The Narrow Path

Come to Me, says Mashiach, and drink of Living Water





     There is in the Jewish Talmud, a definition of; “the Messiah”.  While I do not adhere in any way to the Talmud of Judaism, as it is something “added” by men, which was forbidden in the Torah, I do 100% agree with this definition; Messiah means; “The Spirit of YHWH”.


Pro 2:6  For יהוה gives wisdom; Out of His mouth come knowledge and understanding.

Pro 2:7  And He treasures up stability for the straight, A shield to those walking blamelessly,

Pro 2:8  To watch over the paths of right-ruling, And the way of His kind ones He guards.

Pro 2:9  Then you would understand righteousness And right-ruling, and straightness – Every good path.


There is an element of True Faith that is so complex and mysterious that it cannot be understood by anyone who does not possess it.  And yet, this object is 100% intangible.  You cannot see it, hold it, hear it, feel or taste it.  It has ‘light’ but you only ‘perceive’ the light.

Multi-Billions of people around the world think they have it but what they possess is only a delusional ‘copy’, like a ‘wolf’ in sheep’s clothing, or the pagan idol kristos, the x-ian ‘jesus’, who has replaced the ‘Real’ Messiah, as He stated would happen.  And only the possessor of this element would understand this and not be offended by the seeming harshness of the statement. Rather, welcome the truth revealed in Wisdom.  Harsh?  Maybe.  But truth is truth, we get over the anger of having been deceived our whole lives and then we begin to grow, and to know Yahweh and Messiah Yahusha. It must start with ‘Truth’, His Truth is the ONLY thing that sets us free.

It sometimes takes a statement that shocks or sets you back a second.  Isn’t it natural for things we hear that shock us, we remember?  That `harshness’ is nothing more than the ‘saltiness’ that Messiah commanded us not to lose.   Which is the more ‘loving’ act, disciplining your son for a transgression, or ignoring the issue so as not to ‘rock the boat’?  If I know that someone is being deceived into a belief that is false, am I not responsible for at least attempting to set them straight?  If I ignore the issue, once it is known to me, am I not furthering the deception by not speaking up?  Are we ‘guarding’ His Word?  We do not defend the truth by ignoring falseness.  And that goes for our fellow travelers as well as our ‘sons’, in that Messiah said; about who our brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers are; “Those doing the will of The Father”.  This was the purpose of the Elders in a community, and the Prophets were MUCH more harsh than this. And finally, Mishle speaks much about who accepts discipline and rebuke and who does not.  The wise welcomes it.

In human terms this element is indescribable.  It is the essence of the Torah, the heart of the Covenant, possessed only by His Covenant people, True Yisra’el.  Without it, they are not of His ‘Remnant’.

Truth is within the essence of this element.  There cannot be anything false in the True Faith.  This is the way Yahweh planned, all falseness, all unrighteousness will be weeded out. Those following false ideologies, false teachers and preachers, false doctrines, and idols are under the delusion {As He Promised] of ‘the copy’. These follow the deceiver into the ‘lake of fire’.  If they do not have the heart for the Truth, they will be among the uncircumcised gentiles; NOT His Remnant.

His True Remnant are those who have found favour in the eyes of Yahweh having “diligently searched the Scriptures” and his Truth, studying every word and the context of that word, reading it over and over and over, challenging it.  And be led by His Ruach to all understanding through “The Torah and the Prophets”.  Another WOW, THAT IS YAHSOME ! !

Yahusha said “not one jot or tittle would change from the Torah and the Prophets…”.

