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Posted on January 7, 2017 at 6:50 PM
IN ONE EAR, OUT THE OTHER As a Nazirite, for several years now, my hair is getting quite long, both in front, and in back. Managing it is getting harder and harder. I have tried to braid it myself and just can???t do it with the pain of arthritis. So, I asked an acquaintance, to help me. She had, sometime ago, told me she knew nothing about the Scriptures, in her words ???bible and ???religion???; and you know how I view that word ???religion???! So, before she came to braid my hair, being preparation day, the day I wash my hair, and, as I washed my hair, I thought; this would be the perfect person to try to show some truth to. No knowledge is better than trying to disprove the false teachings of those ???religions???. But, because the xians mix themselves with those who have no truth in them, they have shared each other???s views and remain in apostasy. If you are in a ???religion???, then He has called His people to ???Come out of Her???, Escape! Now, she was aware that this was nearing the erev Shabath, and that opened the door, to share some truth, from the words spoken by Mashiach YHWSHA, stressing the need for everyone to know His Word, as He has said, of the last day; ???My people perish for lack of knowledge???, and that only those who join themselves to Yisra???el and His Covenant, become His Remnant, whom He saves and gathers, back to Yisra???el. I mentioned YHWSHA???s statement about the Torah and the Prophets, as well as a few others, but it was as if not one of my words, or His Word, made the dimmest of lights go on. I needed to run to the office, at the park, and she was there when I went in and the conversation continued, and the camp host was there too. Then I tried to explain the observance of Shabath like being on a date, giving every bit of your attention to the One you want to impress. And that I viewed it like spending the entire day, sitting at His feet, reading and hearing His Word. I wanted to add: ???Like a maiden, being careful to be perfect before her desired Husband, pleasing Him in every way.???, but I dared not, yes, I chickened out!! NO, not going to say that to a modern woman. I???d have lost them, right then. And then the camp host asked; ???Then, do you read the Torah? So, I told her the fact that; you will never understand what you call the ???new testament???, without a good understanding of His Torah. I spent the first 50 years, reading and not understanding, and being in churches with others reading and studying without understanding. Until you learn the Torah which is the Rock Foundation of ALL Truth. And I told them plainly that if you do not join yourself to Yisra???el, you will not enter Heaven; ???I am the Way, I am the Truth, I Am the Life???, ???There is no other way to the Father, but through Me.???, ???There are two ways, a way to life and a way to death. Those who obey Him, enter Life. Those who oppose Him, to Death???. That is the Blessing, and that is the Curse, part of the Torah, that YHWSHA ben YHWH, stated: ??????Not one jot nor tittle will change from the Torah and the Prophets till Heaven and Earth disappear???. My ears would have heard their responses, if any sign of getting through was there, but no???in one ear, and out the other! The same typical xian responses, with the same ???out of context???, brainwashed in, single phrases of redemption, that come from the mouths of the pit-pulling preachers, speaking of what they know so little about, having followed the designer god that paul introduces them to, speaking from their ???pull-pits???. It was one of the early, so-called ???xian writers???, of the 1st century CE, long before the ???church??? existed, or the word ???christian??? came to be, (325 CE), and YHWSHA was given the pagan deity name and title that He was given. I may spell it wrong, but Esuebius or Yosephus (Josephus), one of them said and wrote; that the Messianic???s of that day could not be distinguished from the pagans. They acted the same, partied together. The same is true today, it has not changed since the very beginning. Contrary to His Word, we have mixed ourselves into the very fiber of society with the total lie of ???freedom of religion???, that is a human thought, and it is 100% anti-Scriptural. How many of the patrons in a bar, are christian? How many catholics sin the same sins, over and over and over again? A perfect example is reality TV, nearly all of the reality shows are so extremely pagan it is impossible to watch for anyone of ???true??? Faith. Yet, how many of those participants claim to be christians? One in particular, that has no moral value whatsoever, is ???Party Down South???. Pure TRASH, and yet they talk about j-c, while they are engaged in a pagan lifestyle. They go about their sin and take their ???kristos??? with them. After seeing enough of this program, about five minutes, I