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Shalom All ! !

Welcome to 'The Lamb's Den of Truth' !

I welcome your comments and I especially and sincerely desire that you find Truth and enlightenment from "The Song of Mosheh".

I do ask that you read our Statement of Faith prior to making comments and contacting us. This will hopefully keep the website clean of pagan names and titles of which we find very offensive.

The Truth of YHWSHA Mashiach is my life, and I am here to serve Him by serving you as much as possible.

Forming a Torah Observant Community (Yahad) is the prime goal of this Website, as well as getting the True Message of Yahusha and His Teaching of Righteousness to as many people throughout the world as possible.

Please Join Us


Yared (Merlin)

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Reply Deborah
3:36 PM on December 5, 2017 
Shalom! I would like to respond to Kefa's comment. I must say I too am stunned that there seems to be not much happening here. It may be as Kefa says, or could it be people are afraid to voice their opinion? I also think maybe Yared does such a great job maybe it would be difficult to add anything to it. I keep coming back to this website for the great commentary. However I would like to think maybe this would be a great place to ask questions and get some discussion going. I don't know about you but I haven't arrived at the place in my journey where I feel I have learned it all.....far from it. So I will ask a question to get things started. My quest for truth is on going. I started out as your normal run of the mill x-tian. One day I asked the question who is Ysrael? It lead me to a lot of other places with a lot more questions. Began attending a Messianic Congregation. Discovered they were going way into Judaism and began to think maybe this isn't a good place to be. So we are on our own so to speak. Been very curious of the Apocryphal Books. I have copies of Yasher and Enoch. I believe I understand the calendar according to Enoch. But I also felt I was right in following the Luni-solar calendar and now feel maybe I jumped too quickly and taught others to follow error. So I am interested as to what others have to say about the subject. Maybe I don't have convincing enough evidence. I do not want to fall into error again, as a few others are interested too. I don't want to teach error! So tell me what you know of the subject? Todah, Deborah
Reply Deborah
11:07 PM on December 3, 2017 
Shalom Yared, brothers and sisters in YHWH. I am a first timer here. I do a lot of research and visit many sites, just to see what is going on with other believers. That is what drew me here. Always studying and looking for more truth. While visiting another website I came across an article about how Chinese Christians are suffering in severe poverty for their faith. Everything they receive comes from the state. Chinese officials are withholding food and basic necessities from Christians because they hang pictures of their Messisiah YHWSHA in their homes. Many are starving. They refuse to hang a picture of their leader Xi in their living rooms. The state claims they can hang their pictures of the Messiah anywhere else as long as they hang one of Xi, poster size in their living room. I understand that we are not to hang pictures of YHWSHA. But this is what measure of truth these people have. They hang on to what little they receive, many unto death. I say they have more faith than many I have seen professing YHWSHA as their Mashiach. I am not convinced that it matters not how many Hebrew words we know and how eloquently we use them. Or how much theology we know. These precious souls are experiencing real tribulation as are other Christians all around the world for their faith, these are true martyrs. Are we not told to take up the cross? To be in this world but not of it. These people have little but are giving up their lives as we are told we must be willing to do. They may not know YHWH/YHWHSA's true names, but they are exhibiting their love for the Mashiach in the way they told they should do. We have yet to experience this kind of persecution here , but I hope and pray that we can be as brave as our suffering brothers and sisters are this very moment, when real tribulation hits our doorsteps. This has really laid on my heart. YHWH forgive us if we become so caught up with things that we forget that it doesn't matter if we don't know all we should or say HIS name perfectly. What matters is do we really love HIM and are willing to really take up our Cross or Stake. To be a true disciple and love not our lives unto Death. May YHWH draw us closer to Him and prepare us for what is yet to come. May YHWH Bless you and keep you, Deborah
Reply John Pilsworth
6:55 PM on October 10, 2017 

Shalom my brothers & sisters in YHWH our Father.

Yared, I did try to get intouch with you directly via email but it was returned. I would love to have fellowship with you all & if you would wish to do the same please feel free to contact me by email at [email protected] May YHWH bless you all as he has me so many, many times! Let's get this Torah Observant Community going. :)

Shalom (John in the UK)

Reply [email protected]
5:35 PM on October 1, 2016 
Todah Kefa
Reply Shimon
1:58 PM on February 29, 2016 

Shalom Mishpachah I recently receive the following teaching on the creators calendar from an a beloved ach, I found it very Tob, I only desire is that he go into more detail and spend more time on this subject. Below is the url link for the teaching on you tube.


Shalom for now Mishpachah


Baruch Haba Ba'Shem YHUH


Reply Lydia
11:07 AM on June 1, 2015 
Kefa; I pray the blessings of Heaven open up onto your house and that He sends you a spirit of peace in your heart this day. sister Lydia
Reply Lydia
1:10 PM on May 28, 2015 
It truely seems that the cares of this world are over whelming and many are asleep from lack of faith and vision. Yahuah gave us life, vision,hope, peace in these times. We are to uplift each other and share the hope He gives us. I guess that is part of the commandments of Love your brother as yourself. I am learning and growing. It was some time before I understood so as to write here and share with you all on this site. 64 yrs. old and the "little light" turned on. Ifeel so foolish at times, but am more grateful to Yahuah for allowing me to "see and have understanding" in the knowledge He is feeding me. I am so grateful for the good and the bad, for the good gives me encouragement and the bad teach me what not to do.....amein......
Reply kefa
2:01 AM on June 14, 2014 

Shalom Shalom , Im troubled that for the past year now I see no one responding on this site to Brother 
Yareds writtings...... Why is it that when truth is spoken boldly "believers " tent to shy away??? Is it because it brings conviction in ones own life and it stings a bit, so they turn blind eye and a deaf ear to it to hid from the sting of conviction ?? Where are the true faithful belivers on this site !!?? where are the set apart ones who are called by HIS name !!?? where are the ones who are willing to forsake all this evil pagan world has to offer to walk in Ruach and truth with thier maker and brothers and sisters !!?? Tell me please WHERE ARE YOU MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN YHWH/YHWSHA........

Reply kefa
7:28 PM on March 3, 2014 

Shalom brother Yared, Praying all is well !! have not seen a post on this site for sometime....... May YHWH bless you and keep you my brother !!!!!