The Narrow Path

Come to Me, says Mashiach, and drink of Living Water

Why I Am Writing This Book

I have a couple of reasons for getting this book out to the people.  First, as I believe one of the missions the Father called on me for, was to expose Satan and all his minion in every place I see his influence on man, and believe me it is everywhere.  Satan uses many, thousands, of names and demi-gods and spirits that have power to deceive.  He has had 6000 years of practice deceiving man and he is very good at it.  He has immense powers and uses these powers sometimes for ‘good works’ in disguise.  He is the imitator of light as one of his names, Lucifer, means; “bearer of light”, but he is not the true light.  The true light is Mashiach, who is the only Light to the world and the only Way to the Father.

I love my neighbor as well as my brother and even my enemies.  I want to share the truth with all who will listen.  Just as I was deceived by the teaching of ‘churchianity’ until I began to question the false doctrines of the church.  When I received no answers to the obvious contradictions in the Christian ‘bible’ from the Christian teachers, I turned to the Scriptures themselves and sought the truth and found the errors in translations. I found that Christianity is not the monotheistic religion they think they are.   Following any other ‘god’ or man is deception and leads to destruction. 

The true Mashiach would find Himself unwelcome in the churches of this day and also in the so-called Messianic congregations that are growing in number today.  As the ‘Teacher of Righteousness’, Mashiach YHWSHA would be greatly persecuted and shunned from ‘religious’ assemblies today just as He was by ‘Judaism’ in the days He visited His people nearly 2000 years ago. There has been a lot of hate traded back and forth between jews and christians, much of that due to the 'world' (gentiles) and the christian view that it was the jews who killed Mashiach, and they hate the jews for this.  What they do not realize is that when they sin, they too are nailing the Mashiach, all over again, to the stake.  They are no different from the jews who murdered the Author of Life, but they do it with full knowledge of what they are doing, because 'ignorance is NOT bliss', we are responsible to search the Scriptures to be sure that what we are being taught is true.  If they choose to follow the man in the 'pull-pit' they will suffer the same fate, but every time they knowingly sin, they impale Mashiach all over again.

The other mission I was given by the Father, is to bring back the message of ‘Obedience and Righteousness’ which disappeared from the ‘church’ in the 60’s and was the teaching of our Mashiach.  The doctrines of the church have undermined the teaching of Mashiach and are in essence ‘anti-Messiah’.

This truth is in the Scriptures ,and this book; (The Song of Mosheh) draws these truths out and reveals many errors and deceptions taught by the church and christianity.  Christians are deceived into believing that the ‘bible’ is the inerrant word of ‘god’ but that is simply not true.  The ‘bible’ was canonized by an apostate church.  It was 'man' who decided what was included in the book.  It can be proven to anyone who is willing to do the homework to find how the ‘bible’ was purposely mistranslated to express the views and doctrines of those who write each version.  I show in this book many words that are mistranslated and reveal the correct rendering, in doing so removing many of the so-called discrepancies that bring division.  This was part of the prophecy that Mosheh spoke of as did many of the prophets who prophesied about the very days we are living in and is also part of the ‘curses’ that are in the ‘blessings and curses’ of chapters 27-30 of Debarim (Deuteronomy).

The ‘last days’ or ‘latter days’ are upon us and if people do not wake-up and listen and turn back to the Father, whose Name is YHWH, it will soon be too late. 

YHWH allowed man to put the ‘bible’ together as part of His promise to give them the strong delusion if they chose to believe the lies.  The Prophets spoke of woes to the lying pen of the scribes, as did the Mashiach, for changing His Word, adding to it and taking from it.  However, He also kept His hand in it so that the truth is still there, if you have the eyes and ears to see and hear the truth as YHWSHA Mashiach spoke, warning us of these false teachers and false prophets.  As an example; His Name and His Son’s Name was removed and changed, but the truth is there if you get back to the Hebrew text and learn how important His Name is to Him, i.e. the hundreds of Scripture verses about His Name that was replaced with pagan titles and because they were written in the christian and Hebrew ‘bibles’, they have become acceptable.  But He said Himself in the last days He would reveal His Name and put an end to their having forgotten His Name for Ba’al, the word ‘Ba’al’ is ‘lord’ in Hebrew and ‘god’ is the English translation of ‘Ba’al Gawd’ (lord god) the Babelian ‘lord’ of fortune.   The ‘jewish’ rabbis were just the first to make this change and followed the ways of pagan religions to not speak the name of their ‘gods’, when YHWH had Commanded that they not speak the names of pagan gods, but He Himself declared His Name.

Jer 23:25  “I have heard what the prophets have said who prophesy falsehood in My Name, saying, ‘I have dreamed, I have dreamed!’

Jer 23:26  “Till when shall it be in the heart of the prophets? – the prophets of falsehood and prophets of the deceit of their own heart,

Jer 23:27  Which think to cause My people to forget My Name by their dreams which they tell every man to his neighbour, as their fathers have forgotten My Name for Baal.

And, this is the ‘god’ that christians are worshipping whether they know it or not. The roman catholic church moved an obelisk that was, and still is, an idol to the pagan god, Ba'al, the 'gawd of fortune', and placed it in front of the Vatican and it remains there today.  The Obelisk is the Idol of Ba’al.  We have one in Washington DC too; it is the Washington Monument, a monument to the pagan god Ba’al, the god of fortune.  Washington DC is riddled with pagan gods, Lady Justice, Libertas, Mercury and the list goes on and on.  Separation of church and state is also a lie. Washington is a melding pot of foreign (pagan) gods.  Ignorance is not an excuse because we are commanded to diligently search the Scriptures to make sure we are following YHWH and Him only.

