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I am a Natsarim Yisra'elite, a child of YHWH.

I came out of the christian church about 7years ago (2006) having my eyes and ears opened to the truth of our Mashiach YHWSHA.

As He spoke; He did not come to destroy the Torah or the Prophets but to fulfill the prophecies about Him and He came in the Flesh to show us we can live righteously. If we accept Him into our lives and allow Him to lead us along the Narrow Path.

I believe that the keys to the knowledge of truth are His Name YHWH/YHWSHA, His Sabbath (7th day) and His Moedim (His appointed feasts).

He stated that until heaven and earth disappear and we are given a new Heaven and a new earth that His Torah would stand. The church has taught, in error, that the "Law" was nailed to the cross, This cannot be true given His statement in Matt 5:17-20. Nothing anyone said after Mashiach was impaled on the stake, can change His Word.

I grew up in the 'church' and when I became aware of the lies that we have inherited from our 'church fathers', I was furious and hurt to the core. I have learned that all the church holidays are pagan and Scripture tells us many, many times not to worship YHWH as the gentiles worship their gods. But, that is exactly what the church does in the celebration of christmas and easter. there is nothing about our Mashiach in these festivals.

This is what I am all about. learning the truth and now sharing the truth with all that will listen. Many Messianic groups are joining themselves with Messianic Judaism, this I believe is also in error.  I discuss this in the Chapter on "What Mashiach Had To Say About Judaism".

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