The Narrow Path

Come to Me, says Mashiach, and drink of Living Water

Where We Went Wrong


Where We Went Wrong

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.


We have forsaken the Torah of our Elohim.  That is the answer in a nutshell.   Yisra’el’s rebellion began from the beginning.  They could not remove the ways of pagan gods from their hearts having known these other gods while learning servitude to the Mitsrites for 220+/- years.  Just as we have a hard time shedding (overcoming) the traditions of whatever ‘religion’ you may be coming from.

The first ‘trial’ of YHWH by the Yisra’elites, just days after hearing YHWH’s Voice and His Ten Words was to break the very 1st two Words and make a god (idol) of gold and they fashioned it in the form of the gods they knew from their captivity.  It didn’t take them long to forget the awesome miracles YHWH showed them when He brought them out of captivity.

Even 40 years and a complete turnover of a generation, every man over 20 at the time of Shemoth, died in the wilderness, yet they still rebelled against YHWH’s Commands.  Of course there was the episode with Ba’al Peor, when they learned of new gods and began new ‘traditions’ learned from those people of the nations.

When YHWH led them into His promised land, He commanded them to completely annihilate (put under the ban) the existing population of Kena’an and the neighboring 6 nations, because of the immoral ways of these people.  The immoral ways that we are confronted with every day in every place we go in the world today.  Every Command of YHWH in His Torah is being broken and everything He hates is being done today as part of what’s ‘normal’; tattoos and piercings, gay rights and passing laws against ‘discriminating’ against someone doing what is forbidden in Scripture/Torah.  If someone owns a business, they now cannot refuse to do business with a homosexual, even though it is forbidden the people of YHWH to do business with one practicing such things. 

From the time they entered the Promised Land they began to disobey YHWH.   I have doubts that they understood or viewed the ‘Oath’ of the Covenant any differently than most people today.  “Rules are made to be broken”, “There are exceptions to every rule”, “ignorance is bliss”, if I don’t know about it, how can I be responsible for it?  Don’t speak the hard Truth; speak to me ‘smoothly’, “tickle my ears”, “Tell me everything is going to be okay, no matter what I do.

In the books of Yehoshua and Shophetim it is ‘claimed’ that the Yisra’elites followed YHWH until the death of Yehoshua and the priests that were under him.  Here lies one of many discrepancies in the writings we ‘call’ Scripture.

They obviously had not followed YHWH completely, they did not follow His command to put the inhabitants of Kena’an ‘under the ban’, they stopped short in several ways.

All Yisra’el was to continue, as a family, to take the land and to remove the pagans from the land, until all 12 tribes had inherited and had found rest.  The truth is; all 12 tribes of Yisra’el, the 9 ½, and the 2 ½, all fought for Yehudah’s allotted inheritance and several of the other tribes, but it seems once they got their inheritance, they rested and stopped helping the remaining tribes find rest.  YHWH had promised that He would be with them and fight for them, but it also states here, that in speaking of Menashsheh and Ephrayim; “they were unable to drive out the Kena’anites”.  YHWH had also stopped helping them.  WHY?  The Only possible answer to this question is; They had strayed from the commands of YHWH.  Menashsheh was left on their own to take possession of their allotted inheritance.  In this example, I have to ask, is this in line with the command of YHWH, when He told them to conquer the land, all the land, and then they would have rest and the tribes could go to their allotted inheritance, helping each other until the job was completed?

Yehoshua 17

But the children of Menashsheh were unable to drive out the inhabitants of those cities, for the Kenaʽanites desired to dwell in that land.

And it came to be, when the children of Yisra’el were strong, that they put the Kenaʽanites to compulsory labour, but did not utterly drive them out.

And the children of Yoseph spoke to Yehoshua, saying, “Why have you given us but one lot and one portion to inherit, seeing we are a great people whom יהוה has blessed until now?”

And Yehoshua said to them, “If you are a great people, go up to the forest and clear a place for yourself there in the land of the Perizzites and the Repha’ites, since the hill country of Ephrayim is too narrow for you.”

Then the children of Yoseph said, “The hill country is not enough for us, and all the Kenaʽanites who dwell in the land of the valley have chariots of iron, both those who are of Beyth She’an and its towns and those who are of the Valley of Yizre’el.”

And Yehoshua spoke to the house of Yoseph, to Ephrayim and to Menashsheh, saying, “You are a great people and have great power, you are not to have one lot, for the hill country shall be yours. For though it is a forest, you shall cut it down, and its farthest limits shall be yours. For you are to drive out the Kenaʽanites, though they have iron chariots and are strong.”

The Kena’anites were of the nations that YHWH had commanded to be put under the ban, completely annihilated and destroyed from the land, expressly commanded NOT to make alliances with them and share the land with them, even as compulsory labor, this falls short of YHWH’s command to them.

But Yehoshua tells them they have to do it themselves, it is simple, they did not obey YHWH’s command to drive out all of these 7 nations that occupied Kena’an, leaving a condition that persists to this very day (2013).  Not only did they not drive them out, but they co-habitated with them.  If they were truly following YHWH, He would have been with them in their battles.  If they were not strong enough and unable to win their battles, it is only because YHWH was not with them; remember Ai; one man’s disobedience.

They were not following YHWH with a whole heart.  This process took a number of years, and according to the ‘Oath’ of the Covenant, they were to keep themselves pure at all times, able to approach the attending priest with the best of his/her first-fruits, once every 3 years, and swear they had established the Torah of YHWH for the previous 3 years, this was in essence a renewal of the Oath promising again to continue following YHWH for the next 3 years.

From the command made by Mosheh, from YHWH, the ‘Oath’ has never been taken seriously.  From that beginning, very early into the campaign, they began making and taking oaths ‘of men’, and finding themselves in violation of YHWH’s Oath, to uphold these secular alliances they were making.  Though they were deceived into the alliance, again, if they had but simply consulted with YHWH, He would have revealed the deception to them before they spoke so quickly.  with the Oath of YHWH, His promise to us for righteous living is His protection.  They fell into this of their own doing.  Doing what was right in their own eyes, rather than seeking YHWH's blessing. 

