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The Coming ReNewed Covenant

Posted on April 15, 2017 at 8:30 PM
The doors to the Renewed Covenant, have not yet opened. They will open at the return of YHWSHA Mashiach. But outside the doors, is a courtyard, with a vineyard all around it. There are many who have gathered in the courtyard, many who are very much alive and shining brightly, with the Light of The Lamb, they all have YHWH written on their foreheads. And Blessed be those, from Him Who is their Sovereign, because there is the presence of 'shalom', on each and every one of them. And collectively the brightness is pure esteem. There are others there as well, but no one disturbs them, they are sleeping, but the Light of the Lamb, still enlightens them. Oh Father, do they not look like shalom itself? What's more, every one of the faces, awake or asleep, was engaged in deep conversation, making their Light almost pulsate. And, none of them were speaking, to one another. As if, speaking to themselves. And One, without any form, came and said: "Come, enter, My sheep are gathering, please join us, these are the set-apart ones who are waiting. And their part is already established." There are many more, and all those who are awake are free to come in and go out, because they are clean, and keep themselves clean, even when they are outside this courtyard. They are trustworthy, they have the Light that repels the evil one and all his minion. The Light is like one who takes the hand of the blind and leads them through the streets of the city, avoiding the pitfalls and leading, away from danger. The blind one walks as though he can see better than anyone on the street, because he trusts the One who has his hand. The path of the righteous is straight, and narrow. When he does go out, it is for a purpose, and with mindfulness, he attends to his purpose and returns. Because none of us likes being out there in the world. There is so much evil, none of us wish to engage in their folly. Those whose hearts live outside, have all heard, at some time, words of the Truth, and chose to disregard them. They made their choice in remaining ignorant, stupidity by choice. But those who have turned their hearts to YHWH, come into the courtyard. And as they enter through the gate their appearance changes. They are vibrantly refreshed and wearing white linen. And as He departed, still facing me, He said "These are His Remnant people, True Yisra'el, they have set themselves apart to be His servants, and now they have a part, in what is yet to come, and they wait for Him!"

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Reply John Pilsworth
7:36 PM on October 10, 2017 
Count me in!