The Narrow Path

Come to Me, says Mashiach, and drink of Living Water





Wayiqra 11

Are a test of Faith, for each and every one of us, to all mankind.

If we obey His Word, His Way, we will refrain from ‘consuming’ what YHWH has deemed unclean. PERIOD!     TRUTH !

The ‘world’ will attempt to defeat you, even trick you into ‘consuming’ the ‘forbidden fruit’ you might say.  If ‘they’ cannot convince you through advertising to; “Eat PORK! The ‘other’ white meat”, they will entice you with the “Meat Lover’s Special”.

But even that is not 100% effective, some of us still hold to the Faith and only eat what is clean.  Too many, to suit the ’world’.  So ‘they’ bring all the left overs, from the Butcher and the Fisherman’s Wharf and sell off every minute particle, every fiber, bone and ‘drop’ of juice from them, to; Food Processing  Companies, Chemical Companies and Pharmaceutical Companies around the world, to name only a few, most having '0' moral standards, even negative moral standards, of what goes into a product.

If ‘they’ can’t get you to knowingly defile yourself, eating these products, they will do it by deception. That does NOT get us off the hook!  The ‘Covenant’ requires; Due Diligence.

Labeling on most products we buy and consume today, can reveal enough info to at least provoke the question of; ‘the source of __?__(ingredient) in this product. As an example there might be Calcium in the list of ingredients.  There are several sources of calcium, some from the earth, which is Elohim given and clean, and then there are unclean sources like shellfish, which is forbidden in Torah.

So, we must ask, the store, the Pharmacist or the company that produced the product; What is in this?  Where did the calcium you used in this product come from?

 That is; Due Diligence.

Mashiach taught that we should be ever watching for His return. Watching for the signs He gave us for when that time may be coming near.

Watch is also, to ‘investigate’; Now that I know that these unclean substances are out there for the unlearned to be beguiled, it is my responsibility to investigate what is in the products I eat, what vitamins and supplements I take and; What’s in that ‘Bean-O’ that helps with the gas?

Should I tell you? Or let you find out? (it is ‘unclean’ so you might refrain till you find out why, if it matters.)

Unclean substances are in most, if not all, the immunizations that are urged by ‘officials’ to get us to render unto ‘them’. Also as ‘flu-shots’ , encouraged by ‘Health Officials’/PharmaKia/Gov; dot com (that is a parody). In fact, they are in a large percentage of Pharmaceuticals.

“By Sorceries/PharmaKia all nations shall be deceived”   

It is not just about the “Food” aspect of the laws of Clean and Unclean.  It is taking into your being, any form of any ‘Unclean’ thing, it is to ‘Consume’ in its many modes of transport.

?? Is a Blood Transfusion, (someone else’s blood), ‘consuming’ the blood?  and forbidden in Torah ?

“The ‘Life’ is in the blood.” “ You do not consume it”. 

Do you want John or Jane Doe’s ‘life’ in you?

Do we ‘Guard the Word of YHWH and His Commandments’ to the death?

Answer; YES, YES, YES we do!!  This is the Faith that leads to LIFE. This present life is simply for this very purpose; That we freely and willingly choose YHWH !

OR, ‘eat of the forbidden fruit’, and Be ‘consumed’ for consuming what was not to be consumed. To be “Consumed” in the destruction of Evil, in the Last Day, in the ‘Consuming Fire’.

But, and I mean; a good but, for yet a short time, as fast as is your decision; It is not too late! The Besorah of YHWSHA can yet Save you!

Repent! Turn, make straight ‘your’ path unto YHWH. Drop to your knees before YHWSHA Mashiach and confess His Name.  Be Immersed in His Name, YHWH, YHWSHA, Ruach HaQodesh. And be ‘washed’ with the Ruach of YHWH/YHWSHA, who will lead you to His Truth, His Word, His Face.

You are entering into the Covenant entered into by the Yisra’elites on the day, The Yarden Stopped.

You very much now need to learn what that Covenant entails.

The ‘Enemy’ knows when you Confess and Profess YHWH and he/it is going to watch your every move and tempt you, trick you if he/it can, he/it was unsuccessful with YHWSHA, how about you? And he/it will use your ‘ignorance’ of the ‘law’ (Torah) against you.

YHWH and His Ruach will lead the ‘chosen’ in truth very quickly with equal amounts of Due Diligence. Right Now Find a  Restored Name Scripture and begin at page one of Bereshith (Ber).  Study the Torah, It IS the Foundation, solidly set as a Torah FOREVER ! A Rock Solid Foundation for the Righteous House.

You can still be of; The ‘chosen’, the ‘remnant’,they are those who choose to Follow and Obey and live up to the Tenants of the Covenant.

The Food Torot are just a small part of His Covenant and every part needs to be studied and understood.  And I have not covered all the aspects of the Food Torot, the Consumption of ‘foods offered to idols’ , ‘foods sacrificed to other mighty one’s’, comes to mind.  Again contrary to some ‘new testament’ ‘church’ teachings; It IS your responsibility to ‘investigate’ and thinking about where your food is coming from.  Does the grower of that lettuce at the Market; advertise that his produce is grown by ‘mother nature’ or ‘mother earth’?  That is worship of the pagan goddess, ‘gaia’. Therefore it is offered to idols/other mighty ones.

Do you frequent or even ever go to a ‘chinese’ food restaurant?  Do they have placemats that have the pagan Chinese worship of idols, year of the pig, or the dog or the whatever. Everyone is unclean.  Do they serve ‘fortune’ cookies? 

These are foods sacrificed to pagan idols.  Even though many of the Chinese owners of these restaurants say they are christian. They have not forsaken their old ways of worship.  They want to meld them into their new found designer-god image they have created.

If you buy coffee from ‘starbucks’, you are consuming what was sacrificed to idols.  The logo of starbucks is ‘ishtar’ a pagan goddess. The one churchianity named for the pagan festival of ‘easter’. 

Like Constantine did when he supposedly converted to christianity, but instead melded in his ‘sun’ worship and declaring in the Law a new day of worship to be on the ‘venerable day of the ‘sun’. Sun worship is Ba’al worship, the sun pillar (obelisk) is the monument to Ba’al, the gawd (lord) of fortune, (mammon), the ‘church’ is run as a business, on ‘mammon’.  

Mashiach said; Give to Ceaser what is Ceaser’s  (mammon), give to YHWH what is His; our works, service, obedience, love, duty to ‘guard the commands’ of Elohim.

We need to be very careful about where we eat and be diligent in awareness of the foods we buy. 

Now that you know…



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