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Idols and Exile

Posted on July 23, 2016 at 9:45 PM


I just realized, it has only been a month, it seems so much longer.

I’d like to witness to how easy it can be to set up idols without even knowing it, happening over time, in this case, with every little part being done while thinking upon His Name, and feeling as though His hand is on all that we are doing. Then only to be led by YHWH to see the outcome of your labor and discover you..I, have, in fact had made an altar. I had not been rebuked by Him the whole three years I was doing what I was doing. But before it was completed, which would have continued for as long as I lived here, He found a way to open my eyes to see what I had made.

My position here is a verbal oath between the owner and myself. No signatures, no written anything. Just the oath of my mouth. When I approached him with my offer, to stay following a change of management, it is an agreement, I doubt I could ever find again. I would continue in the capacity of gardener, grounds keeper, for the required 20 hours of work per week, and in letting me work, more or less, behind the scenes, no longer cleaning bathrooms, and dealing with the guests, or working on Shabath, which had previously been in place; in return he, the owner, would benefit by a great many hours of free labor.

I am going to work 6 days a week and rest on Shabath. I take the 6th day to clean house and prepare for Shabath, but the remainder of my hours, beyond the twenty required, as I love to garden, it is not work, it is play. It’s my days off, I get to do what I choose to do, over the normal, grounds keeping chores.

Agreed, and that has been my standing for the past two and a half years.

The owners of this park bought another park about 60 miles north of here, what a beautiful place! And the owner/manager from here moved up there to run that park and brought in new managers. That was just four weeks ago, still seems so very much longer.

When, and I will call him Yehoshua, the previous owner/manager, and later explain how and why I call him that. Some coincidences, give cause to question even that word, when he came here two and a half years ago, this park was rule less; oh it did have written on the agreement that everyone signed, but the only rule that was ever enforced, was the quiet time rule of 10pm. At 10:01, she sent her slave live-in servant-man. Around to make all noise stop. Because, she hates noise. There was so much evil here, I had my doubts and was feeling a pull to escape then, when the management changed, a few days after, she tried to fire me, because I pointed out just some of her evil, I had never done anything like that before with anyone, and it was like my mouth had been taken over, when she began to push her Satanism on me, calling me to the office where I had said I would not enter, as long as the holloween decorations were there. He, her man-slave, gave me a month’s rent as like a severance, for all the extra hours I had put in, a few days later, they were out, and I was asked to stay. Anyway

New manager arrives 3 months later, in the interim, I go in and collect the payment envelops and make a deposit every few days, other than that, have a good month off, and then continue as it has been. But no longer do I have to clean the bathrooms, YEAH! Praise Yah!! There are parts of a man cleaning a women’s bathroom that seem to go against His Torah concerning a man being defiled by her uncleanness for those days of the month. Anyway

Yehoshua, is now in charge, and he is very aware of the condition and the need to get rid of the clientele that is killing this park. He came to me and asked what I had observed that I thought needed changed. I said, ‘enforce the rules’. So he established a whole new set of rules designed for the specific problems that we saw causing damage and the chaos that existed. The results began to show immediately. And 2½ years later, the old clientele, that had left during the rule less years, returned and the band-aid fixes for years, being rightly repaired. Up-graded every function of the park and their income, property values and campground ratings rose every year. The state extended grants for many benefits from the California Conservation Corps. Everything that Yehoshua did, improved and prospered, (even though he still calls to the wrong name. They, he and his family are strong christians, and it may take until the wrath begins, but they will know where to turn for the truth, when faced with that final push to whichever side of the fence they are to choose. Of any of the christians I have witnessed to, he has shown more promise and been more excepting of the truth than any I have spoken with. One of the few that has not rejected the truth, yet is still under the delusion that has been taught, indoctrinated into believing. Anyway

So, four weeks ago, Yehoshua and his family leave, and hand the reigns to this new couple. Along with them, a whole new summer season crew. I see absolutely no evidence at all that any one of them has even read those rules. Anyone who is on staff here, is to be aware of what is going on and have the authority, to enforce rules. Some are hesitant, and that’s OK, but report it to the manager, and let them deal with it. I am now, the only one who does enforce them and it has become a total waste of time and effort and I don’t want the frustrations of dealing with the people of the ‘world’, which is why I live so remotely. I can no longer stay behind the scene, the damage, the deliberate and the careless, damage is on the grounds and all the work I do, they cut irrigation lines, and pull them up. Use sticks to swipe at the flowers and let their dogs do their business where ever they are. I, while weed eating often find those piles only when I hit them with the weed eater and it hits me in the face and covers my clothes. I am tired of dropping the tool, still running, and run to the shower.