If we simply stop and ask YHWH, the way in which we should go, He makes the jaw-dropping-est things happen, to show us the way, in an instant.  And YHWH has proven this once again to me this very day.  As I sat outside, enjoying the new surroundings, having setup the 5th wheel for preparation day and Shabath, as I am on the road again, looking for more solitude to think upon the Name of YHWH more, avoid the ’world’ even more, continuing the journey Out of Babel!

The RV Park where I stopped only had short-term spaces available; all the long-term spaces are full.  The initial day and a half search was looking pretty grim on finding a space other than ‘weekly’ or at least ‘weekly rates’.  After a bit of a frustrating 100 mile drive this morning, and before I started writing this study, I had pencil and paper in hand, setup my camping chair and little table, finally got a cup of coffee after not even finding a coffee shop in that 100 mile drive, and I sat down to write this.  And before I began I prayed YHWH would lead me in this writing and still feeling a bit frustrated and not knowing what to do next, I asked Him; “Where do I go from here, show me Your Way”.

Not a half an hour later, one of the park employees, (or maybe; ‘the’ park employee) pulled up and asked me if I still wanted a long-term space?  Halel U Yah!

The managers turned one of the short-term spaces into a monthly space, and they knocked off 50 bucks a month for the one small drawback, I have to tote my waste water to the dump-site a 100 yards away when they get full, and they have a portable tote for that I can use.  Until one of the monthly spaces opens up and I have first rights on an empty space.  I am now sitting in that temporary spot, fully anchored and jacked in place.  Shabath is still 4 hours away. Praise YHWH!  He is an awesome El!

Where am I?  I think in a little slice of Heaven, I just took a bunch of pictures around my space and where I sit writing this.  I am one mile south of the north entrance to the “Avenue of the Giants”, in the Giant Redwood Forest, and YHWH’s artwork in unspeakable beauty.  The next trip I take through the ‘Avenue’, I will have the camera in hand.  The Avenue follows along the ever-so winding Eel River.  Oh Yum!  BIG Salmon and Steelhead Trout!  YHWH does provide!

I have been living in this 5th wheel for 5 years and 1 month now, leaving Missouri and have been chasing climate since then.  Payson, where I just left, got too cold this last winter, I cannot do another winter like that, the trailer is just not built for 6 degree overnight temps, and I do not do well in the heat either, being ‘girded in sweat’ is not a ‘option’, it is unavoidable.

I am being told that the yearly mean average temp here is 69 degrees, cooling to a lows of 40 in winter and the days rarely pass the low to mid 80’s in the summer, it does not get down to freezing and I found on this Shabath, I had to follow the shade and move a few times, but in the shade it is most pleasant.  I am again, being told that this is usually 7th and 8th month weather, so I am experiencing the high temps of the year, now in early 5th month, all these of the pagan calendar.

It is plush and green; I would imagine growing some crops all year long.  A Yahad of Elohim would do quite well in this area.  The soil here is almost black, I passed a freshly turned and finely ground field this morning, like the day before the furrows are formed, and it was like an invitation to go and dig and plant.

YHWH is the Living Elohim!  He does lead His people, His people who serve Him, and seek Him, with all their heart; He does show them the Way, and He opens doors that had been closed off.  We must be willing to let Him lead.  Do nothing without bringing it before the Father, asking constantly for His direction.  This is ‘serving’ Him; I have completed the task You have given me, what is our next step?  YHWH loves this!

We must not assume to know what is right in the eyes of YHWH, given specific circumstances of life, we end up only doing what is right in our own eyes, when all we have to do is open your mouth and your heart and ask YHWH, He answers those who do so.

The Yisra’elites of Yehoshua’s time were obviously not doing so.  As the leader of the tribes, Yehudah, once they received their allotted inheritance, they stopped helping the rest of the tribes of Yisra’el conquer their inheritance.  Disobeying the command to finish the job, they stopped obeying YHWH, so YHWH stopped winning their battles for them.  They want to do it their own way, fine, let them do it on their own.

The ‘crux’ of the ‘Oath’ of YHWH is blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience, the Way of Life, and the way of death.

The next way we went wrong, as a result of the previous failure, is, in fact, the most grievous of all transgressions; following pagan gods, and this was rampant in Yisra’el from that day until this day, all Yisra’el has been handed over, scattered to the 4 corners of the earth, serving these pagan gods of the nations.  Today, a child could count the number of the True Remnant of Yisra’el.  So many ‘think’ they are a part of the remnant, but they are not.  Most are serving pagan gods, be it may in ignorance, never the less, we transgress in not testing every spirit, every detail of the practices and the ‘traditions’ that we have inherited from our forefathers, to make certain, the roots of traditions are of YHWH and not pagan.  The world has been led astray by these practices and the truth is available, if you do as Scripture commands and test every aspect of these traditions.  Symbolism is a major point of contention here.  The ‘cross’ and the fish symbol and all the idolatry of churchianity, as well as in the Jewish ‘religion’ they use the ‘star of Dawid’ but that was a symbol of the pagan god Kiyyun and the Yisra’elites were specifically chastised for that very symbol in Scripture.  A very simple web-search brings that to light, but those who refuse to hear the truth, continue to be guided by this prominent sign of Judaism and more recently the ‘messi-anic’ jewish faction that seems to be booming.  But this is simply further mixing of religions.  As a bride to be that is from another nation, coming to enter the Oath, must be shaven and the old clothes of her pagan nation thrown out, she is to shed all of the pagan ways she may potentially bring in with her.  She mourns her father and her mother for a month. And then, she is permitted to learn the Torah and enter the Oath.  We must do the same thing, and avoid bringing into the congregation of Yisra’el any defiled practices.  We must leave all the church doctrines behind, taking extreme care to shed all of our old ways, the ways we learned from our forefathers.  If there is even the slightest hint that it might come from pagan origins, we must set it aside and leave it behind.  Guilt by association, and condoning anything that transgresses the Torah of YHWH, brings the same judgment as the one breaking Torah.

Breaking Torah is breaking the Oath we swore, with our life, to uphold and obey.  The oath we are to re-new every 3 years.  The Oath we swore to YHWH must take precedence over any other oaths we make with men.  The smartest thing to do is not swear any other oath at all, other than the Oath of the Covenant of YHWH, which is required.  For me, I have taken an oath to not make any oath other than to YHWH.

