘old’ prophecies will be repeated and some are being fulfilled at this time, and some are a continuous state the ‘world’ plays out. YHWH’s Scriptures are like a ‘script’ that we cannot help but follow, some on the right side, His Remnant, and the rest on the outside, but still acting out every scene as if it were an un-editable script. The End is written and cannot be changed. The players in this drama are in the drama whether they want to be or not, it is every man, woman and child on Earth. The only optional part that ‘man’ has any control over, concerning the Last Day, is ‘when’.

I believe that even the current threat of a doomsday approaching could be delayed, if the world would turn to YHWH, but even the time for that is quickly running out. The U.S. has sodomized itself, making homosexuality the law of the land. Is man’s wisdom better than YHWH’s? Everything YHWH has commanded us not to do, the religions do, and everything He said to do, the world refuses to do.

This is the ‘freewill’ YHWH has given us, to choose right or wrong? The Scriptures are written in every, or near every language on Earth. His Word is His Call to enter His Covenant. His ‘chosen’ are those who respond to His call. If the “Leb” is to choose YHWH, He sends His Ruach, His Power, giving us the power over sin, freeing us from the prison as YHWSHA did for those He released from their prison (sin). Only with His Ruach can one walk righteously, a ‘condition’ of the Covenant, because the ‘righteous One’ (His Ruach) leaves the presence of evil. His purpose is to keep you from sinning, not to excuse you for your sin! Seeking forgiveness for a sin you are about to commit or plan to commit is in the highest degree of futile. (I personally believe that is also what YHWSHA referred to as ‘blasphemy of the Qodesh Ruach’) In fact, this is impaling YHWSHA Mashiach all over again, for your own personal self-inflicted predicament you find yourself, and you think there is no other way out. Is it not written that He will always provide an alternative? If you are not being provided a right way, it is not the Ruach of YHWH that is guiding you, which is probably why you find yourself in the predicament in the 1st place. There are many spirits, if yours is not pointing the right way, it is not of YHWH. He leads the footsteps of the righteous, and He leaves the presence of the unrighteous.

Death did not come because they ate the fruit! Death came because they disobeyed the Father. Adam knew the Torah, it was in his heart and mind from the moment YHWH breathed the breath of life into Adam. Adam had the Ruach of YHWH in Him from the beginning, as it will be when YHWH pours out His Ruach on His Remnant people in the Re-Newed Covenant. Re-Newed as having been and will be again. This command to not eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, was a separate command to those who would reside in the Garden, it only pertained to the Garden, this command was in addition to the Torah.

Disobedience brought death to the world, obedience brings life!

There is Always one thing that precludes sin; temptation. Temptation is why a wise man hides himself, those who remain where evil (temptation) exists, are those who remain and are punished.

Wake-up! The xian mantra ‘you are forgiven’ (grace) is the same lie as the 1st lie, in the Garden- Surely you will not die, for your disobedience.

The world ends because of disobedience!

And that end is coming! He has given us the Prophets and YHWSHA gave us the signs by which we will know that it is near.

Some of the prophecies that are being fulfilled today have been in progress over the past few decades. Which is very understandable, that it takes a generation or two to change long held beliefs, such as; homosexuality, which has been around since Noah, but it remained in the dark until just recently. Many have come to acceptance of it merely because they have family or loved-ones who have chosen that lifestyle, accepting the sin to keep a relationship, others by actually being recruited into by society because it is now considered ‘vogue’ to be gay. When they ‘come out’ they are elevated to stardom, they are glorified and lifted up.

Other signs are low-keyed and in some ways unintelligible until you see it in its light. In this case I refer to a single statement in Yirmeyahu “ YHWH is bringing what is new on Earth, a woman encompasses a man.” I always stop when I read this verse. And up until a few weeks ago always assumed it had to do with the woman becoming the dominant one of the household, women ‘rule the roost’; so-to-speak, though now it is the children who rule the roost. But women have been that way for far too long to be a part of an End Time Prophecy. But I read that prophecy a few weeks ago for the umpteenth time, and then mid-week while pulling weeds in the garden, it hit me.

