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I am a Natsarim Yisra'elite, a child of Yahweh. 

I came out of the christian church about 7 years ago (2006) having my eyes and ears opened to the truth of our Mashiach YHWSHA.

As He spoke; He did not come to destroy the Torah or the Prophets but to fulfill the prophecies about Him and He came in the flesh to show us we can live righteously.  If we accept Him into our lives and allow Him to lead us along the narrow path.

I believe that the keys to the knowledge of truth is His Name YHWH/YHWSHA, His Sabbath (7th day) and His moedim (His appointed feasts).

He stated that until heaven and earth disappear and we are given a new Heaven and a new Earth that His Torah would stand.  The church has taught, in error, that the "Law" was nailed to the cross, This cannot be true given His statement in Matt 5:17-20.  Nothing anyone said after Mashiach was impaled on the stake, can change His Word.

I grew up in the 'church' and when I became aware of the lies that we have inherited from our 'church fathers', I was furious and hurt to the core. I have learned that all the church holidays are pagan and Scripture tells us many, many times not to worship YHWH as the gentiles worship their gods.  But, that is exactly what the church does in the celebration of christmas and easter.  There is nothing about our Mashiach in these christian holly-days. 

This is what I am all about, learning the truth and now sharing the truth with all that will listen.  Many Messianic groups are joining themselves with messianic judism, this I believe is also in error.

I have completed a study about what our Mashiach, YHWSHA had to say about 'judaism' and not to spoil anything, but, He condemned the religion of 'judaism', He was of the tribe of Yahudah, He was NOT a 'jew'.

Look within the chapters Of "The Song of Mosheh" for this study, as I let the Scripture alone tell the story.

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Reply marcel
8:28 AM on January 9, 2017 
Shalom lecha Yared

please be so kind and send me more about the Chanoch calendar and its calculation FOR MOEDIM ,na.Toda lecha

MY EMAIL IS [email protected]
Reply Mandi
2:22 PM on September 26, 2016 
Shalom Yared I have used your calendar template to work out the calendar for this year, just to see how it works in practice. I just cannot wrap my head around the 31st day of the Enoch's calendar year and then the 1st day of the next year as according to the studies, 15 March "does not exist" and was "added into the Gregorian calendar". If there is 364 days on Enoch's calendar then does the equinox move back one day every year? I just cannot get this right. How is it that the equinox then occurs every year on 16 March. What do I do with that extra day between 31st day of the last month on Enoch's calendar and the equinox showing the 1st day of the next year? Hope this makes sense.
Reply Leo
9:52 PM on August 4, 2016 
Hi Yared, this is Leo, wanted you to know that I wrote an article called The Calendar of the Almighty Yah. would like to send you a copy, let me know. My e-mail is [email protected]
Reply Shimon
7:10 PM on April 6, 2016 
Shalom Ach Yared, Todah for putting these calendar dates out,
I have a question about the 14th of September and that question is as follows Is the 14th of september when the autumn equinox falls, as if we divide the 4 season by the equinoxes and solstices,then the autumn equinox should bring in the 1 yom of the 7 month, Ie the spring equinox signals the the first yom of the 1st month, and the summer solstice signals the 1 yom of the fourth month, and the autumn equinox signals the 1 yom of the 7th month, and the winter solstice sigals the 1 yom of the 10th month, is this correct?, and is the 14th of september, when the autumn equinox fall's, in that case?.

Shalom for Achi Todah for all your articles, books and teaching's, me and my eishah appreciate them very much, and we are looking forward to reading the book of Hanok and seeing the differences,

Shalom for now
may His face shine upon you and give you shalom

Love Shimon and Hadassah

Baruch Haba Ba'Shem YHUH
Reply La'el Ra'ahShira
5:53 PM on February 6, 2016 
23rd day - 11th month

Shalom Yared,
i was wondering, if you wouldn't mind to share, why you have removed the Enoch calendar and E.C. study? are you planning to place it back on the web-site?
as always, thank-you so much for sharing with us YHWH's Truths, as you study and they are revealed to you. i have, and continue to gain so much from what you share here. times that i read and re-read your writings. it is such a blessing to have somewhere to go and read the Truth; as there is not another physical being i have found, nor web-site i have found, to study with, etc.
i pray you are well and having a peaceful and quiet Shabath.
Shabath Shalom,
Reply Lydia
11:11 AM on June 1, 2015 
you are such a blessing to those that find this website for you preservered and your hope lies in Yahuwah, Almighty of Hosts. Thank you for all that you share and the fact that you allow His spirit to feed you and in turn it feeds us. I pray that this day of days is a peaceful and full day for you and your loved ones. Sister Lydia