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Posted on October 1, 2016 at 8:30 PM
This came thru the contact us page and I wanted to share it with you and my response to 'R'. I am not mean and I am not rude, though the way people think today, you have to speak softly and gently, I disagree! I doubt YHWSHA was 'gentle' when He turned to rebuke them for their disbelief and lack of faith. YHWSHA was a very serious man, and that is what I try to be, 'salty' like He commanded. On what page this person was referring, I don't know, but it does not matter. Here is his comment and then my response. Message = Shabbat shalom, I just reread a bit of what you said on your page and I am not going to ask you to prove anything brother but I do not understand why you would call Paul a false prophet/brother when in the light of scripture it appears clear that he is talking about the added laws that were given upon mount Sinai after the nation broke the covenant after about 40 days when Moshe went back up the mountain after the 70 elders and Moshe had the covenant confirming meal with abba. Dave Perry and then Matthew Nolan and the. Kirk Carmichael has even helped it be see seen clearly that the it is this law that has been done away with and that has returned us to the place where we all can now be free of the laws that tutored and were not good. These laws were not agreed upon before the covenant was complete and since a contract cannot be unilaterally taken from or added to we know that this meant that initial contract was null and by the fact the Israelites wandered for 40 years and did not keep the covenant confirming laws regarding their sons cutting their extra skin off. Kirk is on Facebook and has a Facebook with a ton of videos. Let me know what you think of this viewpoint and if you still feel paul a false prophet and brother. YHWH Barack you with His light of Truth always. My response: Well, I think you need to get back to the milk, and start all over. You obviously have been so convinced that the law was nailed to the cross as paul taught, that you have never bothered to find out what is written in His Torah. If you would, you would find that it is written, in His Torah, that His Torah would never end, it could not be changed, altered or added to. His Torah was for everyone who would join themselves to His Covenant, both native and any gentile entering in. To believe what you have stated, makes a liar of our Mashiach, who stated in a number of ways, that His Word would NEVER disappear. Matt 5:17 YHWSHA, in plain words, was saying that the Torah would remain in effect as long as this earth exists. And even in the Re-newed Covenant, when YHWSHA Returns, He places 'His Torah', the same Torah, in our hearts and our minds. No longer just on paper/parchment or even in stone; but in our hearts and minds. YHWH even warned us of false teachers/prophets, and if you choose to follow them away from His Torah, He would send a 'Strong delusion', to help you believe the worthlessness. I challenge you; read the book, from beginning to end, like a text-book. Removing the writings of paul, and see if you don't hear a different lesson. You are learning from the 'teachings of men' who mistranslate and misinterpret words plainly said. Disregarding the many warnings of doing that. Just look at to whom you are referring and then to Whom I refer. I am going to HIS WORD. I hold to the Mashiach's words and the Father's Word, through His Prophets, all calling to keep the covenant, ALL OF IT. Let me ask you this; What is the Day of YHWH? Is it not the Day of the Wrath of YHWH? Why does the world end in His wrath? It tells us many times and in many ways, in His Word. It tells us in His Torah and it tells us through His Revelation of what is about to come. "Because they have rejected YHWH, and they rejected His Torah". Now, you keep arguing that paul was justified in taking any part of the Torah and changing it, adding to it or taking away from it. "But for me and my house, we will serve YHWH". When you turn to follow the 'teachings of men', whether it be paul or those who follow paul, or any other; you have turned away from the Master YHWSHA Mashiach. It was not until I set paul aside and stopped apologizing for him, that I was able to approach and follow YHWSHA. I have written much about paul, in "The Song of Mosheh", and in other articles. You will never see clearly until you can see through the deception (delusion).

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Reply Debra Kessler
5:03 PM on October 2, 2016 
I have just begun studying this, thanks for the insight.