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Fasting on Yom Kippur Part Two

Posted on September 24, 2016 at 1:10 AM
Fasting on Yom Kippur Part 2 Shabath shalom The close of the day of Yom Kippur was just moments ago, it is now the Shabath, the 11th day of the 7th month, on YHWH???s calendar. I feel so blessed to have observed the true meaning of this set-apart day. I believe this was His answer to our question about fasting on Yom Kippur. This man, who walks in the Way of YHWH and is a Nazarite, meets two xian men who walk, having chosen to leave ???the world???, to seek a place to live in peace, without the world influence. And this is what our Mashiach called us to do. Now, the Nazarite, who chooses to remain anonymous, has known the two men for a couple of years. And when this Nazarite was, in the past, a xian, he was what I would call a radical xian. Which I define as a xian who follows the teaching of the Messiah (properly; Mashiach), in righteousness. And these two gentle men are the most righteous xians the Nazarite has met in a long, long time. For some background, if you are interested, a local information agency just did a story on them. The story can be found here: They live paycheck to paycheck on fixed incomes, as the Nazarite does. Living well below poverty level, as the Nazarite does. And it is one of those paychecks that began what YHWH was showing me. The Nazarite thought he had erred in making a promise to ???J??? and ???R???, forgetting their plan fell on Yom Kippur. So what is the right thing; break the promise, or risk breaking the set-apart day? there are several things to consider. YHWH has made allowance for us when we are too far from Yerushalayim to be there. The tithe that we would have brought, may be taken and you may go to the city and use that money for what you need. When we are so far from anyone who is of the same mind, and seeking His Truth, a set-apart gathering is only a dream for the day He returns for His bride. YHWH has also stated Himself, what an acceptable ???fast??? is: ???is it not to share your food with those in need???? The Nazarite, though receiving well below what is considered poverty, receives abundant blessings from YHWH, in providing circumstances, that actually make, in this case, a very comfortable life. When you eliminate all the stuff you do not need, you do not need a lot of money. No rent, no utilities, no bills; no serving mammon. One of the things the three were going to do that day, was get where ???J??? would pick up his pay and cash his check. And the days just before are lean, every penny matters. Without that check, they would have to pack up their camp and be out on the road somewhere. J???s paycheck does not come on scheduled dates, it all lies on the Postal Service. He has to take a bus about thirty miles south to pick-up his mail, and this day his check did not show, maybe tomorrow. When J told the Nazarite, he promptly pulled out a 100-dollar bill and gave it to J, saying; ???this is not a loan???. J said no, at first, and then he would pay it back when he got the check. The Nazarite said; ???Please, I want you to take this, it is my way of tithing to YHWH this Yom Kippur Day. Groceries was also on the list of errands for that day. So, the Nazarite went to the market for his necessities and in addition, he bought three New York strip steaks and three ears of corn. They did laundry and went back to the campground. And the Nazarite asked them to share the steaks and corn. Neither had eaten a steak in a very long time. As they ate the Nazarite thanked J and R for their role in how YHWH used them to show him the true meaning of this set-apart day. Praise YHWH His guiding and leadings are priceless!

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