We went terribly wrong by not taking the Oath of the Covenant of YHWH with the utmost of seriousness.  Swearing by your very life that you will uphold and obey every word of YHWH’s Torah, that is your responsibility, and knowing ahead that every 3 years you are to present to the standing priest that you have obeyed every word, command and precept of His Way, and promising to continue this for your entire life.  Shouldn’t this be taken seriously?  It is a matter of Life and death!

I believe taking the Oath seriously is the 1st step in circumcising the heart to YHWH, searching to know what pleases Him and doing that, and only that.  If we make the conscious decision and take the initiative to put it into action, then, YHWH will, as Deb 30 states, as part of the Oath, “and YHWH your Elohim shall circumcise your heart…”  we cannot do this on our own.  Only with Him can it happen.  But, if you do not “return to YHWH”, first, it will never happen; 

Deu 30:10 if you obey the voice of יהוה your Elohim, to guard His commands and His laws which are written in this Book of the Torah, if you turn back to יהוה your Elohim with all your heart and with all your being.

Mashiach was probably quoting from Deb. 30 when He taught the greatest command:

Deu 30:14-16  “For the Word is very near you, in your mouth and in your heart – to do it.  “See, I have set before you today life and good, and death and evil, in that I am commanding you today to love יהוה your Elohim, to walk in His ways, and to guard His commands, and His laws, and His right-rulings. And you shall live and increase, and יהוה your Elohim shall bless you in the land which you go to possess.

YHWH will never leave you nor forsake you, as long as you keep near to Him.  If you forsake Him, you break the Covenant and the relationship with Him, and only the curses will be left to you.  He did not forsake you, you forsook Him.

So, YHWH had left them to fight their own battles, and without Him, no battles were victorious.  They were unable to conquer their inheritance, but instead, co-habitated with them, making alliances with those who YHWH had put under the ban and they bowed to their pagan gods.

The “Fear of YHWH” is lost to the vast majority of mankind because of all the whitewashed, watered- down ‘teachings of men’ who call for a merciful ‘god’, but refuse to follow Him.  They want to do what is right in their own eyes, and then rely on a false sense of ‘mercy’ or ‘grace’.  YHWH’s mercy extends only to those who have turned back to Him and are in obedience to His Torah and all His Commands, turning to Him with a whole heart, having learnt the ‘Fear’.

For all my life, from youth as a ‘christian’, to the next stage of Pauline messi-anism, and messi-anic judaism; I always heard, as if being drilled into the brain, the words; “He will never leave you nor forsake you”.  they completely ignore the ‘If’s’ that go with this promise, this Truth.  IF, you abide in Him, follow Him, walk in His Way, obey the Torah and know; the Fear of YHWH; then, He will never leave you nor forsake you.

I never heard spoken or taught what YHWH stated; He will forsake you! If you have forsaken Him. (Deb. 31), ‘they’ teach His mercy and forgiveness, but the Fear of YHWH is not taught and only lightly passed over, with no understanding.

Deb 32:28-30 “For they are a nation lost to counsel, And there is no understanding in them.  “If they were wise, They would understand this, They would consider their latter end!   “How would one chase a thousand, And two put ten thousand to flight, Unless their Rock had sold them, And יהוה had given them up?

Yes, YHWH had given them up to those pagan nations, because they had forsaken Him.  “considering their latter end”  is this not a reference to His day of wrath?  Is it not about the “Fear of YHWH”?

“The Fear of YHWH is the beginning of wisdom”.  The Yisra’elites were not following, nor fearing YHWH, throughout the years of the life of Yehoshua and to the end of the lives of the priests under him.  The proof is in the fact that they could not or would not finish the job of destroying the Kena’anite nations.

But, we have this book of the ‘bible’ that states that they did remain faithful till that generation of priests passed.  Obviously this is not supported by the facts, and the rebuke from YHWH concerning the oath they made with the inhabitants of Gid’on.

It is totally understandable how the leavening of bread is associated with sin.  Once leaven is introduced to the flour, it is virtually impossible to remove it.  even if it sat in a little pile on the surface of the flour, if one would choose to remove it, it would be nearly impossible to remove it without sacrificing a good amount of ’precious, life-sustaining’  flour.  The sinners were to be purged out of the assembly of YHWH, before they got mixed in.  like leprosy, once infected it is rare that it be atoned for.  Sin infests everything it touches and once introduced it runs rampant to the point where the entire batch needs to be eliminated.  As I see it, very few people of this earth can be satisfied eating only unleavened bread for what remains of their life on earth, from whatever age one might be when they ‘Truly’ enter the Covenant of YHWH.  I speak this metaphorically as there is nothing at all wrong with eating leavened bread, of course except at Pasach and the Festival of Unleavened Bread.  If desires of the flesh are not purged immediately they will take us away quite quickly, few resist the leaven.  As YHWH told Qayin; “you must master it.”

So, as we move into the Book of Yehoshua, Yisra’el is commanded again, by YHWH, under the hand of Yehoshua, to go in and possess the land. The 2 ½ tribes that chose not to enter the land were directly commanded to enter and fight for their brothers, “until they found rest.”  That means; until they had completed the possession and all the 9 ½ tribes had their inheritance and they had rest, no more war, the evil had been purged from the land YHWH gave them.  That was YHWH’s command(s).  and it was Yehoshua who had found rest in his inheritance and let the 2 ½ tribes go and return to their land beyond the Yarden, short of their commanded task.

The leaven was already entering, and the leaders had initiated it, it became acceptable and eventually the ‘norm’ to fall short of the esteem of YHWH.  Hence we have the ‘world’ of today, the Sedom and Amorah, the Mitsrayim, the Babel, ‘world’ of these; ‘End of Days’, not unlike the world just prior to the flood.