took that country station off my view list, as I have with 65 of the 88 that comes with the satellite tv we get here in the park. It is enough to see the paganism of this country in the news, in Washington, and across this nation, and the information providers on television. How many ???christians??? are ???gay???? how can one who says they believe, disbelieve what He said? How can more and more of the xian churches fall into more and more apostasy, if they follow His Word? It was written long ago that this would be the case, in the latter days. Christianity has not held to one single command of the True Elohim of all the Earth, not one precept of YHWSHA Mashiach, is still existent, in Christianity or any religion. Even among the vast and fast-growing, ???messianic movement???. They too fell prey to the false teachings concerning ???grace??? and redemption and forgiveness. The ???church??? now makes the bold, blatantly false, statement: ???YOU ARE FORGIVEN??? (see; Ber 3:15) ???Surely you will not die?????? No one is forgiven until they stop sinning! Repentance is still required, my friends, if you do not believe this, you are not steadfast, period. This, ???man??? sitting on the highest of pulpits in the world, who calls himself ???holy father???, contrary to YHWSHA???s command, that we are to call no one on Earth ???father???. Has absolutely no authority to make a statement like that. ???If your brother comes and confesses his sin against you, and repents, forgive him. Mashiach???s first word to the people: REPENT. Yohanan came preaching ???Repentance???, as did the prophets and The Prophet of prophets when HE came to visit His people. These are the leaders of the nations, and just as prophesied, they lead us further and further away from His commands, and further and further into apostasy. The ???world??? is in complete Scriptural Anarchy. They have forsaken EVERY command. And all the prophesies that pertain to the future are what YHWSHA referred to in His declaration that nothing would change from the Torah or the Prophets. If YHWH???s Law has been completely broken, no commands left intact; Is this not getting close to the footstool being completed, ???the time of the gentiles will end???, could well be a sign, if no one is obeying any of His commands. The Torah was given for a Law, FOREVER!! He said He would never change! He said do not add and do not take away from the words of this Torah. Changing His commands is doing just that, doubly! How can man change, or end, the LAW of our CREATOR? IT IS IMPOSSBLE ! ! ! IT IS NOT WHAT YOU BELIEVE, from the teachings of men; IT IS WHAT YHWH/YHWSHA SAID. HIS WORD IS FINAL AND UNCHANGEABLE. PERIOD!! YHWSHA sent seven letters to seven assemblies through Yohanan rebuking six of those seven assemblies of their sins, and warns that if they do not ???overcome??? (Repent) that He would destroy them or ??????blot them out of My Book???. YHWSHA said; ???if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. If you cannot control yourself, in regards to whatever sin(s) you commit, you will end up in Hell. His words, not mine! He also said that ???if you uphold all the Torah but break a single command of YHWH, you are guilty of all.??? It is not a matter of which sin; any sin breaks the Torah. So, just one sin, and you have broken Torah. When we break Torah, we break the covenant. But the remaining assembly He praises for their obedience and promises to protect them from the wrath He is about to bring on this Earth. They are the sheep of His flock, who have eaten His Flesh and consumed His Blood, they are those who obey the commands of YHWH and ???believe??? in YHWSHA. He abides in them, because they gave up their old man and died, to be reborn with His blood and flesh. This is PROOF that only His faithful Remnant that obey His Word will ever enter His Reign. And in His reference to the breaking of commands, this is not limited to ???The Ten Words???, it is in reference to any and all the commands of Torah. All that is commanded of us, that we are responsible for. Who is responsible, according to YHWH, for the offerings and the Heykal duties? Unless you have the blood of Lewi running through you, we are not responsible for what they were commanded to do. They will answer for that. Anyone of other tribes were/are forbidden to make sacrifices and offerings on His altar. We, because they are absent, and there is no Heykal to YHWH, except in His Remnant???s hearts, give offerings of Praise to our Elohim, and serve him by walking with Mashiach in His Way, producing the fruit of faith and the love for YHWH/YHWSHA. This current pope has also called the world, into the ???world???, by telling the youth of the world to excel in school and increase in the knowledge of the ???world???. Isn???t that exactly what the serpent (satan) did to Chauah and Adam? Offering all the knowledge of the world. YHWSHA, our Mashiach, our Master, Shepherd