He was pointing us to what is truly `Scripture’. The rest of the Tanakh is simply History, Important, YES, but as the Torah and the Prophets all had the same message, RIGHTEOUSNESS and Messiah Yahusha being The Teacher of Righteousness it makes so much sense that He is POINTING to where the truth can be found.  I would also like to point out here that in Yahusha’s time on earth, there were many other writings of Prophets than what is in the ‘bible’.  Yahusha even gives validity to the Book of Yasher and while the ‘world’ (Church/Judaism)  has dismissed many of these writings, they actually align much better with the teachings of Yahusha Messiah, Elohim on earth, The Word made Flesh, than do many  of the ‘church’ writings (NT).  Why were they dismissed?  Because ‘hard-hearted, rebellious’ man does not want to hear the truth, they only want to hear what is ‘smooth’, to justify their wickedness, as they have “turned the ‘favour’ of Yahweh into a license for lasciviousness”.  The Books that did not make it into ‘canon’, where those that taught how crucial righteousness is, which matches Messiah’s teaching, as does the Torah.  He was pointing to what was most important; Torah, by which, if we obey, we will live, (that is called 'righteousness') and the Prophets who gave their lives to bring the people back to the Torah of Yahweh, back to the Covenant, back to righteousness.

HE was POINTING to Torah and the Prophets

OO YAH ! !  [I love it when that happens!!]  TODAH RUACH!!

His True Remnant are those who have searched HIS Word, not the words of men, “for the hearts of men are deceit and wickedness always”.  And through the element that guides us to all Truth and our heart yearning for Yahweh, He turns us to His Covenant and we receive Torah “In our heart and in our mind”.  Torah is the Word, the Word made Flesh is Yahusha Messiah, ‘Messiah’ is the Ruach of YHWH, Messiah in us is the Qodesh Ruach. Fearing stating the obvious, the ‘element’ is the True Qodesh Ruach.

It starts with “The Living Word” and we find Righteousness in ‘Living the Word’

If you are not ‘Living the Word’ you are of the walking dead.  A way of life and a way of death, the ONLY two choices (Deb 27-30). 

The True Ruach comes only with obedience to His Torah, it is the Covenant.  Sin breaks the Covenant until atonement is made.  That atonement comes with an oath not to commit sin. That is the essence of Repent.

A great thing about this is, with the Ruach in me, I am aware of Him 24/7/364 and He dispels temptations promptly.  It must be the True Ruach, He gives me the strength (Power) to stay on His Narrow Path, He IS my Strength.

The Ruach is the only Way to Truth, as Yahusha Messiah is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, Messiah is Ruach of YHWH, and of YHWH and all are “Echad” (One).  Our connection at present is Ruach and we are to live in Ruach having come to Him, and give up the ‘flesh’, until Yahusha returns,; “enduring to the End”.

Let’s talk more about ‘Scripture’.  There is good news and bad news;

Bad News is, some may be aware, some choose to ignore, and most don’t read it enough, if at all, and the words go in, and the words go out, not ringing any bells.

But anyone who does read and comprehend, cannot help but notice the obvious discrepancies and contradictions within the so-called ‘infallible word of ‘god’, the christian document, ‘bible’.  Which, by its very title is clue #1 as to its ‘authenticity’ and ‘infallibility’.  The word came from ‘Byblos’, not only was this a location in Phoenicia, but it was named for the pagan ‘god’ they worshipped, “Byblos”, a sun-deity, (halo-crested).  Where also they got the name for their copy ‘kristos’, ‘Iesous’, a Phoenician ‘goddess’ of healing. The ‘Latin’ Iesous, translated to English is; j-e-s-u-s.

Truth, There is only One ‘Messiah’ and His Name was/IS Yahusha.  He was/IS a Hebrew with a Hebrew name.  He read the Scriptures in Hebrew, if He wrote, He wrote in Hebrew/Aramaic.  He possesses the ‘hidden’ pure lip of True Hebrew, that Yahweh took away from the Yehudim at the Exile to ‘BABEL’. [get the connection?].  That’s the pure lip He restores after the days of Ya’aqob’s distress.

The point of the bad news is; the ‘bible’ we have today has been defiled, it even states within its own covers that “The lying pen of the Scribes have changed the Word of YHWH.  Let’s face it, in truth, if every word were true, there would never be a contradiction.  If there is One Spirit and He does not lie, why don’t all that say they have the ‘spirit’ in them, believe the same thing?  If there is but One Ruach, why is your truth different than mine or other’s.  The True Ruach has One face, One Truth.