We have so very much to overcome, 3 ½ millennium of more and more leaven being introduced, indoctrination and false teachings, the wishes of dreamers interpreting the plain Word of YHWH, ignoring the True ‘taught ones’ of Mashiach when they told us NOT to interpret the plain word of Scripture, a different interpretation by as many who read it.  The Truth needs no interpretation, the Truth is right there in the words that are written in the pages of His Word.  We just have to allow the TRUE Ruach to guide us to His Truth, getting past the intended deception of those who want you to believe the same lie the Serpent told Chauah (Eve) in the garden;  “Surely you will not die for your sin”, this is the ‘age of grace’ church born concept.  We have been  indoctrinated for that whole 3 ½ millennium with the idea that even the ‘chosen people’ of YHWH, could not keep His Law (Torah), so how can we possibly be expected to do so.  We come to erred conclusions, that no matter how Apostate we become, we are still His chosen people or for some christians, they are now the chosen people.  Much of the world believes the chosen people to be the Jews, but in every case where YHWH speaks of His People, He calls them Yisra’el.  And it is only TRUE Yisra’el that will make up His Remnant people, His People are Yisra’el.  And anyone of any nation on the earth who learns and knows what is required of the people of YHWH and chooses to, can enter the Oath of the Covenant of YHWH and choose to obey the Commandments of YHWH and hold to the Oath we took.  Prepared to stand before our High Priest YHWSHA once every 3 years and pronounce that I have kept His commandments and promise to continue to seek His Righteousness, and ‘if’ I should stumble and sin “by mistake”, I confess before You YHWSHA and I repent of my discretions and they are atoned for, by Your mercy, and I immediately step back on Your Narrow path, with a heavy heart for having failed You.  And Your hand touches me, I feel the warmth of Your hand on my shoulder, and the joy returns, knowing Your Love for those of Your Way.

The next way we went wrong, or at least, in the scope of conspiracy, to indoctrinate us into this same understanding of the acceptance of more and more transgression and they seem to get away with it, because we are later told, even though the facts written do not support the statement that they were faithful to YHWH, till Yehoshua and the priests who served under him had all passed on.  They may have been at times, but obviously not fully, or YHWH would have continued to fight for them, they would not have been unable to drive out the pagans, if YHWH was still with them.

The Tanakh was canonized by Talmudic, Hellenized Jews of the days some 200 years before Mashiach.  While the Torah states “Do not add to nor take away from the Words of this Torah, they had no problem what-so-ever altering what was written, removing whatever they desired and adding in the pagan names of the months and disregarding the True Calendar of YHWH, given to Enoch and accepting, or adopting the moon worship calendar of Babel.  They had no problem at all, removing all the teachings of Righteousness that existed in the ‘rest of the story’, which is found in the Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS).  And then we have the ‘mantra’ that states; the ‘bible’ is the inerrant word of ‘god’.  If it was inerrant, there would not be one single discrepancy or contradiction in His inerrant Word, but we have many, many, discrepancies.  These are what YHWH allowed to enter His Word, but as I said before, He did insist on the Truth being left there for those who truly Seek Him, finding the purposely mistranslated words that lead us astray, accepting sin as a ‘human condition’ that is impossible to avoid.  YHWH’s Word NEVER says you can’t keep His Commands, it does say that they ‘would not’ keep His Commands, because of their rebellious and hard-heart.  A heart uncircumcised, as His Word states, the circumcised heart, can become uncircumcised, by our neglect of YHWH, while the flesh circumcision cannot be undone.  I believe that is why both are required, as Yehezqel states. (Yeh. 44)

Another acceptance of sin into the assembly of YHWH, came with again what I believe to be ‘conspiratorial’, was the translation of the word to depict Rahab as a ‘whore’ and they welcomed her and her entire family, though it be outside the camp for some period of time.  The sins of a whore are grievous in the eyes of YHWH.  Inviting them to follow their camp is in no-way purging the sin from the congregation of YHWH.  By accepting what we have all been taught, that a ‘whore’ saved all of Yisra’el in Yeriho, is absurd.  This was all written in the old original Paleo Hebrew, the language YHWH stripped them of when He exiled them to Babel.  The True Hebrew is a ‘pure’ or Qodesh lip, they were no longer found to be ‘worthy’ of His pure lip.  It was much, much later that the Jews rewrote the Tanakh in the ‘modern’ Hebrew. More on that in a bit.  Here, the point being that they decided, in that same conspiratorial mindset, to ‘define’ the word used as ‘whore’ when in all probability, she was and ‘Inn Keeper’ and not a whore.  She obviously took the high road and did the moral thing to aid the Yisra’elites, morals not found in a woman of ill-repute.  Similarly, we have Miryam of Magdalah; there is not one word in the Scripture that depicts her as a harlot, or prostitute or whore.  The Scripture only says she had 7 evil spirits that YHWSHA expelled from her.  It was some catholic pope somewhere around the 11th century after Mashiach that dubbed her a prostitute.  But then the ‘church’ itself had temple prostitutes serving the priests of the Vatican.  Another way we went wrong, and the conspiracy continues to this very day, this pope adding his spin, about 2400 years after Yisra’el crossed the Yarden. 

The Torah does not allow a ‘whore’ to live; they are to be purged from amongst YHWH’s people.  the ‘seed’ planted in the Scripture, by these self-serving ‘religious’ leaders, is more sin prevailing, and less and less of the Fear of YHWH.  In this way, we have more to overcome, we have to dig deeper to find the nuggets of truth, (pearls of such great and awesome value), and Yisra’el at that time would have known the truth about Rahab.  Naturally as an outsider and especially as of one of those nations that were to be put under the ban, they would have kept her outside the camp.  At least until she had learned the ways of YHWH.  To believe that she was a whore is the beginning of ‘tolerance’, tolerance of those pagans and all their ways.

Tolerance is nowhere to be found in the Torah of YHWH, nor is it in the Prophets in an ‘accepting’ way.  They were strongly rebuked for all these transgressions by YHWH, through His Prophets who spoke word for word what YHWH directed them to say.  YHWH put the words in the mouths of His Prophets.  Tolerance is also not found in any of the Words of Mashiach, it is the ‘interpreters, who lead His people astray who have altered the Truth about the Love of YHWH.  Esau ‘blatantly disregarded’ the commands of his father and mother, who also spoke the Words of YHWH, and when he heard his parents tell Ya’aqob not to marry a pagan woman, he ran out and found and married, yet more, pagan wives, to add to those pagan women he had already.  And because of this YHWH hates Esau.  Will He not hate us if we blatantly disregard His Word?  Only in the minds of those who believe that YHWH’s Torah no longer applies to us.  And now we can begin to see how this all began, right from the beginning.

