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Names and Agreements

Posted on January 7, 2017 at 9:00 PM
Again I appeal to those who; although they agreed when they became members, to only use YHWH's Name as it is written, and not by their own way. Please edit your member page. the ONLY 'rule', that I have asked for. I share my race to the finish, and what He shows me with anyone who comes here. the journey has been full of corrections, and the more you learn, the more you conform to YHWH/YHWSHA. that is why I have left, in all I wrote at the time I wrote it, as it is, concerning His Name. until I heard His still, small voice in my ear, as I was contemplating, on His Name and how everyone has a different pronunciation and there is nothing on earth that can be of two different truths. there is only one way to 'properly' say His Name. but when it comes to the 'written' form of His Name; and this is what He whispered in my ear as I sought to know what is right. I heard; "Do not add, and do not take away from the WORDs of this Torah. adding vowels, (or vowel points) is WRONG. look at a Hebrew Tanach, there are no vowel points in the words of the first 5 books of Scripture, the Torah. the words that were in the Torah, should not have vowel points, even outside the Torah. it is still a violation to then add the vowel points to the words that are still in the Torah. including, and especially, His Name. that is when I explained the change in my writing, and stated that as part of the learning journey, this is what I learned, my old way was as good a way to show how we are to adjust and stay on His path, as any i could think of at the time. so, when I changed my way, I began asking that one simple request, upon joining here. I don't care, (well, I do, but can't), how you speak His Name, but I do insist, in writing, on my website, keep to His NAME, of which He only has ONE Name, as it is written in the Scriptures, TORAH. YHWH No additions, no exchanges. the W is not a U,it is two U's, His Name is not yhuuh, a W (double u), as in Dawid, which is spoken Dauweed. all the other words you all want to refer to as names are not 'names', they are attributes or titles for Him, not names. "FOR THERE IS BUT ONE NAME UNDER HEAVEN, BY WHICH WE MAY BE SAVED." You had better get it right. So, for that purpose, I stand by what I have said and written since the first post I placed here. and as I was posting comments on the offenders pagers earlier, i heard in my ear, His small, gentle leading. and this is what He showed me today. i knew this but did not have the words, but I believe He shows it here: When you say His Name, you start with Yah. We know this as fact from Tehellim, in Dawid???s praises, prayers and supplications. Ya, is not a word, nor even a sound of its own. To get YaH, the H is absolutely necessary, and it is done. You have used, so far, YH. The H is no longer available, to be used again to get ???hoo???. Take the word, ???necessary??? and analyze it in the same way. The c is only one sound so there is only one c; the s however, carries over to the next syllable, it is necessary to have two ss???es. His Name is NOT spelled; yhhwh W in Hebrew has the sound ???oo??? and stands as its own syllable. YaH-OO-. To date; YaH-W-. The same applies to the letter H in Hebrew, it carries the sound ???eh???, or h-ey, like the a,b,c??? So, the final sound of His Name must be: YaH-OO-eH. When spoken in normal speech is Yahweh. When I speak about Him I say Yahweh, when I speak to Him, and read His Name, I say EE-AA-OO-AY, like four letters of their own, according to the sound of each letter in Hebrew. And when speaking in our normal speech, it comes out ???Yahweh???. In all the Hebrew names where His Name is part, take the name Netanyahu, it is not spoken yahoo, it is yah-u. WE ARE NOT ???yahoos???. The new teaching of His Name, is just that: ???a new whim of teaching???. It has only come in recent years. And from those who also teach the falseness of the Pauline doctrines. ???You will know them by their works???. These ???teachers??? sell their ???enlightenment???. A true servant of YHWH/YHWSHA, ???buys the truth, but does NOT sell it.??? Selling the truth is ???evil greed???, pure and simple. Mashiach said: ???What is freely given, give freely???. Even if it costs you to do so! Don???t expect to get paid for following His commands. If He said to reveal from the rooftop, what He tells you in your ears, how dare you ask for payment to speak the truth!! Is the enrichment of your bank accounts, so important that you are willing to pay the final penalty for false teaching and preaching for pay. And you???re the ones who the sheeple follow, and both of you will fall. Where the servant of truth is reviled, as He was, and IS. Thank You, O Master, YHWH, that you know where your ???few??? are, in all the little corners of the Earth. One here, two there, few and far between. Save us Father, so that we are saved! I wait for You, my Elohim Your servant, and child, O teach me Your Way, lead me, guide me, show me Your path! To all that breathe, PRAISE YAH A servant, Yared

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