A Woman Encompasses a Man. This again is a reference to homosexuality and men desiring gender changes and/or the feminization of men. Men are not manly any more, they have lost their masculinity, they act and sound like women. Femininity encompasses men. This comes from an End of Days Prophecy. As does the build-up of Russia into Syria. And just as YHWH raised the Chaldeans against Yisra’el to exile them (for their disobedience), He is again raising the people of those same countries today against Israel and America, and Europe too. All the woes of the Middle East today are written of in the Scriptures, and in every one of them, the reference is to the End of Days.

YHWSHA said that He was going to take the covenant away from the Jews and give it to a nation that would obey Him. YHWH’s Remnant is that ‘nation’, though they are scattered to every corner of the Earth. This nation has no boundaries, nor borders, we have no land at the present time, but never-the-less, we are a nation, and we are a people, even without knowing one another. But we know that we will love each other with love we have never known, because we all believe in the ONE True Elohim and we all live His Covenant. These are comparable to those of the Congregation of Philadelphia, if not the Congregation of Philadelphia. And these are the only ones who escape the Wrath that is about to fall on this Earth.

Membership is Open! Turn your ‘Leb’ to YHWH !!

P.s. ‘leb’ means heart, but it means so much more. The closest thing to an explanation of what leb means is: the thoughts, of your mind, and your heart, and your whole being, in the 1st stages of ‘true love’, we can all relate to that! You can’t stop thinking about the person, you desire in every fiber of your being that you please them and will forsake everything else to be with them. You will do anything for them, even to die for them. You want to be perfect for them, to impress them. Add every ounce of strength to defend and protect what you have. With the love of men and women, this new-love syndrome, eventually fades. Even the combined strength of the two cannot prevent issues of life from taking precedent and effecting the relationship. The honeymoon always fades to reality. But maybe if both had that same leb for YHWH…who knows?

This is the Love for YHWH, but it never fades and YHWH upholds the strength for both of you. your strength is more than made firm, it is His strength that gives the power to master sin, and even the weakest of men can prevail over all, if he has the ‘Leb’ for YHWH. Because it is Him who abides in those who love Him, and to love Him is to obey Him. Submit and obey, that is all He asks, even the simple can do that!

The first word of YHWSHA Mashiach to the people, following His trial in the wilderness, was; “Repent,…”

That is a Command! It is the Word of YHWH. And if His command is not obeyed, there is no forgiveness, Period! You are not forgiven till you stop sinning!

Xians proudly claim they are still sinners. They do not understand the Immersion or the re-birth. The ‘old man’ was a sinner, but being born of His Ruach frees you from sin and you are a new creature, incorruptible. Repentance that has to be repeated week after week, is vain repentance and He knows it before you mimic the words every week, and you think you have forgiveness? Does His word about forgiving a brother who comes and repents 7 times and His answer; not 7 but 70 times 7, nullify His word that to go and repeat a sin after you have been forgiven it, places you worse off than you were before? Isn’t that a contradiction? Or is there an error in interpretation or even translation? Where does one go to settle a contradiction? Which of those views align with Torah? There is your answer, there is always the answer to every contradiction in Scripture. Does Torah accommodate for 7 times 70 offenses? How many offenses did it take for the parents of their wayward son before they took him to the gate where the elders would stone them to death? And where do you find the 70 times 7 passage. It is not in any writing by His True Emissaries or those who actually walked with, talked with, ate with, touched and loved the Mashiach YHWSHA . It was written in later historical accounts by historians or the writing down of hearsay, embellished stories that express the views or beliefs of the writer. The Besorah is really only two of the four ‘gospels’. Mattithyahu and Yohanan were the only true taught ones of Mashiach, and then the letters of the other emissaries that follow the lies of paulinism, they were also written by the true emissaries of Mashiach. And this idea of repeated offense and forgiveness is just not upheld in any of their writings. Mark and Luke are only embellished copies of Mattithyahu, that is why they follow a similar pattern yet vary a little here and a little there, leading you to accept the discrepancies and contradictions, giving way for differences in opinion.