I am a Viet Nam vet with PTSD, I am aware of everything around me, I have lost ½ my hearing to the war ‘they’ refuse to call a ‘war’. So, if something comes up from behind me, I cannot hear and I fear, in a way what possibilities could play out. I don’t know how many times I have jumped out of my skin when approached from out of sight. If it ever came in a threatening way, well, I am an ex-marine. In the wrong setting I can, and have, found myself for a flash, in that jungle, in a fighting mode. That is the ‘hypervigilance’ of PTSD, a trigger can cause you to react as if the event was in play at that moment. Stress puts ‘exponents’ on hypervigilance, and the stress was increasing exponentially too. I was spending more than half my day, repairing careless, and malicious damage. Having completed projects only to have them torn up, by guests who simply want to make sure that every dollar they paid is used up. The new managers fail to see the cost of that, it doesn’t cost them, except whatever parts, and he is a shop-aholic, so compulsive and thrilled to be shopping, he doesn’t care, it’s not his money.

We had a bad problem with local thieves, got so bad Yehoshua and I installed gates and they were locked at night. He had no problem telling the guests they had to be in the gate by ten, or wait till morning, the gate opens at 7. For a year we had no events. The shopaholic, went and bought a new Stihl weed and brush cutter, one of the big ones. On one occasion, I went to open the shed, just a few days since he bought it, and found it laying outside the shed. I told him about it, as I had told him about the thieves and the reason for the gates and that the gates be kept locked, because the rule was working. They had changed the policy on the gate, and let late arrivals open the ‘outgoing’ gate, as though that was going to fool the cockroaches that are out at night, watching for the opportunity.

It was less than a week later, when he comes and says; “do you have the new weed-eater down here?” I said “NO”. he said; “Well, I sure wish I had believed you when you told me about the thieves.”

Signs I had not acknowledged as yet, were happening. The park had been put on the market nearly a year earlier, suddenly there is an interested buyer. ‘Yehoshua’ had been offering me a place at the other park, and every time I saw him he would ask again. The issue had been left that I always had a place to come, if and when I wanted.

As I said I don’t work, I play in the garden, when I am in play, I am speaking, I mean mouthing the words I believe are coming from where He resides, in my heart, not heard, but felt, sudden understanding, the pearls we are to look for. Two weeks in, the thrill is gone. Why bother to even go out to look, I am entertaining them, as I notice the vandalism. But the work has to be done, and I spoke words that become our oath when they depart our mouths.

I got up one morning last week, having decided to take the day to fill out some paperwork for the Veteran’s Admin. That is getting close to being due, and it is the hardest thing, and the very thing I have avoided for the 45 years since Viet Nam. I knew I was broken, but I was a marine, and the son of my dad, who loathed the need for any kind of counseling, that is phsycho-babble.

They require details of the events that caused the ‘condition’. By experience, I have seen a resemblance of the main one of many, and the memory coming back, put a stop to an already hindered and damaged life. Fearing the stirring of, and purposely trying to remember, another, like the earlier one could truly be even more devastating. I have avoided the counseling that has been available, because I had attended a session, and they made them live through, again and again every detail. This followed that first flash-back. If I had a fear above all, except the fear of YHWH, and pertaining to this life in this body, it would be to lose the ability to keep seeking YHWH’s face, due to a dis-functioning mind and memory. Anyway

I guess I have a habit, to take a cup of coffee and go out and walk the property, and without thinking to avoid that for the day, I did not get 50 yards before I found where someone had pulled out three, in a row, drip emitters and their tubes from the feeder hose. As I walked back to get the tools and parts, I find a spot of exposed tubing to one of the plants, that had been buried, cut, with a tool. So much for having the calm level-headedness, I had prepared myself for the day, asking for direction from Him. I believe now, He set a new plan in action.

This is the time that all the fruits we have on the property are in full ripeness and producing the best and sweetest blackberries and the fig tree, that I have learned so much Scripture from, are the biggest and best in the three years I have been here. They were all good last year, and I started every day with His food, I ate from every food tree and fruit here. This year, even before all this started, I have had little interest, in the fruit, other than to tell guests where the good ones are. I might grab a berry or two if I notice them while working, ‘working’. I hardly go to the fig tree, some of the other fruits we have planted are a few years from my being able to eat. They produced now, three seasons.

I have poured myself into the landscaping and until now felt so vested in it, I couldn’t think to leave and take that position at “Emerald Forest”, the newly acquired park. It was that connection, but I had other connections that I had, not yet, but was now seeing. The environment that existed here before, allowed me to walk with YHWH, without the usual reactions of xians who only see you as a ‘legalist’, and therefore, a ‘heretic’, as prescribed by the RCC.