O YHWH, Thank You for Your Ruach dwelling in me, that You give me discernment in Your Word.

As part of ‘the strong delusion’ Yahweh promised to ‘the earth’ if they refused to keep His Covenant, He has allowed His Word to be ‘as it is, this day’.  Much of what is there, should not be, and much was left behind because it did not serve the agenda of the ‘world’ (Church/Judaism).

The Good News is; His Truth is there, in “The Scriptures”, the only catch is, to find and understand all the complexities of how the ‘bible’ evolved.  We must be led by Yahweh.  And the better news! He will come and reside in you, if you truly have the desire to know Him.  He comes and little by little, with each reading from cover to cover, (excluding what can be proven to be false) and passage by passage, too much at one time could literally blow your mind.  Like when Yisra’el entered the promised land.  It is truly a Yahsome thing when He reveals His Truth, and the more He reveals the more the ways of this world, of which haSatan is the reigning ‘god’, are revealed and fall into place and makes so much sense.  How the world is living the Curse of disobedience that will soon enter the time of Ya’aqob’s distress.  All that each of the Prophets, including Yasher, Enoch and others saw for the Last Days will come to pass, and it is Righteous Right-Ruling, well deserved by a wicked people, who because of their hard-heartedness and rebellion have brought upon themselves, by forsaking the Torah of YHWH. 


There is a sense of connection from the Ruach to His Origin, Yahweh, and I sense this through the connection with the Ruach and until this physical experience ends, that is as close as one can get to Abba YHWH.

The YHWH—Ruach connection can Never, Ever be broken, because they are “Echad” (One).  But we can break the connection with the Ruach, Not ever on His doing, but yours, it is called ‘free will’.  And that is a good thing, it keeps one on their toes, if you get pulled off the Path, you have lost focus.  Get back on the Path, take (accept) the punishment and learn.  If you die in uprightness, having “endured to the end”, He pardons all of your old transgressions.  He blots them out of the book and you require no more judgment.  That is what He is saying through His Prophets, as the Scriptures reveal.  When they declared that Yahweh would ‘heal’ them and pardon their wickedness, He was referring to those who heed the warning and Return to YHWH.  NOWHERE  in scripture is the wrong pardoned without returning, without ‘standing’ in His Covenant.  There is NO forgiveness without Repentance.

YHWH sees everything every person on this earth does, every sin gets written and recorded under your/my name in The Book.  No matter how long that list might be at the moment you ‘Truly’ Repent and turn to YHWH, a note of this also gets entered into The Book.  It is now what happens from this point forward that matters.  Your ‘list’ has been flagged for deletion, but the delete key is not touched till the end.  You are in control of that flag, if your repentance was not sincere, the flag can be removed and like the dog returning to its vomit you are right back in the gutter you crawled out of before He lifted you out when He called you.  But now even worse off than before.    

The past was out of ignorance and you became aware of your ‘nakedness’ and ‘hard-heartedness’.  Now you are entering the Covenant of Yahweh and Messiah, and as Messiah taught, we must count the cost of our future.  We must search diligently to know and understand this Covenant we are entering, to understand the oath we are taking.  It is binding and breaking it will leave you worse off than you were before, having known the Truth and forsaking it.  Understanding what it means to take an ‘oath’ is key material.  It is so much more than a promise!  A broken promise, in most cases, does not cause ‘Death’.  Whereas, to break this ‘Oath’, means just that, DEATH.

The importance of the Oath is obvious in the fact that it really is the only ‘oath’ we are to enter, according to YHWH.  I think that Yahweh intended that we kept a ‘simple’ life and then there would have been no need to enter into contracts and debt. More on that later.

We are told through the Scriptures, over and over, not to shake hands or otherwise enter an oath.  Messiah told us not to swear an oath; “let your yea be yea and your no be no” [because it is your word and you will be held accountable for your every ‘word’] and beyond that is of the devil.”  Is that not a clue that oaths are taboo?   Yet we ARE to Swear an Oath to YHWH.  Could it be that His is the ONLY oath that is permissible?