But Mashiach pointed us back to the source of all truth, the Torah. “Until Heaven and Earth disappear, not one jot or tittle will change from the Torah”. The Torah will settle every argument, whether all parties accept it or not. YHWSHA also pointed to the Prophets and their prophecies that will not fail. The ‘kindness’ of YHWH was extended to those who heard and took heed to the Calls of the Prophets to “Return to YHWH…” His kindness is truly everlasting, even today, if you turn to, or back to, YHWH, repent and obey, He then forgives all your past sins and Mashiach paid the ‘Death’ penalty price for all your past sin. To then sin again is putting the stick to His nose, or of more recent terminology, ‘thumbing your nose’ at YHWH.

If you are going to stand on the promises of YHWH, you had better make sure you are of the people He made the promises too. His blessings only apply to His people. But His kindness is not the only thing that is everlasting, YHWH said He would never change, and the only way to ‘know’ YHWH is to know His Torah, the ‘everlasting’ Torah.

What the Prophets told Yisra’el 3000 years ago are still true today, the sins of all men everywhere are the same as the sins that led to their demise, and they refused to listen to the prophets. The Prophecies will be and are being fulfilled, every teacher of The Word of YHWH should sound exactly like the prophets of old. They were the True Shepherds of Yisra’el, though ignored by all. All being a general term, as there was always, and will always be, a remnant of people who serve YHWH. But so few in number and not in groups, or even communities, but one from a city and two from a clan, here and there and because they separate themselves from the presence of evil, they dwell alone and are not even noticed. This was the case when Dawid wrote that there were none righteous, no not one. To look through a city you would not find righteousness, yet YHWH had promised Eliyahu that He would always keep a remnant of righteous people, and this is like the congregation of Philadelphia, they are few, small and weak. There is power in numbers and when the few are not even together, where would strength come from?

Dawid also apparently forgot about himself when he wrote that, he was righteous and he declared his own righteousness and was righteous in doing so. Did he also forget Tsadoq the priest, he was righteous and Nathan and others who showed their righteousness throughout the Scriptures. Righteousness comes with a crown and if YHWH gives you a crown, you should wear it. It is ‘the world’ that shames the righteous. Those who can’t will condemn those who can.

My People Perish for the Lack of Knowledge

Ignorance is the lack of knowledge. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse in a civil court of law, nor will it be at the Narrow Gate, when you try to enter it, even if you are able to find it. Choosing not, to learn the Truth and seeking YHWH, is rebellion. When it comes to the Way of YHWH, ignorance is rebellion, if the truth is available, you had better find it.

But not all ignorance is bad! In fact we were commanded to ignore the ways of the nations and to ignore the knowledge of the heavenly bodies. It seems our ignorance has been, like so many other things, misplaced. We are supposed to ignore many, many things that everyone else around us is enthralled with, all those things that are forbidden the people of YHWH but given to ‘the nations’ or gentiles. Ignore their ways and the way they worship their mighty ones, do not do so to YHWH. Yirm 10 “Do not learn…”; that literally means to ignore, but to ignore the Word of YHWH is a guaranteed death sentence. For He said: “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” They perish because they chose to ignore His Word, through all His Prophets and His Son, They have rejected YHWH and have rejected His Torah, and this ignorance is leading us to the Great Day of YHWH.

“And here is the endurance of the kind ones, that they obey the Commands of YHWH, and have a belief in YHWSHA Mashiach”. They obey the Torah, the Covenant, and they follow YHWSHA. To the End of their days and/or the End of Days.

“The Heaven and the Earth will pass away, but My Word will NEVER pass”. His Word includes both the Torah, and the renewed commands He spoke.

Shalom to the Remnant People

Achi Yared






YHWH is Waiting

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Shabath 12/28 E.C.

YHWH is Waiting


YHWH said;

“Even Yehudah I shall remove from My presence, as I have removed Yisra’el, and I shall

reject this city Yerushalayim which I have chosen, and the House of which I said, ‘My Name

is there.’ ”

This prophecy was fulfilled when the final blow of the axe, to the root of ‘Judaism’ (Matt 3:10 and Luke 3:9) came with the hammer that impaled Mashiach to a tree, murdering the Author of Life.