This vandalism had followed a number of days of careless damage and malicious damage. The old clientele, had been informed, through their announcement of new management on the web-site. Those whom Yehoshua and two years of work had, rooted out. They were mad when they could not come back, having their names tagged. It was their park and new managers had ruined it.


I might on my way out, besides stopping to kick the dust off my feet. Oops! I got ahead of myself, make a new sign to put up at the entrance; “Do what thou whilst”, that is the manager’s style.

I’m not harsh, I am not mean, but I am and wear it, a ‘salty’ man, as He commanded. A ‘salty man’ works for perfection and assumes the same for those under him. The salt of ‘the world’ has become tasteless, no one can rebuke another, it is becoming unlawful, to correct someone for what you see them do. You are a judge. Is that what it says? The difference between the words ‘judge’ and ‘witness’, have become confused, even fused together. If you witness someone break the law, and go to him, rather than the authorities, to maybe teach him something, help his ignorance, to help him, maybe save him some jail time. Cause a ‘Judge’ does not accept ignorance as an excuse. Because ignorance is the active pursuance of remaining ignorant, especially pertaining to the law. And so much more with YHWH’s Law, the Torah. The psychobabblers of children nurturing, have defiled YHWH’s commands concerning the raising of the child. The children are left without discipline, they work now for rewards, with no consequences for their actions of disrespect, for their parents, any authority and themselves. Today, being ‘salty’ is totally unacceptable.

Okay, hopefully, this one last paragraph ‘bit’, and I witness to His presence, His protection, His rebuke, His forgiveness, His guidance. And the most cleansing day I have experienced since the day I was reborn.

That morning with the coffee, changed the plans for the day. I needed to sit down, get grounded and change the mood. I went in and got The Scriptures, went and sat in my little rock garden I had created for myself. And started reading, it seemed like I was calming down, and then, I look up, and just as I did, a 10 or 12-year-old kid runs right over one of the new Redwood trees I had planted. It bent all the way to the ground. Tired of just saying; “Hey, don’t do that” as they speed away. I said; ‘if you break the trees, I ‘ought’ to break your arm’. The only intent was to give him a point of comparison, that it injures the tree.

The child’s mother or grand-mother, came charging over saying that I said I was going to break his arm. Screaming “the kids were just trying to have some fun”, I said ‘their fun shouldn’t include damage to the park’. When she continued, I told her to take it to the office. A few minutes roll by and I see the managers, both of them, going to talk to them. Then he, comes around the corner of my truck, and I looked up and it just poured out; “Don’t even start with me….”, I had the sense not to finish the statement, and we exchanged the story he had gotten and I stated my case. Had I finished the statement to him; I would have concluded the whole conversation with; you, one who cannot control his own tongue and words, is not going to lecture me. He has the foulest mouth and yells obscenities at the top of his voice while stomping on the ground, and he has no control over his very short temper. Had his wife come to talk to me, we would have sat down and had a chat, the whole thing may have just blown over. But that is not what He planned, I needed an escape. Since the day they arrived I don’t know how many times I have heard both of them say; “they hear what they want to hear, referring to every miscommunication they create, with staff and guests, we have all witnessed it. They heard the lady’s side and even knowing who I am, did not give me the benefit of the doubt, but catered to, a guest that of those Yehoshua would not have asked back. We do not want vandals here.

That was it for two days, but every time I saw them, when they saw me, they turned their back to me, both of them. Night before last, Yehoshua knocks on my door and we sit down and go through the whole scenario. His opinion was that we are not in the place to try to teach what parents either do not or are no longer socially allowed to teach. I was just trying to protect the property, his property.

He said; do you want to come up to Emerald Forest, come up to rejoin the family. YHWH’s Escape! All the reluctance to let go of what had been accomplished here, in an instant, gone. As we talked about the move and what from here I should bring, all my nursery, and now you can check, at some minute in the hour of 4 in the afternoon, as we sat there, an earthquake shook us for about ten seconds. We talked about the first experiences with an earthquake, I had not felt one for a whole bunch of years, now here in this moment, too many coincidences.

Instead of being let go, which is what all other parties wanted, I am going to where I can live as uprightly as I can, unaffected by the evil of where I am leaving, just in a new location. I have a reserved space for next 5th day. as he was heading to leave, I asked him how he wanted me to leave this site. As I found it or with the landscape left or as I had agreed to take it all up and leave the site as it was. Let’s restore it, I said okay.