Is it unlike whoring after other mighty ones?  If you swear His Oath to Him, you are committed to YHWH.  Swear ‘another’ oath and you are binding yourself to that entity, is the same as allowing the practices of pagan gods to enter into your gates and participating. 

Yahweh’s Oath has strict orders concerning the breaking of His Covenant, they are summed up in “The Blessings and Curses”.  When the sovereigns of Yisra’el bound themselves by oaths to other nations, is what the Prophets spoke of ‘whoring’ in their declarations to all Yisra’el in rebuke.  Any other oath besides the Oath of the Covenant is forbidden unless it pertains to the Oath of the Covenant.  An Oath involving the service of YHWH and His Covenant does occur in Scripture and is a part of or intends to confirm and support Torah and the Way of YHWH, an example is a ‘vow’, like a Natsarite vow. 

Its importance is also strongly indicated in the ‘Reward and Penalty’ Section of the Covenant, which YHWH makes perfectly clear through the reading of the Torah by Mosheh.  Simply put, it is the most serious of all oaths.  Break it and die.  Blessings if you keep My Oath, serious suffering and Death for breaking it.  Counting the cost.   

In Truth, there is only one option that leads to Life.  And very important here; His invitation was to the whole world.  And in these times (2012) with the pagan nations of Islam barking at us, in our own front yard, it is a tough comparison, but the Truth of Life is: Enter the Covenant or die, everyone on earth is responsible for their choice of ‘Right or Wrong’, it is haSatan that has confused all life to hide the Truth from us all.  I guess you could say that the purpose of life is to find the Truth.  “I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  No one approaches the Father but through Me, Messiah Yahusha.”

The Truth sets us Free

Free of sin, free from sin, free of looking over your shoulder, free of guilt, free of the fear of being found out, free to say “no” without hesitation.  Freedom that is unique to those who Live in the Ruach.

We are free to suffer for a decision of ‘Righteousness’ and stand up for your right and obligation to not enter a contract.  Even YHWH does not force anyone to enter His Covenant, if you choose to ignore or deny His Authority and ‘party down’ your life, you are in fact choosing DEATH, but have a good time going.  The world (babel) hasn’t a clue what ‘Death’ is!  Death is NOT a place you want to go.  The ruler of death is Satan and Death follows him, to burn and suffer FOREVER. 

Don’t buy that?  “There is no hell”, that’s the rage today in churches and with pagans alike, even in the ‘Messi-anic movement’ of late, teaching there is no hell.  That’s okay!  You WILL !

“The FEAR of YHWH, is the beginning of Wisdom”.  Fear in Respect and Love and doing His will and knowing the consequences for choosing badly.  He assigned us regular chores, just like a righteous father does.  He gets the full report of your completing your chores and the attitude in which they are done.  I don’t know about you but if I don’t keep checking that list, I forget things. TORAH brings us back, back to YHWH.  Becoming as a child again as Messiah noted, having chores and wanting to be taught and nurtured by YHWH. SEEK and you shall find and KNOCK and the door (connection) will be opened unto you. Starting over as a child and getting back to the ‘foundation’ of our Faith, which is Torah. The “Word”. 

All the answers, of our ‘doctrinal’ questions, are in the Torah.  There is no other ‘Law’.   Doctrines should never be based on the interpretation of a man or a group of men, of the same agenda.  And rather than a literal translation, they put forth their many ideas of what ‘maybe’ it meant and come up with the best that fits their needs.  But they have to interpret by desire in order to justify their hard-heartedness.

Funny how it keeps pointing back to the Torah.

TORAH TORAH TORAH !!  as in the Torah ‘Codes’; the word T-O-R-A-H spelled forward over and over thru Bereshith (Genesis) and Shemoth (Exodus), pointing forward to “Wayiqra” (The LAW), (Leviticus),the first 2 Books of Torah and In Debarim (Deut), 5th Book  and Bemidbar (Numbers), 4th Book, spelled in reverse over and over H-A-R-O-T, pointing BACK to THE LAW, Wayiqra.

