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Posted on April 15, 2017 at 6:30 AM

Before I get to the meat. I have to witness what I witnessed, that beyond any doubt, came from Him, and this is just one of a number of testimonies I could make, of late. Praise the Father, praise YHWH, and His Mashiach, and praise His Ruach who speaks to us! As I sat on Pasach, deep in the Word, I was blessed to see the hand of YHWH on two men, and two men reacted to it simultaneously. How did I see? You will see! As some of you know, I'm a gardener in an RV, camping resort, on the Redwood coast, in California. Gearing up for the season, I just acquired an assistant. We have a small tractor with a back hoe, and the hydraulics leak slowly, and needs to be raised every little while. He had been moving a pile of rock and spreading it, all day, I heard him back and forth. My blinds had been down, I never looked up or out, I was writing non-stop all day. at some point, as he drove by again, just for a Nano second, I thought, does he know about the leaky arm? And I wrote on without another thought of it. 5 minutes, could have been an hour, I don't know, it got really stuffy in the rig and I lifted the blind and opened the window, and continued writing. A little back drop. From where I sit, when I do look out the window, I look down a hill into deep Redwood forest. Just down below me is a small boat and overflow parking area. That is where the pile of rock was. To one side of that flat spot, we have a fish cleaning station, and I can see, just the corner of the table. But I can only see that very small space, through the slice of space, between two large Redwoods. Here it comes, that was just the set-up, for your vision. The very next time I heard him scoop a bucket up and as he backed away from the pile, I looked out, so briefly, it was as if my eye caught a flash, and I reactively looked out, and in the ½ sec. I got a view through that slit between trees, he came in view, and at that precise point in time, he reached back and pulled the lever that lifts the back hoe. YHWH set it up so that I could quickly look, at just the exact point in time, so that I could see him react to YHWH's command to reach and pull. I was in awe, the rest of the day, praising Him.________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The religions of the world, ALL of them, are perversions of the True Creator's plan. Some of Islam's laws are straight out of the Torah of YHWH. Their problem is, they took the 'obedience thing', way, way, over the top, beyond any understanding of our Creator, YHWH of Hosts. Yes, YHWH 'insists' on righteousness and obedience. That is what I have seen and have been saying for 12-13 years, since having my eyes and ears opened, and YHWH started talking to me, leading me away from the 'teachings of men'. It took another seven years, to find that the earliest of anti-Mashiach, false teachers and false prophets, was standing in the way, blocking the way, to Mashiach. But they too, use the parts they like and deny the rest.

But the way in which the Muslims are carrying out their 'terror' tactics, the brutality, the raping of women and children, and as prophesied, in the name of their 'god' their god 'alah' is not the Elohim of Abraham! Yishma'el lost his birthright to Yitshaq, that started this war. Yishma'el went, with his Mitsrite mother, and went back to the gods and idols of Mitsrayim. This terrorism has been going on in that region, between sects and tribes and countries ever sense. That is not YHWH's way. Although, this is 'EXACTLY' the way it is written in the prophesies of what is coming, and it may well have begun, all I know now is, I feel an urgency to make this plea, turn to YHWH. When Yisra'el went to battle, they simply slay through them, down and done, and move on. They did not lust the battle as these animals are. They did not abuse the women and children, YHWH never asked them to, they would have broken Torah in doing so.

Forced obedience is WORTHLESS!! That is not what 'our' Father wants. Forced faith is no faith at all, they are just, empty words. Like being forced to give an apology, just empty words. When you know what you are doing is going to hurt someone, and then say 'sorry', how 'sorry' is your sorrow? Empty words! When you say you love Him and then not obey Him, what does that say about your love? Empty words! YHWSHA said; "'if you love Me, you will obey Me."  HE also said; "stay in Me, and I will stay in you'. Please, think on the alternative of that statement; 'if you do not stay in Me, I will not stay in you', grieve the Ruach and He, as He said; 'the Righteous One, leaves the presence of evil'. We also refer to the Ruach as He, because He, is He, as is YHWSHA.

But xians did not 'stay in Him', they went after the first one, who came along teaching that it was no longer necessary, for 'gentiles', to have to burden themselves under YHWH's Torah. What is worse, YHWSHA told them he was coming, and exactly what he would do, which is what has been done.          

One of the evils in man's heart; they will not listen to warnings or advice. YHWH wants us to come to Him 'willingly', knowing beforehand, His House rules, seeking His promise of the 'life', that every human being has always sought, what the gentiles would call 'utopia', from whatever pagan story that came from, but man has completely ignored the one and only Way, to truly have what they seek. They see no value in YHWH's 'rigid' law. 

Another of the evils in the human heart is pride. With pride, to relinquish control is impossible. See, man has no discipline, no vision. They want, what they want, and they want it now. Whatever corrupt thing they have to do, they will have it. No one is going to dictate a bunch of rules and laws, to me, I am in control. I am my own god. Now, with pride and control comes power, and power corrupts, and breeds corruption. More pride, stupid pride, it's a killer! We must let that pride go!!  "Humble yourself before YHWH" All He asks, is so simple, believe Him, that His Torah; "it is not too hard for you, nor is it far off". All He asks of us, is to 'submit and obey', like a child truly seeing the hurt in his daddy's, now blackened eye, where you had just slapped him. Reaching up for His arms, in 'true' sorrow. It starts with the heart, turn it to YHWH.

See, man, has made it about 'the law', can't do this, can't do that; 'oh yes I can!', 'and I will not do what You want me to, unless I want to!'. And these are adults! Instead of trying to 'understand' His Torah!  "Seek His face", "while He may be found", while there is still time. Until then, you cannot 'know' Him, or why He wants us to live, a very specific way. The only way to 'know' YHWH, is through His Torah, the Word, the Ruach of YHWH, which became flesh, to visit His people, and having been 'cast out' by His own people, He promised it to a nation (people) who would bare the fruits of the Covenant. That means a people who would keep His Torah, all of it.

If, all were like-minded as commanded asked, and all followed His Torah, the 'law' would never come to your mind. The law would not be necessary, if you actually lived by it. And once you begin to live by it, you start reaping the rewards of understanding, because He truly has come to you, with His Light that will shine in you. Then when YHWH removes the veil that covers the Earth, and the gentiles will see Mashiach's Light, in you, they will come to you, seeking truth.

The 'truth' can only come from Him, those who have His Light in them, can only try to show the way, to meet Him. When you 'know YHWH/YHWSHA, though we may have to wait, a little while longer, the 'knowing' of where we will be, is worth whatever trials may be thrown before us. We must overcome, and keep ourselves clean, and ready, at all times. Because YHWSHA came with the Besorah, the good news: Repent, and your sins 'will be' forgiven. No matter what you have done, in the past, stop sinning, and I take the death penalty off the table, and when you are through with the tent you are living in now, your crookednesses will be pardoned. Being forgiven, and the being pardoned, are the same. But, like Dawid, the sword will remain in our house, until then. And until then, we must show Him, we are the people that belong in the Perfect Place, YHWH's House, Yerushalayim. Praise Yah!

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Reply John Pilsworth
6:20 PM on October 10, 2017 
Reply Deborah
2:42 PM on December 5, 2017 
What I understand of Torah is that it isn't to apply a heavy burden of restrictions, it is to protect us! By following Torah it brings about blessings. It spills over into not only our relationship with YHWH but with others. His ways aren't our ways, but who would know better what is best for us? It affects every area of your life.
Have you ever seen the so called "fences" that Judaism puts around Torah? No thank you! I will follow YHWH.
Your article here says it all.