When I turned to look at it, I thought this is like asking an artist to literally remove stroke by stroke the painting he had worked on, always leaving it unfinished, to spread through the whole park, if I had the time, eventually getting to all 80 sites. Well, tomorrow I will do what I had promised, no matter how hard it might be. You never know until that moment when you have to take that first swipe with a digging claw to loosen and pile all the rocks, to be shoveled and hauled away. Oh the pain of that anticipation.

YHWH is opening my eyes, before I take that first swipe the next morning, preparation day, yesterday. I had already started cleaning the house so most of that was done for Shabath. I could spend till 2 working outside, to get ready to leave here. It will take every bit of this next week to be ready to pull out of here.

One last look before the demolition begins, should I take pictures? Before and after? I already had some recent, pics on my camera. I’ll take some shots at intervals. I stand back and what do I see, that I had created, having said a number of times in the process of building it, this is not an altar, it is only a rock garden that surrounds a few trees in my yard. This is not an altar; this is not an altar. I looked up and saw an altar, with His Name carved in wood, a gift from the first ‘evil’ mangers, a fact that had escaped me until this moment, and it was ‘hanging in a tree’, above this rock garden that had some solid stumps that I use for plant stands and other things. On the stump, where I had set it, in my mind Not as an Offering, a fig, one of three I had brought in a few days before, just a gesture, of giving the best of that day’s pick, and left it outside, not thinking about where. I had set a few out there a week or so before, there were three in a bowl. After that fruit had sat there for 4 days, it was still full and unwithered, that caught my attention and I watched, it was in the sixth day they had sat there that there was any wrinkle on them. I had to think, maybe He was showing me a blessing by keeping it fresh, longer. So a few days later I set the best of the three I brought in, and I thought it was a perfect fruit without flaws. It sure is a good thing that He knows our hearts and our intentions.

In the mean time I am reading and eating so much concerning the idols and the errors of all who set them and the later end for them. Still suffering pain and crying out to Him asking why His promise of healing has not come, do I have enough faith? What are my errors that I cannot see, that I still need to change? This is why He has me studying what I am. He is setting me up for what change is necessary. First thing, escape from here, break the ties that hold, or have been holding me here. With claw in hand I went non-stop until every rock had been turned over and piled up, every piece of wood was being burned and or discarded. The alarm went off at 2:00, I have to go in, I put clean bedding on the bed. What else do I need to do for prep.? Not that much! I’ll go back out till 3. Tearing all that out gave new understanding to what Yirmeyahu might have seen as he saw the Heykel being destroyed, to break the connection, and in a way, comfort the people who He was exiling. If the Heykel did not exist any longer they would not be connected to the idols that had been brought into His House, and the Heykel, now vacant of His Presence, would become just another empty idol in itself.

I kept trying to go in and start my dinner, and finish the dishes, I had started and walked away from. I was eager to finish wiping out and erasing it all. Make it like it had never been. Every time I would go back out, now resolved to pb and j for dinner, if need, I would start and He would give me more and more and more little nuggets and I asked for more and He just keeps feeding me. Many thoughts and understandings that come so fast and gone so fast I can’t verbalize them, I repeat verbally to remember better, and I have found He sometimes responds, only after actually speaking the words. I will be hunting for something I had misplaced and think to ask, as if that is asking, which can be true too. But then when I ask Him where something is He will lead me right to it, often the very next place I look. These were like being fed to me and stored away before I can even, say what I was hearing. I wanted to remember all of them because I knew I wanted to share this experience. Not that I have needed the proof but when He displays it, it is unbelievable. I, through this event, have been rebuked, beaten-up a little, mentally and emotionally, guided, taught a number of lessons, exiled, rescued, forgiven, and blessed.


A week ago I stood up as I thought I should look through this house and make sure that no idol has found its way in. I would have brought it in by mistake, so let’s inspect the house. I prayed that He reveal anything He wanted me to see and dispose of. I was asking without realizing it for His refining. It has been quite a ride the past month, but when it looked most grim; He sent a friend, the only christian I would call a friend. Have you deduced it yet?

My friend and the manager/owner who advanced me rather than doing the will of those here; his real name is: Joshua


ShabathShalom, YHWH bless



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Reply Danyah
12:26 AM on July 25, 2016 
I like your post and I'm glad you were able to leave and go to where there is much more shalom.

I don't know if you know this but the email going out letting us know about your new post has gone out a couple times yesterday and a couple times today. I just received another one Sunday eve.
Reply kefa
2:31 AM on July 26, 2016 
Awesome brother !!! simply Awesome !! much shalom and blessings be upon you as HE leads you to your new home !!