Keep it simple

Sometimes the simple is the hardest thing to see!

Life was to be Simple !

Simple, simple, simple.

Be a shepherd or be a farmer, use your crops and your flocks to barter; that is Yahweh’s money.  Trade with your brothers and neighbors, help each other according to the gifts Yahweh gave each of us.  Our neighbors were to be our family, extended family, clansmen and tribesmen, and sojourners who became Yisra’elites, OF THE SAME FAITH. 

Merchandise from the ‘nations’ is partly to blame for defiling this ‘simple lifestyle’.  Yerushalayim is on the trade route, why would Yahweh choose Yerushalayim if He didn’t want them to enter that trade market?  Good question. 

Did He not say He would put stumbling blocks before them, and did He not say; He would test them?  The choice of life and death are ever before us.  The simple life was the good choice and they chose badly.  And the results are as they are, Israel is not following Yahweh currently and His blessings extend only to serve His purpose keeping them alive but not in good favour.  If they were, there would be a Heykal and YHWH would be dwelling there.

I believe the Prophets were rebuking the merchants ports for their guilt in the matter of the ‘worldly goods’; He destroyed them.

And in the finality of it all, “There will be NO Merchants”, and you say; “that only applies to the Temple”.  My son, our LIFE will be the Heykal of YHWH, we will serve each other and provide for each other with the Blessings of YHWH , growing and sharing the bounty of all that we need, serving YHWH and each other that is our service, the rest is Praising and Blessing Yahweh/Yahusha.

 I think it is highly possible, the next ‘age’, His Thousand years, His ‘model’ people, ‘Yisra’el’, will be the re-newed True Remnant, who will keep the Covenant.  And the ‘world’ that is left and outside of Yisra’el, will see the ‘Light’ in Yisra’el and given plenty of time to make the FINAL choice, before haSatan is loosed and tries to deceive, no prophecy I know of indicates how many, or how few will survive and enter the True Promised Land, except the Words of Yahusha, “only a few find “the Narrow Path”. 

Another amazing thing, is the ‘Blessings and the Curse (which is temporary)’ that comes with The Ruach.  Blessings behind us; there is, sadly, a curse that applies even in righteousness, it is the mark of the malakim from Yirmeyahu’s prophecy, we are those who sigh and cry for the True Yerushalayim and for the apostasy of Yahweh’s people.  We bare the sorrow of their fall, we bare the sorrow of family and friends whom we have had to part company and leave behind to follow Yahusha, knowing their final destination, having called them as Yahweh reveals to us to reach out, and their denial of the Truth.  And for those who have lost all chance to turn back having passed(died) in their sin, knowing where they are or will be.  It is painful!!

And through that, amazingly, there is a Shalom of assurance of our expectation that He is Truthful to His Word and we will someday offer our crowns to Whom they truly belong; YAHWEH/YAHUSHA.  Because we obeyed, and found favor in His eyes.

Pro 21:21  He who pursues righteousness and kindness Finds life, righteousness and esteem.

Pro 15:9  The way of the wrong one Is an abomination to יהוה, But He loves him who pursues righteousness.

Pro 14:26  In the fear of יהוה is strong trust, And His children have a place of refuge.

Pro 14:27  The fear of יהוה is a fountain of life, To turn away from the snares of death.


Abide in Messiah

Come out of Babel

 see also the extended study "Babel, Coming Out"

It is so amazing, the process we have to go through in order to understand the Truth, once you SEE it.  It resonates as the light comes in.

I have studied and dug and read all the different ‘opinions’ as to who or where, ‘babel’ is today.  And like so many interpretations they are mixed with truth and untruth. 

For some time I was convinced that America was the modern ‘babel’ of Scripture. Before that it was The Roman Catholic Church that I thought was ‘babel’, I see now I was following the teachings of men and not His Word.  Though there is some truth in both theories.

