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Posted on December 26, 2015 at 9:20 PM

I have been spending a lot of time in the Prophets and the Torah lately, in trying to understand the very heavy weight of the knowledge that nearly everyone around me is of; the walking dead. My heart is broken, because none ‘will’; accept instruction and turn to YHWSHA, who IS the ONLY Way to the Reign of YHWH. YHWH’s Prophets told us, the Remnant, would feel this sadness prior to the events of the Last Days. If that is what I am feeling, and the more time I spend hearing the prophecies concerning this time, the more I am convinced that the distress is coming.

We are commanded, many times, to seek to know YHWH. There is only one-way to do that, to read; with the eyes to see and the ears to hear, what He has said. Through His Word, which He spoke to Mosheh and His chosen children Abraham, Yitshaq, and Ya’aqob. And those that served Him in righteousness throughout the Scriptures. That means every word, not just a passage here and a promise there. It MUST be read from the beginning and through to the end. From the Torah we receive discernment to prove what is written is either true or false. Torah is the solid foundation of all truth, every truth MUST align with Torah or it is false. Any word that attempts to nullify any part of the Torah cannot be true. (Deb 13) and Matt 5:17-20; “not one jot or tittle will change from the torah, till heaven and earth disappear…” spoken by YHWHSA Himself. Through His words and with The Teacher of Righteousness, we come to ‘know’ YHWH.

You are not grafted into a tree or vine by simply hanging around it. Two cuts MUST be made. One cut in the rootstock, of the tree or vine, that opens when He calls you. And now it is up to you to choose to be one of His chosen. You must cut yourself at whatever part is tender and humble. Cutting off all the evil parts, purging the evil out of your being, circumcising your heart to YHWH. And then you plant or join yourself to the tree or vine (Yisra’el).

If you do this with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, as commanded, YHWSHA opens the Door or Gate and calls you His brother and His friend, and He abides in you, giving you The Teacher of Righteousness, His Ruach. When the Teacher of Righteousness is ‘in’ you, He keeps you clean. Without Him, you cannot see righteousness.

The time of the gentiles is near the end, they are thrusting the stick to YHWH’s nose! His every command is openly rebelled. Every word He has said NOT to do, they do, and every word He said to do, they refuse. Sodomy is rampant, in the world, in this country, and in the religions of the world, even those who claim to worship the ‘god’ of Abraham. LIARS!!

Sodomy is now the Law of the land in the U.S., declaring itself to be of Sodom and Amorah. What happened, as soon as it was revealed, the sin of Sodom? And again, as soon as it was revealed to Yisra’el, concerning the sin of Binyamin? Sodom was destroyed and Binyamin was all but wiped out, the seed of Binyamin was diminished forever.

The History of Yisra’el and the world, for that matter, keeps repeating itself, and the results and/or consequences are always the same. Exile! Being cast out of the presence of YHWH. YHWH does not act without warning!

His Prophets warned with no acknowledgement, repeatedly, but they refused to heed the warnings, they refused to turn to the Creator of Life. He sent many throughout both Yehudah and Yisra’el, but they hardened their hearts and claimed they had redemption even though they were stubborn and rebellious. So finally, as He said He would, He visited His people to try to bring them around for Himself, through His Word, that became Flesh, and was called ‘Son of Elohim’. He was called the ‘Son’ because He came through a woman, by His Ruach; the Mashiach IS the Ruach of YHWH. “And they shall look upon ME, whom they pierced”, said YHWH.

The Prophets spoke of our day too. To read, from Yeshayahu through Mal’aki, is like reading the World News Headlines of today’s current events. A wise man sees evil coming and prepares himself, those who do not, continue their ways to destruction, the ultimate Exile.

As in the days prior to the Exile of Yehudah, YHWH is raising the same people against the world, as He raised them up against Yisra’el. Against the world because, He, as Mashiach, invited all the Earth to enter His Covenant (Torah), and they refused, just as Yehudah did when they hung Him on a tree.

Those who are being raised to do His will, meaning these evil terrorists from Chaldea, Assyria, Babel, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, and Egypt, with Libya and all Saudi Arabia; they are being promised 70 virgins in paradise, but in truth, their rewards are prophesied in Yehezqel 32. YHWH will repay Babel again, as He did at the end of Yehudah’s exile. But this time with the finality of the written prophecies, as they were the Word of YHWH, and must be fulfilled. YHWH said He would render Babel completely uninhabitable for as long as this Earth exists. The difference being today, that Babel is not just a land mass, but the state of mind of ‘the world’, for all except those who have Heard the Call to COME OUT OF BABEL!! Escape!

The fullness of the transgressions of the gentiles. That is when the distress is to begin.

The world has done away with, not only the Torah as a whole, but they have looked at every command and rebelled against it, each, and every one. Is this not what ‘the fullness of transgressions’ means?

The Remnant of Yisra’el are still in exile, and will be scattered amongst the gentiles, of whom many are of the seed of Ephrayim, the Ten Tribes. Yisra’el who are, as prophesied, serving other mighty ones (gods and idols) both physical and in their hearts, in delusion (babel), which YHWH promised to all who have chosen to accept and follow false teachings, the teachings of man, rather than His Word. This ‘christian’ nation serves every pagan ‘god’ in Roman, Greek, Babelian and Mitsrite deity that existed when the ‘church’ was established. They all adorn the capital city of this ‘christian nation’, who now deny His existence, let alone His Authority. Every aspect of our government serves pagan gods. Liberty, justice, freedom, and the buildings they occupy are temples to the very ‘gods’ YHWH has said not to serve, and these are the governors of the land. Monuments to Ba’al and all the gods under him; sun-gods, moon-gods, gods of the host of the heavens. This your ‘god’; the reigning god of the Earth, for now is Ba’al, you call him ‘lord’. The world says; all roads lead to god. Well that is a true, absolute statement! Whatever name you call your god, ba’al does not care, he answers to any, and all, and all religions lead to him, because he is the mighty ones of the sun, he is universal (catholic) to all the nations, except the Remnant of YHWH. His purpose is to deceive you and take you away from the only Name that can save; “For there is but one Name under Heaven, by which we may be saved”, and redemption comes to those who are calling on His Name.