and Elohim, called us OUT of the ???world???, THE WORLD IS MAMMON. And the ???church??? has accumulated so much wealth, they have their own bank and financial system. MAMMON The ???world??? refuses to hear His Word, if they hear the truth they know they will be responsible for that knowledge, so they ignore and turn away when threatened with responsibility. They close their ears to the Truth, and what they did hear went, ???in one ear and out the other???. They only want to hear the smooth talk of those who give them justification for their inability to say no to sin, and are convinced, falsely, that everyone is going to be saved in the end anyway, so it doesn???t matter. ???Ignorance is Bliss???, even xians believe this. I am seeing that there really is no difference between ???ignorance is bliss???, in this case willfully, and ???in one ear, out the other???. Both are a ???death sentence???! As HE said, of the Last Day: ???My people perish for lack of knowledge???. ???SEEK ME AND LIVE??? said YHWH. ???Diligently search the Scriptures??? is commanded to all men, and to all mankind???. As He said; ???Hear, O Earth, ?????? And in this experience today, I find the same thing, no difference in the one with no knowledge, (or so she thought), and the one that claims to be christian, because her responses, while not littered with those out of context verses, the arguments and opinions were exactly the same. The idea that His ???Word??? is living and changing with the times. The Word is NOT living, in that it changes with peoples and times. YHWSHA was and is the Living Word, in that, He was the Word that came to life in the flesh, and though man put Him to Death, He still Lives, as He was raised from death as the first-fruit to the Father, and He remains the Living Word, and abides in those who love and obey His commands, giving the power to overcome sin. YHWH to Qayin: ???sin is crouching at the door, ???and you must master it??????. He is the Fountain of Living Waters, and His Word is for the living! We are to conform to His will, He does not conform to us, He tells us how to worship Him, we do not worship Him according to our own desires or in the same fashion as those who worship their pagan gods. ???They??? give praise to all the false gods of the Earth. While fishing xians speak to the fishing gods to give them luck. While hunting, they pray to and worship the hunting gods. They praise ???mother nature??? more than they even think about the only true Elohim of all the Earth. The only time they even mention the god they serve is when they use the name they have given Him as an exclamation or even as a curse word. Satan attempted to tempt our Master in the same way, promising all the knowledge and power over the people. This pope is re-enacting the same scenarios, promises of wealth and power, to all people, of all nations. Remember what Hanayah did to Yirmeyahu. Tearing the yoke off Yirmeyahu and breaking it. That scenario was also repeated in an identical way with what paul did to the teaching of our Master YHWSHA Mashiach. He tore off the bonds of the yoke of the Torah, that cannot be broken or come to an end. When YHWSHA returns to take His Reign, He pours His Ruach, ???on all flesh???, and places THE SAME Torah, in our hearts and in our mind, so that we will all know YHWH. His Torah will stand FOREVER, even thru His thousand-year reign and on into Heaven therafter. The whole world, right now, is in a chaotic state. People of all nations are uneasy and unsure of their future. We are entering, and have been for some time, a state of anarchy, the rule of their man-made law is fading. Tolerance, is the acceptance of the sins of others. Allowing them to do what they please without consequence. This is what His Word prophesied of the days leading to the time of Ya???aqob???s distress. The name of that wide road to destruction, is named ???Tolerance???. According to the Scripture, if you condone what they do, you share in their guilt and in their punishment. He tells us what will happen to those who follow the false teachings of ???man???. Both the teacher and the pupil fall together! Because we have access to all the information we need from His Word, but no one wants to be bothered to read and learn for themselves what YHWH and YHWSHA said. They just accept what they are being told. And ???the church???, relies on their ignorance, to be led to destruction. The pope sits on the throne of satan with his crooked cross in his hand and the upside down cross on his throne. The ???cross??? itself, is a pagan symbol for the pagan god tammuz, one of the Ba???als, as well as for pagan idols of Mitsrayim. But it is made even worse by adding in the occult factors of crookedness and upturning. Ba???al, whether you will accept it or not is Satan, and the reigning ???god??? of this world. The monument to Ba???al, (the WORST of all YHWH???s adversaries, as well as the leader