Tolerance is the acceptance of the ways of all the pagan nations, and learning them and eventually incorporating these pagan traditions into one’s life, every one of the nations that was ‘converted’ to xianity or judaism, brought in all their old ways and traditions, the ways in which the Ever-lasting Covenant, Torah, strictly forbids.  The Torah of YHWH is actually a Torah of Intolerance.  Not only of the mixing of ‘religions’ into the Covenant, but also by simply allowing sin and wickedness, to exist at all within their borders.  The Torah is 100% intolerant to sin.  As YHWH said; “Those who are sinning, shall perish (or die).”   A clear statement of fact from the mouth of our Elohim, YHWH.

The clear message of YHWSHA, was, and is; ‘here is your opportunity for redemption and atonement and pardon; Come to Me, YHWSHA Mashiach/ YHWH Elohim, and I will heal your afflictions, and I will send you My Comforter and He will help you stop sinning, purging the sin out of your life, ‘if’ you just ‘return to YHWH, with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.  Re-enter the Oath of the Covenant of YHWH and receive all His blessings.  YHWSHA laid down the gauntlet, choose Him and Live, or not, and be of those who He would not even pray for in Yohanan, He prayed for those the Father had given Him, but to those who refused to hear Him, He treated as naught.  As He said; “you are either for Me, or you are against Me and you are of the devil.”  He was the last Prophet/Son, to come and attempt to bring them back to YHWH, but they murdered Him, as He spoke the parable of the vineyard, and so the parable is brought to fruition and is completed, 40 years after they did the deed, YHWH brought destruction on the whole land of Yisra’el, giving it into the hands of the Roman pagans, because they forsook the Torah and His Covenant.

YHWH gave the Truth to those who followed after Mashiach, and the 12 ‘true’ emissaries of YHWSHA.

The ‘flock’ of YHWSHA Mashiach survives, or, it is making a comeback, in my case it must be comeback, because I was never taught any of this truth until He reveals it to me by His Ruach, the more I seek Him, He has opened the eyes and the ears to ‘hear’ and ‘see’ His Truth.  If we are not seeking YHWH’s will every step of the Way, He allows us to become deceived, as He did with Gid’on.  He knows beforehand what you are going do, even before you do.  If you simply ask Him, He will reveal all the pitfalls of our lives.  YHWH even rebuked them on the spot, for not having asked for His voice in the matter, before entering an oath with unknown deceivers.  Why are we so quick to enter these alliances with ‘men’, and are held to that oath by the fear of punishment of a financial (mammon) burden placed on us, and the ‘fear of men’, but we so readily forget or disregard the Oath of the Covenant of YHWH and the ‘Fear of YHWH’?

It is because of ‘Tolerance’!  we become more and more accustomed to more and more sin, as this wicked world is now so accepting and tolerant of the abomination of homosexuality, as we approach the ‘decisions of men’ to allow same sex marriages.  More, stated fact from the mouth of our Elohim, YHWH; sexual immorality; which is anything outside the marriage bed, of one man and one woman, and the two become one, is, an abomination to YHWH.  It is the reason He hated the 7 nations in Kena’an.  Everything they did was about their fascination to sex.  Kind of like; No, it IS the same way, in this country and around the world today.  Anything and everything is okay, “do what thou wilt”, “whatever feels good”, and “just ‘do it’”.  we are more and more indoctrinated into accepting the ‘ways of the world’, we fear what ‘man’ can do to us, or how he will treat us for standing up for what is right in the eyes of YHWH, rather than what is right in our own eyes, and do not fear what YHWH will do when He must judge us in right ruling.  YHWH is no more likely to ‘pardon’ your current, un-atoned for sins, transgressions and wickedness, and all those from before, that are no-longer atoned for, because you forsook the Torah of YHWH, than any sitting ‘righteous’ judge in the courts today, would find you guilty, and simply let you go free. It Is Just Not Going To Happen!  Right-Ruling requires atonement. 

When we come before YHWSHA, and confess Him as our High Priest, and Redeemer, He atones for all our ‘past’ sins that had separated us from the relationship with YHWH, and as He said; “Sin No More! So that worse things do not come upon you.”  You are responsible for all your sins from that point on.  As further sin on your part, impales Him on a tree, all over again, and again, and again.  If your sins become habitual, you grieve the Ruach to the point when He leaves you, as the heart can become uncircumcised, your old sins will come back to haunt you, as a dog returning to its vomit, we can return to wallow in all our past sins.  Every sin grieves the Ruach, but repeated sin, grieves Him to the point where He leaves and does not return.  We cannot keep going in and out of ‘sin city’ and keep ourselves from the Pit.  We started again with a ‘clean slate’ when YHWHSA atones for our sins done in ignorance.  But once you understand what He really did for us and you turn back to your old ways, then, there is no more ‘forgiveness’ for the sins you knowingly enter into.  But if your faith in Him is what it should be, His Ruach abides in you and you just do not sin, you hate the evil and love the good, and walk, as He walked, as Commanded.

But we have been taught the exact opposite; that ‘we are all sinners’, ‘all fall short…”, “no one is righteous, no not one”; by these ‘taken out of context’ statements, we again arrive at erred conclusions.

The following statement was written in the Dead Sea Scrolls, by the ‘keepers’ of the True Torah Scrolls, the ‘originals’ and more writings from these High Priests of the Aharonic line of Tsadoq, “the Sons of Tsadoq”.  For whom Yehezqel states are the only Priests who did not stray when ‘all’ the rest of Yisra’el, did go astray.  Did you catch that?  ALL Yisra’el went astray, and in hearing the Words of YHWSHA Mashiach, they never returned, He was taking the ‘sceptre’ from the Jews.  In this passage, it refers to a prophecy of Ya’aqob, ‘left out of the Jewish bible’ and therefore, left out of your bible;

From page 542 DSS in “The Vision of Ya’aqob”:

“Elohim Most High has blessed you, you and your progeny”.

All the righteous and the upright shall be a Remnant [.  .  .  .] no longer will evil be done, lying shall no longer be found [.  .  .  .] Now, take the tablets and read all that is found in them.”

