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Breastplate and the Priesthood

Posted on July 16, 2016 at 6:10 PM


I was reading Shemoth today last week, and as I began to read about the contributions and the making of the set-apart items of the Tabernacle, I began to reason within myself that I could skip over this part since there is no Heykel today and the priesthood is today non-existent on earth. But then, my reasoning turned to the words of Mashiach that I quote, probably more than any other; “Not one jot or tittle will change from the Torah, till Heaven and Earth disappear”. So I asked Him if there was something there that I had not seen before. YHWH soon showed me, once again, every word has significance in every age, there is a purpose for every bit of information He has given us. There is understanding of history and of His Son in the picture of the shoulder garment and Breastplate as YHWH speaks to Mosheh.

Take the shoulder garment, from the words draw a picture of the shoulder garment and the Breastplate and the Shoham stones. Now, if you know what a ‘yoke’ is and what it looks like, the two are too alike not to have meaning. As I look at the whole of the shoulder garment and breastplate I see all the names of all 12 tribes, twice, and the Shoham stones that signified YHWH’s answers, of guilt or innocence, forgiveness or condemnation.

Aharon, and every high priest that would follow him, were given the burden and the responsibility of all Yisra’el, all 12 tribes, and every person therein, of YHWH’s people. Why is there no priesthood today? Because no ‘human’ man could bear the burden hanging from that yoke that YHWH had put on them 3500 years ago.

That was the burden that YHWSHA was laden with on the night He was arrested. He was carrying, as our high priest, not only the sins of Yisra’el but also, all the sins of those who had, have and will come to Him, laying all their ‘past’ sins on Him. If what was written in the Besorah is true, no wonder He was sweating blood!

But the priesthood, like any other ‘entity’ on Earth, had few who really understood and took the responsibility of the office. They never felt the responsibility, and therefore simply ignored the burden. They were supposed to be the leaders of Yisra’el. But only a few, later referred to as the sons of Tsadoq, stayed true to YHWH and His Torah.

The high priest was to be a permanent office of changing ‘righteous’ men, as if Mosheh could be copied over and over. It, like the Torah would be unchanging. As YHWH had commanded, nothing added, nothing taken away. But long before Mashiach came to visit His people, the true Sons of Tsadoq had left Yerushalayim and became known as the Essenes of Qumran, who kept the Truth and the Torah and the righteous writings, much of which we are deprived today. Destroyed by man, time and then the Roman Catholic church.

The ‘road to destruction’ has become a vast super highway that spans the earth in every direction, but the path to the ‘narrow gate’ has remained; one way and one person wide, since the Mashiach said those words.

Why is that? Was He not speaking of the end of days when He said: “…and only a few will find it”? Not only will it be; that it is Yisra’el that is saved, but only those who are obeying the words of Mashiach and are following Him, who is the One leading the narrow path and whom stands as the Gatekeeper of that narrow gate. As He said; My brothers and sisters and mother, are those doing the will of the Father. His brothers and sisters and mother, are all the house of Yisra’el, born from the seed of Ya’aqob and all who have entered His Covenant from any and all nations, all have equal rights and inherit the same. Mashiach was not of the ‘seed’ of Yahudah, though He was considered so, ‘by law’, as adoption into the house of Yoseph the husband of Miryam. The earthly seed He received from His mother, the Ruach as the donor is of YHWH, and therefore He ‘was’ ‘the Ruach of YHWH’, which is the true definition of Mashiach. ‘anointed’ is the whitewashed version, it is just another word for chosen. We are all chosen (invited), the ‘chosen ones’ are those who choose to follow YHWSHA Mashiach, on His narrow path. Hard pressed as it is in this modern world to walk uprightly as He commanded us, it is those who endure, obeying the commands of YHWH/YHWSHA, to the end, who are saved and will live and reign with Him after the wrath of YHWH is done.

Yisra’el chose a secular sovereign over what YHWH had designed in the priesthood, not so much because the other nations had sovereigns, but that they had no leadership and wanted something, anything to lead them. Sheep do not fend for themselves in the wilderness, they are eaten up by every predator out there. They know they need a shepherd. The House of Yisra’el was not giving them leadership, they were just taking in the sin taxes and running the house down. It consistently took others to be willing to be used by YHWH for His purpose. Those who rose up to lead were from various tribes, the Prophets of YHWH too were mostly just men who hated what they saw in Yisra’el speaking from their hearts, that are ‘to YHWH’. YHWH spoke to their hearts and they spoke to the people, whether they listened or not, being laughed at and sneered and abused and even murdered, because they pointed out the errors of those who were supposed to be brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers and leaders.