The Jews are still in denial of this fact, even after YHWH destroyed the Heykal in 70 CE and gave the Yahudah over to the ‘Full’ rule of Rome. And ever since Jews and Yisra’elites have suffered every curse of the Covenant and every prophecy of the Prophets of YHWH. And they, with the rest of the world have; as He said, so many times, through all of His Prophets; “…because they have rejected Me…” and “…they have rejected My Torah…” and “they have forsaken Me”. They have brought His Name to naught by replacing His Name for pagan deities, as He said “they have called Me by the Ba’als”. Ba’al (lord) and Gawd (god) who was a god of fortune (mammon).

They have replaced His Torah for their own man-made laws, the Talmud, or as the scribes translated what Mashiach said as ‘traditions’.

As He said, He would reject Yerushalayim and His House; Is not the temple mount in the hands of pagans and defiled by the existence of the ‘dome of the rock’? If YHWH had not rejected both the city and His House, they would not be there today. The world may think the god of the Jews and the god of Islam is the same, and they also include the gods of christianity as the same. But this is simply not true. All of them have left the Truth of YHWH, none of them call on His Name, none of them follow His Torah. We most certainly can complete Torah, for all the parts that we are responsible. What cannot be performed today is not the responsibility of the people, but is on the priesthood, the sons of Aharon. We can obey Him, which He has said is better than sacrifices or offerings. Obedience now is our sacrifice and offering to Him, to serve is better than gifts.

YHWSHA took the rights and the rule from Yahudah at His death and resurrecting He gave it to those who were of His flock/fold, the twelve Emissaries (just 12) and to those who followed Mashiach, completely, through the Emissaries of YHWSHA. The writings of Kepha, Ya’aqob, Yahudah and Yohanan keep us to the same teaching of Mashiach as He was/is The Teacher of Righteousness. We must not be swayed by a different gospel, that came from the teachings of men, for which we have been warned. If what you are being told, in writing or in word, if it brings in the practices of other nations and/or is not commanded by Him, it is not of Him. YHWH’s Torah forbids it and it cannot change, you will know that it is false if it does this.

YHWH has since used “a foolish nation”( Debarim 32:21 see below), a ‘people’, scattered through every ‘country’, who also forsook Him and His Torah, who claim: “the old law was nailed to the ‘cross’, which is yet another transgression of His 10 Words, taking for themselves, the monument to the pagan deity ‘Tammuz’, a sun-god of Babel. They gave Him a new name too! After the pagan goddess of healing; ‘Iosous’, of Phoenicia. Translated from the Latin into English as ‘jesus’, as Mashiach said; “I came in My Father’s Name (YHWH/YHWSHA), and you do not accept or believe Me, another will come in another name, him you will accept.”

“They made Me jealous by what is not Ěl, They provoked Me with their worthless matters.

But I make them jealous by those who are no people, I provoke them with a foolish nation.

YHWH having sent the promised strong delusion to those who choose to follow falseness and worthlessness. Having changed the teaching of Mashiach into the lie of ‘grace’ that is the same lie the ‘Serpent’ told Chauah (Eve) in the Garden, and brought sin into the world. The fall of man came with the words; “surely you will not die”, for disobeying YHWH, and that is ‘grace’, which christianity claims; “though you will remain a sinner for the rest of your life, you are saved by coming and bowing to this ‘cross’ and following this ‘carnal christianity’.

In reading the history of Yisra’el in Melakim (kings), what were the sins of the sovereigns and the people that kept them in subjection to other peoples and eventually rejected by YHWH altogether? And what are the practices of the so-called ‘christian nation’ we live in and all nations of christians? They worship other gods and practice the very same things as the people of the nations that YHWH put under the ban, to be annihilated. They (we) were told over and over again not to do these things, yet every xian ‘holiday’ is in fact, serving other gods, of every god of every people that has joined the catholic church, and was inherited by ‘her’ daughters the other denominations. They brought with them their ‘traditions’ that came from the worship of their gods. But they refuse to observe the Feast Days and Moedim of YHWH.