Now, my first reaction to reading this was exuberation and a strong feeling of validation for all that I have believed from the time I started ‘studying’ the Scripture for myself, rather than putting the trust in a ‘man’ standing in a “Pull-Pit.  My next thoughts were and still are; “why do we not have these ‘Tablets’ anymore”?  Where are they?  Were they among the Scrolls that had fallen victim to the elements as a good part of the Scrolls did?   Tablets indicate either stone or possibly clay.  Clay could break down over 2 thousand years in ransacked caves.  And once exposed from the Pottery Jars they were contained in, they may have been slowly decomposing.  But is it not also possible, maybe even probable, that these were hidden or destroyed by the same men who canonized the Hellenized, Jewish ‘Law’?  It seems to me to be a logical possibility, given all the other exclusions and changes they added.  There was a time, about the same time these Righteous Priests of YHWH fled Yerushalayim, around 200 BC, that, some Pagan/foreign ‘dictator’ was searching for every Torah Scroll or writings of YHWH, so that he could destroy them entirely.  But I digress, as for the “righteous and the upright”; they did not give into the ‘Tolerance of sin’, or in the ways of the nations.  They are those to hold to the Oath of the Covenant of YHWH, obeying His Every Word, no matter what.  Even if your family and friends hate you for it, we still must leave them behind to follow Mashiach, all the way ‘home’.  As YHWSHA indicated in Revelation, it is only those who ‘overcome’ all the pit-falls of the ‘teachings of men’, those teaching that there is no danger of eating food sacrificed to idols, ‘if your faith is strong’.  LIES, LIES and more Lies.

This was the prophecy of Ya’aqob; that it is the righteous and upright that make up YHWH’s True Remnant, the ‘only’ ones who are the ’saved’ in the end.  And the other prophecies of Ya’aqob have come true.  There is absolutely no reason to believe this prophecy is not true.  Ya’aqob prophesied that Yehudah would hold the sceptre until ‘Shiloh’ comes.  He did come, in the Flesh, and as the result of their denial of Him, their sceptre was in fact taken away, 40 years after the death and resurrection of YHWSHA.  They just remain in that denial still, today.  He died by the hands of whom Ya’aqob spoke, because they were not about to give up their power and authority.  What a stubborn-hearted people they are, to exist in such denial, knowing full well their error, as they even wrote it in their Talmud, both the Babylonian Talmud and in the Jerusalem Talmud, Writing the account of their shame for the 40 years following the ‘deed’.  And YHWH took it from them anyway; they stand in total Apostasy to this day.  They call themselves ‘Jews’; but they continue to forsake the Torah, and the Oath of the Covenant of YHWH, following all the added laws forbidden by Torah, and they say, the Talmud ‘supersedes’ the Torah.  In ‘blatant’ rebellion of Torah,  apparently they believe they are better qualified to rule the people than YHWH is or was, and YHWH has allowed the deception, as promised, because He knew they would do what they have done and are doing and what they will do.  And it is as He said; “The path is narrow that leads to the narrow gate and only a few find it.”  And they are those who seek YHWH and obey His every Word.

 It is not up to us to make blood sacrifices; it never was on us to do that, that is wholly on the priesthood,  which has so much to atone for.  But every Command of Torah that is not the sole responsibility of the priests, we are going to answer for. 

 Another lie that exists in the hearts of the ‘world’ today is the xians, jews and muslims all serve the same ‘god’. WRONG!!

Read what YHWH says and thinks about ‘sex’ in the Scriptures, and tell me they are following the same Elohim, when they murder anyone who does not agree with them and they offer themselves up to death, for the pleasures of 70 ‘virgins’.  Is that from the same Elohim?  Or are they the descendants of Esau and Yishma’el who went their own way long, long ago.  Are they the remnants of the 7 nations Yisra’el failed to drive out?, ‘sex’ was such a strong form of worship to their pagan gods, 70 virgins falls right in line with that same kind of paganism.  More deceptions that we have been indoctrinated with.  Yishma’el was a bastard son, he had no birthright to begin with, the giving of a handmaid as a 2nd wife to Abraham, was the concoction of ‘woman’.  Yes, maybe it was by YHWH’s allowances, but as stated; He knows what we are going to do before we do it and long before we even exist.  So it is, in a way, a part of His ultimate plan; I think as He said; “if you choose to follow falseness and worthlessness, I will send the strong delusion and allow you to believe these wrong ways” (in so many words).  Yes, another way in which we went wrong.

It is said and written in the Scriptures that ‘Righteousness’ would again be taught to Yisra’el in the Last Days, that someone would rise up and teach righteousness.

I pray YHWH, let me meet this righteous man; I have so much to still learn and so very much too yet overcome.  To ‘know’ You, and to learn to do Your desire.  Strip away all the worldly things that are thrown in Your Path, to be stumbling blocks to anyone who dares to do what is right, in Your eyes.

I thank You, Abba, for your guidance to this place, even more separated from ‘society’, and more solitude to dwell on Your Truth, that I may ‘hear’ Your voice more clearly, without distraction.  Show me Your Word Father, protect me from the vile predators of evil, protect and help me stay girded with the armour of Your Esteem, to declare Your Righteous deeds before men, and to declare Your Qodesh Name to those whom You call and Truly Seek Your Truth.  For it is ‘only’ the Truth that sets us free, Your Torah is a Torah of Freedom, to those who obey.

Todah YHWH ! !

Here is another somewhat fragmented writing from the DSS.  When we truly seek His Face, He will reveal these Truths to us.  And you are ‘initiate master’ and your graduation comes, you are ‘enlightened’, and you know when that is, when you come to true understanding of; the past, present, and future of what is; “the secret of the way things are”.  You can understand in every way, ‘where we went wrong’, the who, what, where, and when of everything in this fragment.  I would love to know what truth filled the blanks in this writing; Ah! Someday He will fill in all the blanks of the knowledge of the Truth, Truth hidden and/or destroyed by wicked men, the minions of Devil disciples disguised and clothed as ‘religionists’.

From: page 483, DSS  4Q417 Frag. 1 Col. 1

[.  .  .] you, enlightened one [.  .  .] [.  .  .] behold, [and you will understand the awesome] secrets of the wonders [of Elohim .  .  .] [.  .  .] and behold [the secrets of the way things are, and the deeds of old, why they came to be and what they were .  .  .] [.  .  . why] [things are and why they continue to be.  .  .] every deed [.  .  .] day and night meditate on the secret of the way things are and investigate it at all times, and then you will know truth and evil, wisdom, [and falsehood.  .  .] in all their ways, with their punishments through the world eras and the eternal punishment and then you will know the difference between good and evil according to their deeds, for the Elohim of knowledge is the counsel of Truth, and in the secrets of the way things are He has made plain its basis [and its actions.  .  . with all wis]dom and with all cleverness, its nature and the governing of its deeds with all [.  .  . He has m]ade plain to their minds, with every deed, how to live by the nature of their understanding; and He has made plain [.  .  .] with the faculty of understanding[.  .  .] the secrets of His purpose [are made known],with blameless conduct [in all] his deeds.  Inquire into these things at all times, give careful thought to all their effects, and then you will know the Esteem of [.  .  . wi]th His wonderful secrets and His Mighty deeds.