of all the god???s of the host of the heavens) is the obelisk (pillar), which was taken by the church from the pagan nations who served Ba???al and placed in front of this altar to satan, ???they??? call the Vatican. They are the ones that changed YHWSHA???s Name to the name of a pagan goddess of healing from the pagan nation of Philistia, ???iosus??? when translated to English becomes their kristos jc. The word kristos is a perversion as well. Every demi-god had a ???kristos???; there were many of them in roman and greek ???fokelore???, bringing their christ down to the commonality of being one of many. NOT SO!!! There is only one Mashiach, there is only one Son of the living Elohim, and His Name is One with Elohim. IT IS DECEIT to change His Name and/or His place in this world, as the one and only Mashiach, that has the power, and the authority to save men. THERE IS NO FALSNESS IN HIS TRUTH. If deceit is there, it is false! ???For there is but One Name, under Heaven, by which we may be saved???. And ???only those who ???call??? on the Name of YHWH, shall be saved???. YHWH destroys, all the tribes who are not calling on His Name. Hebrew is a language of action, so the word here used ???call???, should be ???calling???, as being an ongoing consistent ???calling on the Name of YHWH???. One cannot call Him whatever you want and then at the last moment call on His True Name. Like knowing that you are a wretched and evil being that needs restoration from the Elohim of all the Earth and the Heavens, but choose not to do so until a later time. You have signed your own death warrant when you did this. Remember Esau, he knowingly turned away from YHWH to follow other gods, and when he came to understanding, though he came with tears, he was rejected by YHWH, and perished and will perish. The captivity of many of the nations ???outside??? Kana???an, will be ended in the last days and they will be brought back from their captivity, but Edom is not redeemed. ONLY THE RIGHTEOUS ESCAPE THE DAY OF WRATH. (Revelation of Mashiach chapter 3) What is presently happening around the world, is nothing compared to what is coming!! But what is happening is ushering in, what is to come. We are in the time when evil is good and good is evil. This is obvious and proven, in the fact that, all the world has forsaken His Torah and they have forsaken YHWH. And if you know anything from the Scriptures, you know that this is the very reason the Last Day, the Day of the Wrath of YHWH, comes. Because they have forsaken MY Torah and (in-so-doing), they have rejected Me. Even in the Torah, there was no ???fix??? to purposeful sin. the Torah, in reference to redemption from sin, in every case, was ???when someone sins ???by mistake???, then, offering would be accepted in restitution. Purposeful sin is blaspheme of His Ruach. The mere ???knowing??? that you are entering sin, HAD to come from His Ruach, stepping in to warn you, ???do not turn, to the right or to the left, stay on the straight path???. To ignore His warning is to ???deny??? Him and His Ruach! What is the 1st definition of ???blaspheme???? it is; to deny what rightfully belongs to YHWH. YHWH will never deny those who come to Him, He will not deny anyone, unless they deny Him, then YHWSHA Mashiach will deny him before the Father. He is not an advocate of unrepentant sinners, not once they have received His instructions. But, we are ???Required??? to know His instructions. For He said that to sin again having received (heard) the knowledge of the truth, that person would be worse off than before, it would have been better for that man to have never been born, than to return to his vomit, like a dog, his end will be in the fire, for eternity. My heart is broken, over and over again, when the people whom I care about refuse His Truth. And I have always followed His command to kick the dust off my feet as leaving their presence. Even my former, ???blood??? family. But there is no place left to go. No one is hearing, no one is accepting the Truth. I can easily see how the Prophets and Sovereign Dawid could legitimately say; ???no one is obeying YHWH???. When, in reality there were some, though they were and are few. There most certainly were some who, and are some who keep Torah and are righteous. The Prophets themselves were righteous men, Dawid was righteous. So, when they spoke of ???no one???, I can say the same thing in the same light, though I know that there are some who remain of His pasture and His True path to Life. He promised Eliyahu there would always be a remnant, and as Eliyahu is still to come and restore all things, the promise to him is still alive. Where can one go today where the walking dead are absent. The walking dead are deaf, dumb and blind. Is the time of the gentiles, nearing their end? Enter His Covenant and escape, there may be little time left, do not delay.

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