The church is as Menashsheh, and as Ephrayim, of which all forsook YHWH and His Torah. the church practices all the things that Sovereign Menashsheh did, setting up pillars to Ba’al, as the RCC has in front of the Vatican and many, many are constructed as monuments in cities and in graveyards all over this country, and they also serve the ‘cross’. They don’t just hop between two ‘opinions’ but have become as you call it, a ‘religion’, which is worship of the many sun-gods of the world. Re = Ra, the sun-god of Mitsrayim and ligions=legions or many thousands. There are many thousands of gods in the minds of men and they stem from the worship of the sun, the moon and all the host of the heavens.

2 Kepha 2:18-21

For speaking arrogant nonsense, they entice – through the lusts of the flesh, through indecencies – the ones who have indeed escaped from those living in delusion, promising them freedom, though themselves being slaves of corruption – for one is a slave to whatever overcomes him. For if, after they have escaped the defilements of the world through the knowledge of the Master and Saviour יהושע Messiah, they are again entangled in them and overcome, the latter end is worse for them than the first. For it would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than having known it, to turn from the set-apart command delivered unto them.


These words of brother Kepha are speaking to those who teach this ‘grace’ doctrine. The ‘Old Law’ (Torah) was NOT put away, it could not and cannot be done, PERIOD! Because Mashiach Himself said; “one jot or title shall by no means pass from the Torah, till heaven and earth disappear”. And He repeated this thought in a number of places and in a number of ways, making it plain, as it was written, The Torah of YHWH is a Law FOREVER, and it applies to all who come to YHWH/YHWSHA whether native born Yisra’el or a sojourner who joins himself to YHWH. Same Law for all.

The rest of the world are gentiles and the Prophets claim that YHWH destroys all the gentiles, if you are not joined to YHWH and the end comes, once it comes it is too late, you were not ready as He commanded us to be, at all times, because we would not know when. And the foolish maidens who were not ready, went to cleanse themselves because they remained in their sins believing they would have the opportunity to repent and call on the Name. But while they were busy seeking forgiveness for their rebellion, He came and gathered those who were ready, having the Ruach of YHWH/YHWSHA, and could see the time approaching, because He gave us the signs to be watching for, and the Ruach opens the eyes and ears to His Truth when you choose to follow Him ‘completely’. As did Yehoshua and Kaleb, and they entered the Promised Land.

It is for you to ‘choose’, the word chosen is not in the original, and the Greek reads; “Many are called, but few ‘elect’…” It does not say ‘are chosen’, as if to be just one of the lucky ones. To elect is to choose, if it said ‘were elected’ then it would be as it is written in your ‘bible’, and as the doctrine of the church states. But it doesn’t say elected but ‘elect’; your choice not someone else’s. And the Word of Mashiach proves this to be true, when He said that He would never turn away one that would come to Him and follow Him. They are those who know His voice, stay with Him, and are of the fold that no one can snatch from His hand, the few that have followed the narrow path and found the narrow gate, the ones who have endured insults and persecutions in Mashiach to the end. The end being the end of your life or at the End, whichever may apply. The ones who endured to the end of their lives are now asleep in Mashiach and will rise to be with Him. If we are still alive when the End comes, it will be those who have remained in His fold and ready and watching for Him that will be saved on that fateful day, and only those who have been true to Him (as the congregation of Philadelphia) will escape the Wrath of YHWH in the Distress.

And YHWH said: “Even Yehudah I shall remove from My presence, as I have removed Yisra’el, and I shall

reject this city Yerushalayim which I have chosen, and the House of which I said, ‘My Name is there.’ ”

This prophecy was fulfilled and is still in effect to this day. As are all the prophecies of all of YHWH’s Prophets. If you hear with the ears and see with the eyes the overall Revelation of the End of Days, it is obvious to look at the world today and see it happening, in every detail, chronologically. The fig tree is bringing forth both its leaves and its fruit, are you ready?

Another overall Truth from the Prophets was their Call to all of us to “Return to YHWH, and He will return to you”. It has to be; in that order!! PERIOD!!