Today we have come to it being unlawful to be a prophet, a prophet being one who rebukes the wrong, for their wrong. The ‘works’ we see them do. Sounding like a Prophet of YHWH is what every ‘preacher’ of today should be. But instead they spread the original lie! Pulling the people to the pit of hell, from their ‘pullpit’. Teaching that the ‘grace of g-o-d’ will redeem them, though they continue to sin, and will until they die.

Bereshith 3:15; but first: When YHWH breathed the life into Adam, Adam received His Ruach, which is the true ‘breath of life’. The Torah of YHWH is in His Ruach and when we receive His ‘true’ Ruach, we know Him, and it is His Ruach that brings us to understanding, not in one day, we could not handle it, but what I am saying is that Adam had the Torah of YHWH in his heart and mind, as it will be once again when sin is removed from existence.

So, knowing all the commands of YHWH, Adam is given one ‘additional’ command, and a command is a ‘law’. Sin is; the transgression of the law, or of any command of YHWH. Now, the serpent is about to entice Adam’s wife, and ‘reasons’ with her to disobey a command, to accomplish her desire to taste the fruit and gain the knowledge of things we were not to know.

So, when satan said; “Surely you will not die,,,” he is not about to mention the word ‘sin’, because she might think about that, so he leaves out “,,,for your sin,,,” and aims at her desire instead and entices her with knowing all that satan would share with her.

So, the church saying we are saved by grace though you remain a sinner, they are teaching the same lie; “Surely you will not die ‘for your sin(s)’.”

Now, if the Book of Ibrim is correct, and it mostly is, we continue to add to the burden that Mashiach has to bear with every transgression among those who are His. All of us have been in situations where the righteous are punished with the wrong, and we find it totally unfair and that it is not right. Nor is it right for us to lay on Him our unrighteousness. If you had a friend, assuming you too are a true friend, would you sin, knowing your friend would be punished every time you sin, every sin being seen and no-way to escape the punishment? Would a true friend do that? Are we not called His friend, if we are abiding in Him? Who among us are impaling Him all over again, and again…

If we say we are of His flock and continue to impale Him over and over again, are we not of those whom He said: “they worship Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me.”? Even using the correct terms, if they come saying; “Master, Master…” they will find no mercy, for they insult Him more than those who rejected Him to begin with. That is why He said; ‘It would have been better that they did not know the truth, but that to know the truth and not obey it.’ If you choose ignorance and do not seek the truth, you will perish, but if you seek the truth, find it, and continue to sin, you blaspheme Him. And you blaspheme His Ruach at the same time, as you impale YHWSHA, with your own hammer!!

As our Righteous High Priest, who lives, and has since the day He rose from the dead and also lived from before time, space and matter, is in Heaven, is now, to those of His flock, our Sovereign, as YHWH planned it.

The ‘End of Days’ comes ‘at the end of the ‘the time of the gentiles’. And when the Truth of Mashiach had reached all the nations. The Scriptures are written in every language and if it is not spoken in a culture or nation, it is because it has been rejected. Everyone on earth has had the opportunity to learn His truth, most reject it. If you know the truth, you are responsible for it, so ‘ignorance is bliss’, so-they-say; is a lie!!. A judge on Earth would not accept your ignorance of the law, and The Judge of all will not, can-not, because that would not be right-ruling, to declare the wrong right. And YHWH, in His Own words and in His Torah, said; “I do not declare the wrong right.” It is also written that the Mashiach would NOT forgive the wrong of their transgressions. When we turn to Him and REPENT as He commanded, we are changed, from the wrong, having our sins paid for and forgiven by His blood sacrifice. A sinner is only a sinner as long as he is sinning. Those of YHWSHA’s flock are not the same creature that they were, and they do not sin, because the Ruach is right there to point us in the right way, His way, and we know His voice and we follow Him. If He says do not go there, we stop, PERIOD! There is no ‘attitude’ or grumbling, He is Truth, He is Trust and those who love Him believe His every Word and trust He knows the outcome and provides an escape, always.

Is ‘the time of the gentiles’ coming to an end, when it is unlawful to speak the truth? The truth; that every Word of the Torah has been breached by the entire world. Every command He said not to do, they do, and every word He said to do, they refuse to do. If we are not in the time, when 'evil is good and good is evil', then I am living a nightmare. It is written in His Word in many places and many ways, that the reason that the ‘End of Days’ comes is that ‘they have rejected the Torah and they rejected YHWH’. They have chosen to go and follow all the gentiles ‘g-o-d’s’, and even refuse to speak His Name but give reverence to every pagan deity there is, every day of their lives. They have done what He commanded us not to do, speak the names of pagan mighty ones, the idols that came from the minds of men, and what their hands created. They have learned the ways of the nations and accepted their practices and adopted and observed and even performed what came from the worship of pagan idols.

The ‘world’ has come to believe that all roads lead to ‘g-o-d’, and while every lie must contain some truth to be made believable, no ‘truth’ may contain a lie.