His Word reveals the Truth, if you dig with a heart to PLEASE Yahweh. I once heard it said and it resonated; “The ‘Fear’ of Yahweh is; I love Him so much, I would never want to do anything to hurt Him”

My heart skipped and I had to swallow it back down.

If we live in the Ruach He sends us, it matters not where our body is. He protects us, He will either transport you away to safety, or put a shield up around you where you stand.  That is the Ruach, that is His promise if we dwell in the shadow of His Wings. (Teh. 91)

Babel is Not a nation or a people, but it is a state of mind/heart.  Babel; is the ‘confusion’ of the ‘word’, and is the confusion of the 'world'.  We come out of babel when we turn to Yahweh.

In ‘turning to Yahweh’, we begin by learning about Yahweh.  Before we can know Him and love Him we must know what it is that He desires from us in coming to Him.  Loving Him with all our heart, mind, nefesh (soul) and strength.  That means; Doing His will and obeying His Commands, knowing what pleases Him and doing it.

We are given the Wisdom through His Word and we are told; “To Get Wisdom”; meaning, you and I must make the effort to diligently search the Scriptures for all Truth, and we are later told that the Ruach leads us to all Truth.  You cannot find the Truth without the True Ruach.  Searching and “seeking His face”, being a detective, weeding out the false and digging out His Hidden Truth.

His Hidden Truth


Yahweh did allow His Word to be defiled and corrupted; the Strong Delusion that He promised if they/we did not guard His Torah/Covenant.  As it was man that defiled it against His Command not to add or take away, they altered and did in fact take away from the Word of Yahweh, anything that did not agree with their new found ways, in and after their exile to Babel.  That is when Yahweh took away their True lip and began to give the Yehudim over to the man-made laws of men, bringing them into Confusion (babel).  That is where the Scriptures of Yahweh became the ‘Jewish’ bible and Talmud and later what we have today.  The original Script of Paleo Hebrew was also taken away by Yahweh and replaced with the Babelian script of modern Hebrew, a mere copy, defiled and incomplete. A ‘new’ ‘religion’, “Judaism”, and they fashioned a new language around their mixed worship of Bel and Ba’al and others, they re-named Yahweh and hid His Name from the ‘world’ and called Him by the name of the Babelian god, as it is this day (2012).  They forsook the Creator's Calendar and took on the Babelian Calendar that worships a different 'moon' god every month, speaking the names of those pagan gods every day, and accepting the moon as their prognosticator of the year.  These things were forbidden the Yisra'elites in Torah.

Had Yahweh not hidden His Truth within His Word, it too would have been destroyed.  So Yahweh hid His Truth in His Word so that only those who fulfill His Commands and possess His “ONE’ own Ruach, having received the Power that comes sometime after the initial ruach, to open your eyes to SEE His Truth, and open the ears to HEAR His Truth.

Coming Out of Babel, for which, each and every one of us is being commanded to do, can be accomplished without your getting up off the couch. (`cept maybe onto your knees) If you heed the call to “Come Out of Babel”, and make what you learn a ‘lifestyle’, then, upon His Return, it will not matter ‘where’ on Earth you are located.  He will miraculously gather you back to His Land, where He gathers the True Remnant, His People, Yisra’el.

Babel is the whole ‘world’, except the few who find “The Narrow Path”. 

Coming Out of Babel brings you Out of Confusion, into the light and into His Truth. As the Dead Sea Scrolls read;  He opens our eyes and reveals to us "the Secrets of the Way Things Are".


‘Re’ Legions’ is equal to: many thousands of ‘sun-gods’

If you are associated with a ‘religion’ that has literally 100’s of different denominations, only One has the whole Truth, and it is NOT a ‘Re’-legion. In fact, coming out of babel includes coming OUT of ‘religion’. 

There are different ‘denominations’ or differing forms of ‘Judaism’, because they cannot agree on what the ‘bible’ says, nor can they agree on how they ‘desire’ to practice their ‘sects’ ways, their own forms of worship, which depend on where the mixture of religions occurred (what country and what pagan religions brought in their forms of worship of their pagan gods, mixing the worship that is forbidden in the Everlasting Torah of Yahweh), and found their way into a mixed body of a copy of a ‘Kristos’.  Another sun-deity with a sun-disk round his head, a copy of the Real Messiah.

