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Come to Me, says Mashiach, and drink of Living Water

Promises of Redemption

“Repent, for the Reign of YHWH/YHWSHA is near”


YHWSHA’s first words to the people is; a Command to Repent.  The Prophets, every one of them, attempted to call the people back to YHWH, different way of saying the same thing; old; “return to YHWH”.  The new; “Repent”.  SAME THING!!!


Turning, either to, or back to, YHWH brings us to repentance and obedience, into His Covenant.


If YHWH and YHWSHA command us to righteousness, who is convincing the world that we cannot succeed?


The ‘church’ promises ‘Grace’.  Messianic teachers merely change the word ‘grace’ to ‘unmerited favour’, same-same.  Both ignore His word: “you will know them by their works”.


 The idea that all will be forgiven, comes from the many times in the Prophets that promises of pardon are announced.  But not ‘heard’ or only heard in part, the part they want to hear.  “Smooth talk”


This same scenario occurs with every promise of forgiveness, by every prophet of YHWH.  The ones YHWH said He sent, but they would not listen to them.


They ‘hear’ nothing, until ‘the promise’ and then they stop ‘hearing’ at the last word ‘of the promise of redemption’, and refuse to even acknowledge the warning that follows, that proves their idea wrong.


Yeshayahu 57:16-19 is such an example.  To read these words, one would come to the conclusion, as they do, that in the end, all will be forgiven.  They stopped ‘hearing’ at the last word of v. 19.  But the very next two verses, prove they are hearing in error.  When it gives warning to the wrong, and the final word is: “There is no peace, said my Elohim, for the wrong.”


They miss the fact that Yeshayahu is speaking to two people, or people of two opinions, so to speak.  The wrong, who are the transgressors, who are still in apostasy, (sinners), and those who ‘heard’ the call to return to YHWH, to be healed, that always precedes the promises and the warnings, and returned to YHWH.


His compassion and kindness, is only for those who respond and turn back.  This is the case throughout the Torah, the Prophets, and the teaching of Mashiach and His true emissaries.


On both sides of the promise, in every case, you will find, first a call to turn and repent, with this promise, if you answer the call.  And then, a warning to those who refuse to hear and respond, in many other words, other similar warnings from the Prophets; “Those sinning against Me, shall perish” says YHWH.


The teachers of xianity, and most of the ‘Messianic’ teachers, are doing the same thing to their followers, that the Jews, Priests, Pharisees and Sadducees, did to Yisra’el, until Mashiach came.  But now, it is even worse, because they have, following Mashiach, renewed the same lie, spoken to Chauah in the garden; “surely you will not die.” (for your sin).


‘Grace’, though you remain a sinner, you will be forgiven and redeemed, Fear Not!’


He said; “The beginning of wisdom is the Fear of YHWH”


O’ that you would come, and I would heal you, but you would not.


Would a Loving Elohim give a Law that is impossible to keep?  Or has our rebellion brought to this false conclusion.  He said: “It is NOT too hard for you”.


We are the ones who make it hard.  If we had obeyed Him from the beginning, we would be living in a heaven on Earth.  There would be no evil today, if we had purged it as He said.


Only we are to blame!


The opening of the ears begins with you.  He will not give you sight until you ask for it, with a clean heart.


Do not listen to those who say you cannot be righteous, they lie!  He does not come to the body that is sinning, He is The Set-apart One and will not enter an evil abode.  And without Him, you cannot succeed, clean your house and invite Him in.


If you understand His Word, you will live this life, For the next Life, not for this one.  This life is temporary and by His design is our time in the wilderness, to learn His Way.  This life is the test, to establish our worthiness to enter His Reign, to live forever with Him.


This life is a test! A test to your heart, to your mind, to your soul and your strength.


Mashiach said nothing would change from the Torah and the Prophets till Heaven and Earth disappear.  There is not one word of Torah, that applies to you or I, that we cannot fulfill.  Unless you are a Lewite and a Cohane, they have not kept their part of the Torah, and we have no say in that.  There are no Priests to give tithes to, and those that call themselves by the many names they go by, all transgressing His command not to call ourselves by these ‘titles’.  The command to not call yourself, ‘rabbi’, includes every term that infers you have authority.  Because YHWSHA IS our Authority and we need none other.


From the beginning YHWH said:  “sin is crouching at the door, and YOU MUST master it”.  (emphasis mine, LOL)


It will rain, whenever you ask


Brother Yared


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