But YHWH will again choose Yisra’el, and it will be YHWH who chooses them; in the same way YHWSHA chooses His maiden. As the result of us ‘circumcising our hearts’ to YHWH, as commanded in Torah, as He said the greatest command is to love YHWH with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, that is ‘circumcising your heart’. Because if you love Him, you know what He wants and you devote yourself to pleasing Him and that means obeying Him, “completely”. To love YHWH so much that you never do anything to hurt Him, which is impossible of ourselves, but when you choose Him, ‘completely’ He sends His Ruach to you and abides, as promised, and is your Power to live righteously.

YHWH is waiting!

Deb 30:1-4 “And it shall be, when all these words come upon you, the blessing and the curse which I have set before you, and you shall bring them back to your heart among all the gentiles where יהוה your Elohim drives you, and shall turn back to יהוה your Elohim and obey His voice, according to all that I command you today, with all your heart and with all your being, you and your children, then יהוה your Elohim shall turn back your captivity, and shall have compassion on you, and He shall turn back and gather you from all the peoples where יהוה your Elohim has scattered you. “If any of you are driven out to the farthest parts under the heavens, from there יהוה your Elohim does gather you, and from there He does take you.


YHWH taught Mosheh the ‘Song of Mosheh’, Debarim 32, and in turn Mosheh taught it to us, as a prophecy of these times we find ourselves. Not until Yisra’el remembers it with ears to hear and eyes to see, call on the Name YHWH and turns back to Him, completely, will He restore Yisra’el to Himself.

Deb 31:16-22 And יהוה said to Mosheh, “See, you are about to sleep with your fathers. And this people shall rise and whore after the mighty ones of the strangers of the land into the midst of which they shall enter, and forsake Me and break My covenant which I have made with them. “Then My displeasure shall burn against them in that day and I shall forsake them and hide My face from them, and they shall be consumed. And many evils and distresses shall come upon them, and it shall be said in that day, ‘Is it not because our Elohim is not in our midst that these evils have come upon us?’ “And I shall certainly hide My face in that day, because of all the evil which they have done, for they shall turn to other mighty ones.

“And now write down this song for yourselves, and teach it to the children of Yisra’ĕl. Put it in their mouths, so that this song is to Me for a witness against the children of Yisra’ĕl. “And I shall bring them to the land flowing with milk and honey, of which I swore to their fathers, and they shall eat and be satisfied and be fat, then they shall turn to other mighty ones, and they shall serve them, and scorn Me and break My covenant. “And it shall be, when many evils and distresses come upon them, that this song shall answer before them as a witness. For it is not to be forgotten in the mouths of their seed, for I know their thoughts which they are forming today, even before I bring them to the land of which I swore to give them.

And Mosheh wrote this song the same day, and taught it to the children of Yisra’ĕl.

The Renewed Covenant applies only to Yisra’el, when Mashiach returns and gathers His fold together, from the four-corners of the earth of all the tribes. Mashiach’s fold are already watching, standing ready, also waiting for Yahudah to open their eyes. They (the Jewish people) are actively crying out to the world to aide them in their poverty and suffering the hatred of all the nations around them. Even the U.S. is changing and turning against them, most of the world wants to see Yisra’el destroyed. Are we not at this time saying:

Is it not because our Elohim is not in our midst that these evils have come upon us?

Is YHWH with the Jews of today? To answer look to the Song of Mosheh, look to the Blessings and Curses, that are part of the Covenant Oath, which they broke and tore from top to bottom with that final axe blow. Nor is He with chistians or muslims or any other religion of the world, these are gods that arose from the minds of men, designer gods, they are not real. YHWH is the Only Elohim, the world belongs to Him and His Word is for anyone to know the Truth, it is the responsibility of every one of us to seek His Truth. We must escape from whatever it is that binds you and keeps you from His Presence. We can’t be ‘in’ Yisra’el at this time but we need to be ‘of’ Yisra’el before He comes.

Return to YHWH and He will dwell in you. This is His response to you circumcising your heart to Him, that is part of being reborn in Him, being immersed, first in water and His Name, then His Ruach, if you turn to Him, Completely!

Shabath Shalom,