 I Truly believe that would have read; the Esteem of YHWH.

No one can teach us the secrets of the way things are.  We must be enlightened to it by the Father and His Ruach, and He doles that out sparingly, and only to the pure in heart, only to those He knows will hold to the Oath of His Covenant, “those who ‘endure’ to the end”.  In fact, one of the secrets of the way things are, secretly tells us not to reveal ‘secrets’.  That is left to YHWH and His Ruach to teach the fattest food. The fat foods make you even hungrier!

As you might have surmised from the last few studies, I have found the DSS to be so fascinating, I have believed what they believed since the mid to late 90’s and have had to overcome all the falseness and toss out so very many things and ideas and doctrines of deceit.  But YHWH opened my eyes when I gave it ALL to Him, in reading; “seeing’ and ‘hearing’ the esteem of the words of Yeshayahu (of course then it was Isaiah), when YHWH asked “whom would go for Us”, for really the 1st time.  I was a christian, I didn’t read that old law stuff.  But YHWH (‘god’ at the time), spoke to my heart and set me on the path to study our roots, He knew I would not call Him by pagan names and titles for very much longer, He knew by His prompting I was about to return to His Shabaths and His Moedim, and He led me every step, and I was oh so eager to keep up with Him.  It was then that the secrets began to reveal themselves, discernment to know what is right and what is wrong.  Seeing the lies we had inherited from ‘our’ forefathers; the ‘church fathers’ as they are called, in blatant rebellion of Mashiach’s words to not call anyone on earth ‘father’, catholic priests call themselves ‘father’, and the worst of them, sits on his ‘man’ throne wearing his fish hat of paganism and calling himself the ‘holy Father’.  Sorry, I go off every once in a while. I guess I still hold some animosity, or ‘righteous indignation’ I prefer to call it, or, in truth, anger, for having been deceived for so long, knowing what I know now, which isn’t very much at all, and looking back, I think a lot of that anger is still toward myself, seeing how blind and stupid I was.  Okay where was I?

The more I learn about these Qumran Community people, the more I find myself in total, or nearly total agreement with them.  Our faith has so much in common, and it has only been in the last 3 or 4 years I actually began looking at these writings, and much more recent that I am actually reading as in studying them.  The Dead Sea Scrolls complete where and what the Hebrew Tanakh and more-so the xian bible left off, or ‘out’!  With the exception of one or two Talmudic ‘views’ that infiltrated, I can relate to these people more so than any people, clan or tribe, including birth family, that I have ever encountered in this life.  What they profess in these writings, holds in every way to the Torah of YHWH and ‘the Teacher of Righteousness’, YHWSHA Mashiach.  More so than in all the History of Yisra’el; which is contained in the Tanakh.  Where the Tanakh and the xian bible emphasize the wrong doing and still preach salvation and redemption; the secret is the opposite, and the Sons of Tsadoq taught, as Mashiach did; Living Righteously before YHWH is the ‘Only Way’ to “Life”.

All my life I have felt like a stranger living in a strange, and evil,  and distant land.  10 years ago I set out on a search for the Congregation of Philadelphia, as they are the only ones who YHWH/YHWSHA has nothing against, they are the truly faithful, and they are the only ones who escape the wrath that will change this earth and all that are in it.  He will destroy all the false, the false teacher as well as all the ‘blind’ following them.

I believe that also identifies to the Qumran people, as that is where Yohanan the Immerser was from.  He would have one day become a High Priest of the Tsadoq line, had Herod not taken his head.  But that was not YHWH’s plan, it was Yohanan’s relative who did become our High Priest.  And learning about them is exciting, and very re-assuring, but saddening, in that they are so few in number, and scattered so far apart that it is rare if at all to find another lost one from the clan.

The writings of Qumran and the guarded Scrolls they maintained, are the missing parts of Scripture that are more in line with the righteous writings of Enoch and many of the books deemed ‘heretical’ by the church and ‘haughty’ by the Jews.  The Jews of today apparently view anyone who desires to set themselves apart to YHWH and enter a ‘Nazarite Vow’, to be; “the epitome of ‘Haughtiness’”!  How absurd is that?  If YHWSHA said; “not one jot or tittle would change from the Torah, till heaven and earth disappear”  then the invitation from YHWH and the desire of your heart to enter a Nazarite Vow is also still valid.  Am I ‘haughty’ (prideful) for walking as my Mashiach teaches?  Was Noah Haughty?  Enoch too?  How about Shemu’el, he took a life-long Nazarite Vow, was he ‘Haughty’?  Or is it, that anyone who chooses to do what is right in the eyes of YHWH, makes himself a ‘prey’, and the pot calls the kettle black?  Who in all the earth would be behind the removal of the righteous words of Life?  And who is the reigning ‘god’ of this ‘world’ today?  And who would He use to deliver His promised ‘strong delusion’ if the people chose to follow after the false teachings of men, the promises of life in spite of your flesh, and what ‘it’ makes you do, because you have become so tolerant of sin, it crouches at the door, but you refuse to master it, it has entered in, as tolerance is an invitation.

The ‘Intolerance’  to sin is extremely evident in the Community Rule as well as the Damascus Document.  These statutes on the surface, and from our ‘well indoctrinated’ view, seem harshly over burdening, but if one knows what is expected from the beginning and all are of like-mind as commanded, then in the working model of this community, it works quite well,  as The Torah of YHWH is a Torah of Freedom, so it is with these more detailed, but not altered from the Torah community statutes.  As long as there is any form of deception in you, any falseness, any wrong doing or thinking, you will not be ‘free’.  If you have made a mistake and cover it up, you spend the rest of your life waiting for the truth to be revealed.  If you are actively doing something that could get you in trouble, you will constantly be looking over your shoulder, and waiting to get caught.  That is not freedom.  Freedom is doing what is right and having no concern about consequences, because your rewards are in Heaven.  Freedom lays in the Obedience to His Commands.