They were driven to establish their man-made doctrines by interpreting ‘bible’ verses based on a desired outcome, using ‘out of context’ wording to prove their opinion.  Making their ‘doctrine’ line up with their false teaching that the ‘old law’ was done away with.  Twisting the Word of Yahweh and changing His ‘Favour’ into a license for lasciviousness.  It was NOT The ‘unlearned’ men that did this but the OH SO scholarly who have led Yahweh’s people astray.

Differing ‘doctrines’, differing beliefs, differing interpretations, how is that being ‘like-minded’ as we are commanded to be?  Different forms of worship, different flags and different Banners, following different ‘men’, ‘church-fathers’, with different opinions, written in old books held and controlled by the ‘seat of evil’ the Vatican.  Sounds so ‘confusing’ to me, like many differing ‘spirits’.

Who is the ‘author of confusion’?  Who has ‘legions’ of ‘spirits’ to do his bidding?

The Ruach of Yahusha is ONE, who abides in many, IF they follow Him.  One Ruach has the same Word for all that Abide in Him. Removing all confusion (babel) and bringing us to like-mindedness.

Coming out of Babel!

The present ‘state’ of the world is;

Prophecy Fulfilled

As Yahweh said; warned, promised and sent numerous Prophets to declare and He even came Himself but they would not listen and turn; “If they do not guard My Torah and Commands, and they break My Covenant with them, I will scatter Yisra’el to the furthest parts of the four corners of the Earth.”  And we are still in ‘exile’!

Every nation on Earth has the remnants of the Hebrew people, and a very many people do not even know they have HEBREW blood in them.  Beware, those who may hate, you could very well be one.

Yahweh’s wrath was so great as to strip us of all heritage, to the point that only He knows His Remnant.  And only Yahweh knows who of the remnant of Hebrews will become His True Remnant People, Yisra’el.  Only Yahweh knows of all the people of His Earth who have become or will become enjoined into Yisra’el, through entering His True Covenant. FOR REAL!!! And Forever!

As prophesied, He gave us over to worship the hosts of the heaven, the sun, moon, planets, stars, each one a ‘demi-god’ and named for that pagan/mythological demi-god.

America is led by these very same demi-gods and other pagan deities, just as America is a melding of peoples from all over the planet, each mixing in their ‘religion’.  Again, FORBIDDEN in The Scriptures, His Torah!  Their monuments and statues and ‘architectural’ design of their capital buildings of government are proof of this Fact.  Designed from the models of the temples of the ‘gods’ of Greece and Roman Mythology (Yah hates), that they are really serving, ‘lady justice’—a pagan goddess, statue of libertas—pagan goddess, the statue standing on top of the capital building is also ‘libertas’.  Washington monument—Ba’al the sun gawd of fortune; pay attention, this is important; Ba’al Gawd is ‘ba’al’=lord and ‘gawd’ is god, you are worshipping the ‘lord god’; “Ba’al. Gawd of Fortune” not Yahweh.  You are serving mammon, Not YAHWEH, the ‘church’ is mammon, merchants, big BIG business.

Other proof is in the Calendar in use today that breaks the commands of Yahweh, on a daily basis, and the christian holi-days (hol eek! days).  The ‘vatican’ and its display of the monument to Ba’al, the sun-god, ‘gawd’  (the obelisk) surrounded by the ‘sun’ dial with all the pagan, Roman and Greek gods in the circumference of the court. Where all the sun-deities of all the ‘world’s’ religions will meet and do meet.  The ‘legions’ of pagan sun-gods.