It is true, ‘all roads, (except one) lead to the one you call ‘god’. The lie is in; to whom you call ‘god’. ‘god’ is a generic term covering every god of every nation on Earth. Many nations have many, many, even in the thousands, of gods. There are books of all the names of ‘god’, it seems it does not matter what you call him, anything will do. Some nations even change ‘gods’ but keep the name that they called the previous god, such as ‘Allah’, he used to be a moon god but now is the same ‘god’ as the ‘god’ of Abraham. There’s a lie! The ‘god’ that Islam follows is not the same as Abraham, but neither is the ‘god’ of Christianity, or the ‘god’ of Judaism, or of any other religion. We are called to come out of ‘religion’. Following YHWH is not a ‘religion’ it is our Way of Life. Religions are practiced at certain times and the rest of the time is spent in the ‘world’. A ‘Faith’ and Trust in YHWH cannot be separated from any other part of our life, it is 24/7, all year, every year. Anything done is done with faith as our guide, it cannot be separated from us.

Religions preach tolerance and unity with other religions. Even churchianity, who ‘say’ they follow the ‘god’ of Israel. But the one they follow is unrecognizable from the Elohim of the Torah, of Abraham, Yitshaq, and Ya’aqob, as is the one they call Allah.

Truth is, there is not one single suggestion of such in the Word of YHWH. The Highway to anarchy is named; “Tolerance”. Tolerance is precisely why we are in the moral climate we find ourselves. Tolerance goes against the Torah that states to purge evil out of the congregation. Yisra’el became guilty of this no sooner than they entered the promised land.

And the Truth is; there is only one Name, under the heavens, by which we may be saved. And not one ‘religion’ on Earth is calling on Him. But, just using His Name is not enough. We must be doing what He said to do. And doing what He said not to do will lead you on that major highway too.

If you want to know what “Freedom” is; Seek YHWH and obey Him!

It says that the sins of the world are laid on Mashiach, and that has both truth and misconception. He only took on the sins of those who answered the invitation He provided the whole world. Those who did not turn, He leaves to their own punishment. It is for the repentant that He pays the ‘death’ penalty for, not the whole world. He did not even pray for those who chose to stay in the world, he prayed and died for those of His flock, taking their punishment, out of compassion, because Yisra’el had no shepherd, they were guilty, but by ignorance, because the Torah had been rejected for the Talmud the Jews drafted on their own.

He spoke of those who had the opportunity to follow Him and did not. He called them ‘the dead’. When he told a taught one to let the dead, bury the dead. If anyone is not following Mashiach and of His flock, they are the real ‘walking dead’.

YHWSHA did however take all the sins of Yisra’el, all who had entered the Oath of the Covenant, many caused by the centuries of His earthly father’s fathers. Yoseph was of the royal line that had been cut off at the time of the exile. YHWH took the secular sovereigns away from Yahudah at the time of the exile. We really only get a very small portion of the guilt of Yisra’el, only a small fraction was written in the Scriptures.

Since Yahudah, murdered the Author of Life 1,985 years ago. How many of us have come to know the Truth and repented and follow Him, only after having followed the lies and worthlessnesses that we had inherited from our christian fathers? How much sin did we add to His burden having believed in the lie of ‘grace’? A common christian attitude is; ‘it is easier to seek forgiveness than ask permission’. This is their belief in ‘grace’; that all ‘will be’ forgiven them, past, present and future sins. Each adding to the burden which YHWSHA Mashiach must bear.

YHWSHA Mashiach is our High Priest and He is wearing the shoulder garment. A Yoke bearing unsurmountable sins and weight.

If His true Word can no longer be spoken, except to those who seek it, has His Word not reached its goal? All nations that ‘will’ hear it, have, and those that refuse it, you can’t make them drink.

The only Way to the Father is met at the gate, and through that Gatekeeper, entrance is either permitted or denied. He will not permit sin to enter His Realm. One sin spoiled the world, one sin kept Mosheh out of the promised land. With one sin Dawid feared losing the Ruach of YHWH. There are sins that lead to death and sins that do not lead to death, the set-apart ones, the kind ones, the righteous and the chosen do not sin sins of death, as the true emissaries of YHWSHA taught us, we are incapable of sinning a sin that leads to death, this is how we know we are of Him. It is His Ruach in us that keeps us on that straight, and narrow path, walking behind us keeping us from turning off the path. If one who has the Ruach in them sins a sin of death the Ruach would leave them, at the precise second, millisecond, that the decision came to sin, even before the sin. The Ruach will not remain in the presence of evil, evil comes with the thoughts, and there is a time between your decision to sin and the sin itself, in that timeframe, He is gone.