Before the Yisra’elites crossed the Yarden, on dry ground, and truly became the People of YHWH, they spent 40 years as initiates, being taught the difference between the ‘clean’ and the ‘unclean’.  And in the days just prior as the last of the words from YHWH through Mosheh, they were informed, in full, what this Oath of the Covenant of YHWH and His Torah meant, and they knew the requirements of  YHWH.

If we are to enter this same Covenant, and it is still required, we also need to enter with our eyes wide open.  And His Word contains what we need for our eyes to be opened to seek out, even in the Tanakh and the Besorah to discern the clean from the unclean.  Asking Him continuously, that He reveal Himself to you, and to reveal the pit-falls and deceptions, to help you choose at all times, that which is clean, good and right.

There are no distinctions between sinners, the evil ones, and the wicked.  They are all one in the same.  I have heard teachers claim that a reference to the ‘wicked’ is a reference to those who plot evil all the time, trying to trap the innocent.  Not so, Not so at all !  Every sinner who is sinning is doing evil, and every evil act is wickedness, different words as different expressions for the same deed; if it is not, of and for YHWH, it is wicked, evil and sin, it is of the Devil.  If you knowingly commit a sin, you have plotted evil, and the sin itself is wickedness. The Truth demands this; Stop being tolerant of sin, either in ourselves or in others.  Rebuke your brother or sister (in the faith) as Scripture commands.  If they argue with you, there is still hope,  take with you two others and try to reason with him/her and turn back to YHWH.  But as this is taught today, we are now ‘judging’ that person, and to do what is right by the commands of YHWH, is now looked down on and you become the one being rebuked for your intolerance.  But, they did the same, to His Prophets.

Even at the 11th hour it is not too late for anyone to Turn Back or Turn To YHWH, but don’t think you can get by with waiting until the last hour, if you know you need to change, to wait at all is further sin, it is ‘denying’ the spirit that is telling you, that you need to change.  Is this what YHWSHA Mashiach meant by ‘blaspheming the Qodesh Ruach’?  If you look up in the dictionary the word ‘blaspheme’, the 1st definition is ‘to deny’, meaning to ignore His prompting.  Like Yonah, you might get by with that maybe once or twice, but what is it that is said of three strikes?

His ‘favor ‘ or mercy only goes so far, wait till the midnight hour and the doors will already be closed and what (or who) remains is cast out into the pit.  In Mashiach’s parable on this, no one got in past the 11th hour, and only the wicked would attempt to collect pay for having done nothing and showing up at quitting time.  Possible, maybe, to do in this world, but no one, NO ONE, can make a fool of our Mighty Elohim.

Documents of Scripture that were hidden from us for nearly 2000 years have surfaced and reveals the Truths that were hidden by the Jews and later by the ‘church’ and even now the editorial parts of the books publishing these fragmented documents, continue the falseness of the so called ‘age of grace’, continuing to claim some freedom from the ‘old law’.  But if you only read the writings of the Priests of YHWH, the only really True Priests as described in the Scripture as the only priests that did not go astray when all of Yisra’el went astray.  These priests carried the Truth and guarded YHWH’s Word to their deaths in the fall of Yisra’el, 40 years after they murdered the Mashiach.  But these priests had nothing to do with that, they had left Yerushalayim 200 years before, fleeing from the then ‘Hellenized Jews’ who had taken power and defiled the Heykal of YHWH with their Greek and Roman and every other pagan god’s idolatry.

But in reading their words only, we can see the seriousness by which they took the Oath of the Covenant and they did purge every evil thing out of their camp.

These writings as well get taken in the same way that YHWH’s Torah is taken today by christians, jews and muslims alike.  Determined by ‘men’ to be antiquated and obsolete, done away with.  Funny!  YHWH said: His Covenant was a Covenant Forever, an ‘Eternal Covenant’ in another place in HIS WORD.  Man has changed His Word to suit their own purposes, every ‘version’ has a different take, a different ‘interpretation’ they have mastered the art of interpreting through ‘translation’, and the so called authoritative concordances we have, give a variety of choices of words to choose from for every word in Hebrew, in many cases words that mean the exact opposite, pretty handy for an ear tickler.  And the modern Hebrew we have is a shadow of its former True Hebrew, where every letter had meaning and carried their own true value, another thing YHWH took from them when they were exiled to Babel.  The Hebrew language today is really not Hebrew, it is actually a Babelian script and is Jewish in the sense that it was  written and created by ‘jewish’ rabi, to fit their Talmudic Judaism that YHWSHA took down, in a 40 year delayed reaction, but He did what He said;  The ax had already been taken to the root at the time He walked  with us.  He took it away from the Jews and gave it to His True followers, but that, like all True Light once shown, is overshadowed by the Thief stealing from His flock.  Darkness always follows Light.  As Mashiach tried to warn us “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees”, but no one gets the connection to Paul’s own words; “I am a Pharisee of Pharisees”.  He blatantly told them who he was, and they still had not the eyes and ears to hear what is really being said.  Paul’s use of a pagan altar to an unknown god, is another blatantly revealing statement to anyone who ‘knows’ the Torah of YHWH.  Read Debarim 13 and 18; digging for the meaning of the last statement in 18, the word ‘afraid’.  Another attempt by interpreters to take us away from Truth.  Instead of being ‘afraid’ of a false teacher/prophet, which means he is harmless, the truth of that word; in Hebrew ‘gur’ really means that you shun him completely, as soon as you hear a contradiction to Torah, we are to turn away from that person and have nothing at all to do with him, it is even a transgression to say hello as you pass him.

YHWH may have allowed man to mess around with what we call Scripture, but He did make it so that if you do seek Him and His every Truth, it is still there, you just have to do the digging to find the little pearls that light up your way.  There are big numbers of these little ‘deception attempts’ turned pearls throughout Scripture.  And what is missing from the Scriptures that should never have been removed, we have at least some of the remnants, in the DSS.

And as the DSS’s say; “Dig the Well”

One pearl I found is that the Fear of YHWH, which truly is the beginning of wisdom, when understood, alters its state from fear to Awesome Love and Respect.  And a son who truly loves and respects his father, does all his father asks.

Shalom my friends!


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