Ba’al’s time is short, the time of distress is coming nigh.

The tactics of the enemies of Yisra’el has always been; to enter, befriend and blend into the assembly. And then, from within, rise up in great numbers to destroy and conquer. They really believe that they can force someone into faith, that is ridiculous. Their moon-god cares nothing about the ‘heart’. YHWH wants you to come willingly, that is why your heart must change and desire what is right. Savage rape and terror is unacceptable to YHWH, and their rewards are sure, special places in Gehennah are reserved for them. By the way, Hamas means- violence, in Hebrew it is chamas.

There is only one explanation of why; such an evil, vile, and corrupt religion of jihadists, can today be the fastest growing religion of ‘the world’ (mammon). If evil is rising, it is YHWH who is executing it. The prophets, all of them, speak of these days as the End of Days.

In the ‘world’, a medium is exalted if ½ their predictions come true. Why won’t they pay any attention, at all, to those who are 100% right? And WHY does the world end? The Scriptures tell us, over and over again, in many words, in many ways; “Because they have forsaken YHWH and His Torah”

Still think the Law was done away with? YHWH said:

My people perish for lack of knowledge

They neglected to consider their later end.

My people do not understand, the REQUIREMENTS of YHWH.

His Word, read in full, is the only way to know Him. And understanding Him and ALL that He said; Blessings come only to those who enter, stay, and Obey! YHWH’s kindness is only to those who answer His Call to turn to Him. His Prophets Called the people but they refused. And they still do! There are many promises to pardon our crookedness. There are many more condemnations that those who are sinning, even of His people, will ‘perish’. There is only one way, that both of these repeated warnings and promises, can be equally true. It is those who have eyes to see and ears to hear His Call to Repentance. Through His Prophets and Through His Mashiach.

And DO, as Commanded;

Submit to YHWH.

The “Remnant Yisra’el” is called ‘Yisra’el’, because we too, have strived with evil, and overcome.

In All things, PRAISE YHWH

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Reply kefa
5:20 AM on December 27, 2015 
Indeed brother !!! In truth you have spoken ! may many ears hear I pray !!!!
Reply La'el Ra'ahShira
7:38 AM on December 28, 2015 
Praise, praise YHWH for His Truth you have sought
and shared!! La'ĕl
Reply Shimon
3:49 PM on March 2, 2016 
HalleluYaH Come out of her my people, I agree COME OUT OF BABEL, BUT we need to in every way, including our words and way we address YaH and His attributes, any and every thing to do with Avinu should be kodesh, and thats why I'm posting this information below, as so many people are still speaking pagan words and the names of pagan deities, for avinu's attributes sometimes Him directly.

Below is so information on the Germainic/norse bloedsian ritual, for your consideration.

Blood Ritual Bloedsian Blessing Blessed Bless
Among the Germanic tribes (such as the Anglo-Saxons and the Norsemen), blood was used during their sacrifices; the Blots. The blood was considered to have the power of its originator, and, after the butchering, the blood was sprinkled on the walls, on the statues of the gods, and on the participants themselves.
This act of sprinkling blood was called bloedsian in Old English, and the terminology was borrowed by the Roman Catholic Church becoming to bless and blessing. The Hittite word for blood, ishar was a cognate to words for "oath" and "bond", see Ishara. The Ancient Greeks believed that the blood of the gods, ichor, was a substance that was poisonous to mortals.
Segen is a German word translating to "blessing, benediction; charm; prayer; spell, incantation".
It is in origin a loan from Latin signum sīgnāre "to make a sign", viz. the Sign of the Cross used to confer a Christian blessing, The term is attested as Old High German seganōn from as early as c. AD 800, resulting in a modern segnen "to bless". The noun Segen "blessing" was derived from the verb at an early time, attested in the 9th century as segan. Old English That the corresponding sægnan, which survives as the dialectal (esp. Scottish) sain (popularized by Scott, Heart of Mid-Lothian "God sain us"). The concept of Segen, understood magically, was very productive in the folklore, folk religion and superstition of German-speaking Europe, studied in great detail by the German philologists and folklorists of the 19th century.
For protection The medieval church used the Segen (the sign of the cross with a spoken formula) liberally, intended as an act with protective effect, putting the person or thing blessed under the protection of God. Nor was the action reserved for priests or clerics, but any Christian was permitted to make the sign of the cross and invoke of God. Thus the Segen came to be seen as the inverse of the curse (Fluch), magical acts with the power to either protect or harm. The concept of Segen thus became the continuant of the incantation formulas of the pre-Christian period (the only surviving samples of which are the Merseburg Incantations).
Use of such formulas was partly encouraged by the Church, as they did superficially involve an expression of piety by the invocation of God, Christ or the Virgin Mary, but at the same time their magical use was viewed with scepticism and was sometimes repressed.[1]
Now Remember; Under That Pagan ritual word Bless, Bleesing, Blessed there is a clean Greek or even Hebrew Original word..
Never this Catholic word.

The original document is below as it also has links to it.

Shalom for now mishpachah.

I will post more information on other pagan words for those that don't already know, like (grace) (faith) (mercy) and (sophia=wisdom) for you all to consider if you think its right to associate them with Avinu YaH.
there are many other clean or cleaner words that are far better descriptions of YaH and His attributes, we have no excuse.