My second reason for publishing this book is; I believe we have strayed away from the lifestyle that Father YHWH intended for us, His people, Yisra’el.  As Scripture is our instruction book on how we are to live.  It is also an invitation for anyone on earth to enter into his family and be ‘accepted into’ Yisra’el, entering into His Covenant, His community.

We, a very few so far, desire to return to the lifestyle He intended for us.  As we are told; we do have to live ‘in’ this world, though we are not to live ‘of’ this world, we are to separate ourselves as much as possible from the material, secular population of those who refuse to fully commit to this Mashiach based Way.  This book is a means to locate other true believers and gather together.

If we live among the general public today, in general conversation for instance, the use of the ‘worldly’ (pagan) names of the days of the week and the months of the year come up frequently.  We are commanded in Scripture not to speak the names of other gods.  If I am speaking to someone who is not following the commands of the Father and try to relay the day of the week being the 3rd day or 5th day and they want clarification of what I am saying, how can I avoid using the pagan name in an explanation?  It can be done but it is difficult and I know from experience that I am looked upon as a fanatical ‘legalist’ and from that point, in too many cases, shunned from that time forward. 

However, if I live amongst the people of like-mindedness, we have no problems such as these.  This is part of living a separated life as the Scriptures and Mashiach taught us. 

I realize that I have in this book and in other teachings used the names of pagan gods, but so do the Scriptures in the capacity of teaching and bringing the truth to others, for reproof and for the teaching of righteousness.  It is for this purpose it becomes necessary at times, but never in giving respect to or attributing any undue relevance to these pagan deities.  Such as; when the news or media personalities say that ‘mother nature’ had something to do with a weather system, that is giving credit to a non-existent, pagan god(dess).  It is YHWH who holds the storehouses of the wind and the rain and the snow and hail.  YHWH sends the weather and YHWH shakes the earth in an earthquake.  YHWH brings forth the magma in a volcano it is not ‘mother nature’ who is the false pagan goddess ‘Gaia’. 

So, as we are commanded to live a separated lifestyle, we desire to find a place where we can live in such a way as to fully follow the Way of the Father YHWH in the lifestyle we believe He desired for us according to the Scriptures.  Living the life He set us apart for until He re-gathers His people and brings them back to the Land of Yisra’el for which we look forward to with joy.  It is not of us to return to the Land, but we wait for Him in His miraculous way that the whole world will see and be in awe of.  Besides the fact that the Northern Tribes of Yisra’el are still not welcome in the ‘Jewish’ state of Israel at this time which is another sign that the prophecies of the Scriptures are true and right in line of fulfillment.  The stage is being set which could come at any moment but may not come for years unknown.  All signs lead to these being the ‘Last Days’ and though YHWH says He will shorten the time so that some flesh will remain and be ready for Him, what does that mean to shorten the time?  A few years?  7? 10? 20?  Who knows?

In knowing that we do have to live ‘in’ this world and in this ‘world’ it costs money to purchase land and build on it.  Not needing luxury but the basic necessities and shelter, some animals to get started with, simply a new start someplace where we are left alone to live for YHWH, to start a community of like-minded believers who desire to follow Mashiach and none other, least of all me.  A community ruled by YHWH/YHWSHA who by design uses the elders of a community and His Torah to determine who enters into the community and who makes all decisions of the community. Elders who are Truly laden with His Ruach (Righteousness).

Anyone who fully agrees with the criteria in Torah and in the message of this book, who is willing to leave the ‘world’ behind and commit to His Covenant following Messiah in righteousness and obtain the riches (NOT money) and wisdom that comes from YHWH through obedience to Him, is welcome to submit application and bring their talents to share and grow in Mashiachand in the community. 

As I stated; I am not asking for or collecting any $$ for this cause, I am merely at this time trying to locate and unite like-minded people who when the time comes, we will all pool our resources together and come together as a True Yachad of YHWH.

So, if interested keep in touch and please post a comment on the Members Page or in the Guestbook and leave contact info, if you are interested.

Note: added 11/8/14;  See Yared's Shabath Blog; "Honor the Shabath"

The Challenge  

Are you ready for the truth?  Can you handle the truth?  And most importantly are you willing to give up the life you presently know to follow: The Way, The Truth and The Life of YHWSHA Mashiach?   As His words are as relevant to us today as they were the day He spoke them to His Emissaries and to those who followed Him in the days that He walked amongst His people.  In essence, if you are not willing to give up your worldly life, including family if necessary, to follow Him with your whole heart, mind, soul and strength, then you are not worthy of being called His people.  And you will not be found worthy to enter His Reign, EVER.  Is your ‘worldly’ life worth losing eternal life?  Will you trade or ‘gamble’ a few years of fun that leads to death, even Hell?  Or accept the invitation of YHWSHA Mashiach and receive an eternal life with Mashiach in the Reign of YHWH, where all our troubles and worries are gone, all sorrow, gone, all death, gone, where all will live in Shalom with no more sickness and disease, living in a Garden of Eden with our brothers and sisters in perfect harmony and like-minded understanding.

 The 'Revelation of Mashiach YHWSHA' is soon!

Doom and Gloom to the nations (gentiles), but it is the final Besorah to His Remnant people, "those doing the will of the Father, these are My brothers and sisters and mother".

Praise YHWH

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