I can witness to this myself, even sins that do not lead to death can be enough for Him to dismiss Himself from our presence for a time. I have to confess, it happened to me just a couple of weeks ago. As some of you know, I am a gardener/landscaper at an RV Park in Northern California, 13 miles inland from the ocean in Humboldt Co. Most (well, all except myself), are seasonal ‘work campers’, even the managers are usually only here for a season. We have a new manager couple, and the language of ‘his’ mouth is pretty foul. I always make it clear at the meeting of new staff, or anyone I will be around, that I will not stay where that kind of language is used, and that I will just turn and walk away from it.

But are we not also told to serve the unjust leaders, as well as the righteous? That could be an argument for another day.

We had a circular cluster of willow tree mixed with some of the best, and biggest blackberries I have ever had. It was near the corner of the neighbor’s 1 year old fence. When willow gets old it starts falling down, branch by branch, and from one big trunk, the tree branched out low to the ground in all directions. At any rate the thing started coming down. So I spent all day one day removing, with a very heavy heart, all those ripening and delicious fruits. The next morning by 10am, I had the tree ready to come down, but the lean was to the neighbor’s property. So I threw a line to the top and hooked up a rope and chain and put tension on the tree to fall the way we (I) wanted it. So this new manager came out to help. HELP??? NO! He took over! All I needed was someone in my truck to pull as I cut the final cut to bring the tree down. I have my saw, a Stihl 391 with a 24” bar, and with this chainsaw I have fallen at least 30 trees in this park, all without a scratch to person or property, he comes with a tiny little chainsaw with a 12” bar. When it was ‘decided’ that he would cut and I would pull, he could not handle my chainsaw so he went with his, I had the tree ready to come down, but he decided to take every branch that he could reach before taking it down, and taking 5 minutes to explain every cut both before and after each branch that he cut. Now, mind you, this starts at about 10am.

In the first place, he was ‘very angry’ that I was working on that project, because he had started it the week before, but it was not being taken care of as it should be, due to liabilities. So when the owner came by and saw what was ‘not’ being done, he asked me to make it my priority. And because of that, this new manager came cursing and swearing, YELLING obscenities. I am an x Marine, and I have never sounded like that. I tried to attribute it to his PTSD, and have compassion for those who suffer from this disorder, as I also do.

But, how does one just walk away from ‘the boss’ when and because we are uncomfortable. I could feel the Ruach pulling me, but I also kept thinking that we are to serve regardless of their righteousness, or lack thereof. Well, after about the 2nd or 3rd, full outside voice, declaration of the f word so that all 20 acres of property and many of our neighbors could hear it. I wanted so badly to leave, but felt as though I could not, out of respect for his position. When the tree finally hit the ground, at 3:30 in the afternoon, my priority was accomplished, and as soon as the tree was down, I disconnected the rope and chain and left the scene, without a word to him. I look forward to this ‘season’ to be over, and I am pretty sure that this manager couple will not be asked to stay another season. At least that is my prayer.

Maybe ‘I’ was bound to stay, but the Ruach was not, He left me, I felt Him go! And He did not return until after I had bathed, put clean garments on and the sun had set. I ‘felt’ Him return, and I praised YHWH that He came back. It was proof, once again, that His Word is true, He will not remain in the presence of evil. He would not or could not stay, but He also showed His compassion for me, in that He returned, when we do as YHWH asks.

 I guess there are times when we must become unclean, by our own actions or by others, but YHWH shows His compassion in the allowance of the cleansing He established. We become guilty, by association of the wicked, but He does not hold the sins of another against us, IF we cleanse ourselves according to His will. YHWH is SO Yahsome!

O that I would never have to spend another minute without Him, I did NOT like those 9 hours of a day without His protection. At least that is how it felt. I know He was still watching and protecting but I felt like a target that had been covered but then it’s covering was removed and the shooters could take aim.

In a way, I was carrying the burden of this manager’s sin, and I was vexed and weak and felt broken, I cannot even begin to comprehend what Mashiach was feeling, carrying all the sins of man. The burden He puts on us, when we obey Him are so light you do not even feel the Yoke that is there, He is taking all the weight from your burden, and my burden, and all those that follow Him.

Proof that cannot be seen, it must be experienced.

PRAISE YHWH !! Shabath Shalom

Brother Yared

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Reply kefa
11:26 PM on July 16, 2016 
Indeed dear brother !! Praise YHWH for HIS love and mercy, for though HE might pull back from us for the moment , HE is faithfull to pour back upon us HIS loving presence when we are right and clean before HIM ! O YHWH be not be mad at us forever, but remember your everlasting loving kindness , pull not your Ruach from us , but cleanse us of all uncleaness and unrightiousness in our weak flesh, but look upon our hearts and show us our faults before you , and restore in us a pure heart and give unto us your Ruach Ha Qodesh . much shalom to all the brotheren !