 The 'uniting' of the world religions has already begun.  A sign we are entering Ya'aqob's distress, the vatican and the inclusion of these gods in the 'catholic' (universal) court, is of old, as old as the vatican and as old as those who formed the church, and the blind miss it, and even refuse to recognize the facts when presented.  Universal includes the gods associated to the bodies (hosts) in the heavens, gods named for the sun and the moon and all the hosts of the heavens. This can only be by the strong delusion of YHWH to an Apostate 'world'.

today, the world is calling for 'unity' and tolerance for all the 'other' religions, sighting christianity, judaism and islam as the tree 'major' religions, and more delusional is the idea these 3 are the same, the Elohim of Yisra'el, when in reality NONE of the 'gods' these 'religions' worship, are the Elohim of Yisra'el, for His Name is YHWH, and none are calling on YHWH, except His True Remnant, and His True Remnant will not, call YHWH by any other name. PERIOD!

Nowhere in Scripture is there any tolerance for the religions of the nations, there is no 'allowance' for tolerance for the pagan religions, this has been the error of the christians from the beginning.  Accepting the traditions of these nations when they 'convert' to christianity, yielding christianity as a 'chimerah', a religion, made up of many religions, all coming together, with the church and the emperor Constantine kicking it off, bringing the change of the day of worship, doing away with Shabath for the 'venerable day of the sun' and from that time on every pagan custom has entered the church, and many of these pagan traditions are celebrated by the whole of Babel, in one form or another, and none hold to the Moedim of YHWH, the True Set Apart Days have been defiled by taking on a calendar that changes the days of YHWH, so the jews of today are observing the wrong days, because they have prognosticated by the moon.  Not only the jews but any who are attempting to observe His Moedim,but are 'worshiping' a 'lunar' calendar, where they must 'sight' the 'new' moon, (that is really already a week old) to establish the beginning of their lunar month.  

Accepting the ways of the nations was also the error of the Yisra'elites throughout their history, and it continues today!!  When will they wake up and HEAR the WORD of YHWH?  MIXED WORSHIP IS FORBIDDEN THE PEOPLE OF YHWH. "...not one jot or tittle..."

Beware of the Copy(ies)

Ole haSatan has been on earth for 6000 years.  He is an expert in what he does, if practice makes perfect and wisdom comes with ‘age’, 6000 years has given him perfection in what he does.  But not undefeatable!! NOT against Yahweh, there is ONE that saves.

The ‘world’ has a copy of YHWH, it is:  ‘god’

The ‘world’ has copies of Messiah, and many Anti-Messiahs, starting with a false teacher/prophet or two and a couple of hundred years later; a ‘kristos’.

The ‘world’ has ‘legions’ of copies of HaQodesh Ruach, known as ‘spirits’.

There is only One Father, Yahweh and One Messiah, Yahusha, and Their/His ‘Ruach’ are all ONE. [1]

Yahweh, Yahusha and Ruach are ALWAYS in Agreement.  If you have the True Ruach abiding in you, He will lead you to do Yahweh’s will, which is always ‘righteous’.  He is the Power that resists temptations, His Ruach in you, leads you to His Truth and to Righteousness.  This is the part that cannot be copied, because the purpose of the ‘copy’ is to deceive and make you give in to temptations, the True Ruach foils his plot, this is the test of authenticity. 

If you are not walking righteously, if you say you have a ‘spirit’ it is a copy, Cast it Out!  And ‘Get Wisdom’!

Mishle (Proverbs) is Awesome! And important, however, Yahusha points us in several places, to our source of Truth; “The Torah and The Prophets”.

The Torah establishes what righteousness is, and His Prophets have kept calling the world back to Torah and Righteousness, Messiah was/IS the Teacher of Righteousness. 

If what you believe is true and you cannot, no one can, be Righteous before Yahweh/Yahusha, then that means that Yahweh FAILED.  And that ‘ain’t gonna’ happen!!

Seek Yahweh while He may be found!

 Read Mattithyahu 12 & 13



[1] This is NOT ‘trinity’!  There is more to Yahweh than 3, in fact, we are told there are 7 Ruach (Spirits) of Yahweh, if that is 7 outside of Himself, that makes 8. And They are all ONE, not three

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